Presenter to Purveyor to Pervert - Part II

We're back. Water was hot. We had an excellent time. Sitting next to each other, neither of us demonstrated any hesitancy or game-playing. We are both old enough to have passed that time in our lives. We continued to laugh (Granny Here: he has a great sense of humor - I haven't laughed this much in a long time). I began to shift from my seat in the hot tub, edging closer each time. Soon, my thigh touched hers - she didn't pull away. This was WAAAAY cool!

As we continued to talk, I would place my hand on her thigh - she returned the gesture. Wearing a plunging front swim suit, I could see some excellent cleavage. I made no secret of how infatuated I was with her tits. (Granny Here: I DO have a great rack, and he let's me know how much he approves). We were sweating together - partly from the temperature of the water and partly from the interaction. I suggested we return to the room. She concurred.

We got to the room, and I excused myself to the bathroom to change into some loungers. When I exited the bathroom, Granny had already stripped off her swim suit and put the same outfit on again. I was a bit shocked, as I thought she intended to leavy. Not to be! She merely said, "Don't think I didn't notice how you eyed me in this outfit. I want those looks again!" No guesswork there, either. I reached out, pulled her close, and placed a sweet - but wet - kiss on her mouth. Her lips are perfect - only slightly plump and pouty. We broke the hold, and I said, "I really need to see those tits!" (Granny Here: he did, but I said, "You have to touch them first - through the top!") I complied, and it felt great to have those mounds in my hands - caressing, massaging, squeezing. This lasted for a few minutes, and then I stopped.

Gently nudging Granny back a step, I slipped my fingers inside the hem of her knit and lifted. I wasn't surprised at the underwear - not at all. Black - red trim - plunging cup line. It was a bit more than a 1/2 cup, but not much more. I tossed the knit top on bed, took a step back, and stared. All I could really say is "Amazing!" She smiled and put her hands on her waist, standing there almost smugly. She clearly knew I was buying what she was selling.

I placed my hands on her shoulders, pulled her close to me, gave her a tongue kiss, then buried my face into her cleavage. I licked low enough to have my tongue disappear. Wiggling it left to right, I could feel the curves of her tits in an amazing way. While licking the inner surfaces of these lovely mounds, I reached behind her to unclasp the bra. Once the hooks were separated, I pulled the two ends of the straps around her ribs. Lifting them up, I pulled the cups of the bra off her tits - releasing the energy stored in the bra. One quick, firm bounce and the globes were static.

It was time to taste what I'd been ogling all afternoon and evening. I performed the "silken swirl" (refer to Dr. David Ruben's book) and made circles around the aereolae - flicking the nipples intermittently. Granny responded very nicely. (Granny Here: he's understating it - I was going fucking nuts). I love to suck tits, and did so with abandon. One in my mouth, one in my hand - then, I'd switch. This led me to playtime. I broke my suction from her tits, grasped her tits on the outer sides, and pushed them together. While my fingers held her tits in place, I pushed the nipples together to become one. I then fed on the nipples with great suction.

I was feeling fingernails on my shoulder and back - she must have sensed that would work for me. I love to have my back scratched - very stimulating. There we were: sucking and scratching. It was excellent foreplay!

Granny stood in front of me - pumps on her feet, leather wrapped around her legs - ass - pussy. I stopped all my actions, grabbed my camera, and aimed for a full shot. The contrast of her being nude from the waist up, and fully wrapped in leather from the waist down, I was a gonner! Setting the camera down, I pulled her close by grabbing her ass cheeks. I pulled her close and tight to my crotch and licked her face and neck. She blew in my ear, and slipped a tongue into my right ear. I shuddered, and thought I was going to cum.

Stay tuned - Part III is on its way!
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