Khrystle - Sad and Tired

N. Sioux City, IA - a small town comprised of houses and casinos. That's pretty much it. I stopped over to cut a business travel drive in 1/2. With advance reservation, I entered and approched the Front Desk of my hotel. I was greeted by a cute, vivacious - but seemingly sad - young woman.

I smiled, identified my self, and reached out my hand for hers. She seemed a bit startled, but returned the greeting. I commented what lovely eyes and skin she had. She blushed (very fair-skinned) and thanked me. I checked in and went to my room. Wishing to suck on a soda, I went to the Front Desk for some change. Khrystle was there, seeming somewhat somber. I gave her another positive greeting and asked for change from a $20. When she asked "What would you like," I said "Two twenties and a ten would be fine." She actually began counting out the bills. NOW I knew something was up.

After stopping her financial miscue, I asked if she was O.K. She gave the predictable "I'm fine." Of course, her demeanor belied that response. I asked if there was anything I could do. She paused, then said, "I wish you could!" Well, that was my cue. I engaged her in conversation, finding out much about her. 26 years old (actually looks about 17), single mom of 3 k**s - the oldest 10 y/o. Since she'd been making babies for 10 years, I gathered she was alone, somewhat living on the financial edge, and very tired.

Conversation was good. All of a sudded, I noticed tears in her eyes. I invited her to "let go." She did, and began to cry. There wasn't much I could do but give encouragement - weak, but showed someone cared. I asked what time she was off her shift. "10:00 p.m." I invited her to a late dinner. She couldn't say "yes" fast enough. She called her sitter and said she'd be late.

At 10:00, I went to the lobby and walked to my car. This was to ensure her relief staffer wouldn't be suspicious. We each drove our cars to a designated place in the next town (no need for gossip). We parked, had a quick sandwich, then got into my car. Now, Khrystle is fairly short, about 5'4". Probably weighs about 140 or so. Pleasantly round, with excellent tits. Her white knit top showed about 2" of cleavage. It taunted me when she breathed her sighs.

We talked a bit, and she really let go. She was tired of the whole mess - little in the way of a support system, little money, and no prospects. I asked what I could do. She said, "You've done more for me in 3 hours than anyone else has in a year!" I thanked her - provided affirmations of her worth - and touched her cheek with the backs of my fingers. She immediately grasped my hand and pushed it to her face. She cried again.

"Why so sad?" She replied, "All the guys around her grab and pinch and rip 'till they get off! You "get it!" I said, "Maybe you need a man instead of a boy?" She smiled, leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. I responded in kind, and we immediately swapped tongues. With her blonde hair, fair skin, great tits and a slight tummy roll, I was getting excited - even though I'm nearly 2X her age. We slid into each others' arms and "made out" in a delightful way. No groping or rushing for her - she wanted and needed a man. I was gentle, with soft touches and puffs of air on her face. She was a gonner.

"I'm way past doing this in a car. Shall I take you to your car, or drop you at home?" She said, "This is going to sound weird, but will you take me to a hotel?" I chuckled, then said, "Anywhere but where you work!" Enough said. We drove to a decent motel, I checked in, and drove to the entrance near my room. We entered the room, I tossed the key on the dresser, and turned to her. We just gazed at each other for a bit. I suggested a bath. "Ooohh, that sounds good!" I ran the water, poured the shampoo into the rush of water from the spigot, and drew a bubbly bath.

I turned to her and said, "This is not for us - it's for you!" She stammered a bit and protested a bit, but I placed a finger on her lips. "Consider me an oasis from the challenges of life!" She cried again. I asked if I could help her get ready for her bath. She took a step forward, raised her arms in the air, and said "Please!" Grasping the hem of her top, it was slowly removed from her body. When it cleared her head, I saw much more cleavage. The deep, plunging V of the bra was barely holding her tits in place. The bra was a front clasp (my favorite), and with thumb and forefinger, apart it came. The cups separated, and her lovely mounds revealed themselves. I didn't touch her tits, but slowly leaned forward and gave each nipple the slightest kiss. She sighed.

I continued to slowly undress her until only her panties were still on. I knelt down, kissed the fronts of her thighs, and noticed she didn't shave - unusual for a woman so young. Small tufts of hair projected from the band of her panty crotch. I sighed. "Do you realize how incredibly beautiful and sexy you are?" She argued - I won her over with my words and glances. I commented how totally sexy I believe pubic hair on a woman really is. She blushed again. I peeled her panties off and stared at her bush. I gently nudged her thighs apart, seeing the glistening hair and lips that were her pussy.

Helping he into the tub, I helped her get settled. I wetted her hair (on her head) and reached for the shampoo. I gave her a long, stimulating hair washing. She began to squirm. "Ahhh, no one's done this for me since my mother." I responded with "That sucks!" I shampooed then rinsed, then conditioned, and then rinsed again." After that, I took the little tube of body gel, and a washcloth, and stood her up on her feet. From head to toe, front to back, I massaged her soapy body. Of course, I focused on select parts of her body, which got VERY clean. I turned on the shower and rinsed her off, then helped her from the tub. Wrapping a towel around her curvy body, I held her close. She cried again.

I was hesitant to do anything sexually with her, seeing a bit of vulnerability. She, however, had other ideas. As I held her, she dropped the towel on the floor. She was now totally exposed to me. I stood back a couple of steps and simply eyed her from top to bottom. "How can a man not appreciate the loveliness of you? Not just your physical body, but the soul within you?" That was it - she was quickly taking off my clothes. Once naked, there was nothing seh wouldn't have done for me. I asked little, but tried to give much. Lots of caressing, kissing, snuggling and fingering. We explored each others' bodies in a way I suspect she had not enjoyed for a long time - maybe never.

I would have been content to just hold her and talk, but she said "I want you inside me!" We consumed each other in a beautiful, sensuous and caring way. When we finished, she rolled on top of me and said, "That's the first time I've ever made love! Everything up 'till now has been sex. Thank you for showing what a MAN can do for a woman!" I responded with "Khrystle, it's important for you to remember this night. Never settle. Reach out. Make good things happen for you and your k**s. You're all that count!"

We dressed each other, left the hotel, and I took her back to her car. We kissed, and then she drove away.

I return to her hotel tomorrow night.
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2 years ago
awesome & even better that she is doing well
2 years ago
"oleblueyes" and "DocGriff" - thank you for your comments. UPDATE: I received a phone call from Khrystle. I won't bore you with everything, but one of her comments was "I haven't come down yet, but am grateful to you for showing me I have value as a person - and as a woman - and don't need to settle!"

It's great to have that kind of impact on someone's life, and have the side benefit of excellent sex.
2 years ago
Great story. The young lady will remember you forever.
2 years ago
Just trying to reach out to someone who is in a lesser place in life than I. Support when one is down is a great thing to share.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.
2 years ago
Very sexy and hot,,you have her where she will do anything for you,,thanks