Tribal Tryst

I had opportunity to meet a delightful young woman recently. She is Native American, tall, lithe, terrific long black hair (down to her waist). She is a divorced woman with two k**s and very independent in her life.

We had a couple of chances to chat, and I found her to be enchanting. Her values are sound, and she's committed to doing her thing - her way. She's been out of her marriage for a few years, and she's carving out a new life.

After a business day, I asked if she'd like to join me for dinner at my hotel. She smiled, made a phone call for c***d care, and said "Sure!" I asked if she'd like to stop home for a swim suit, as my hotel has a great pool and hot tub. She agreed, and I drove to the hotel while she drove home.

We met at the hotel dining room. Not only did she pack a swim suit - she changed clothes: slender, black shiny slacks clinging to her legs, and a thin smokey grey V-neck top with a hint of grey lace at the bodice. There was a wonderful view of her clevage - breasts ample, but not overly-so.

We dined, including a bottle of wine. After dessert, we went to my room. I gave her a key to the room and told her she could change into her swim suit in privacy. She smiled and off she went. 2 minutes later, she opened the door and I was smacked upside the head by her appearance. Black appeared to be her thing, as she wore a snug, shiney one-piece bathing suit. The neck plunged very low, and the cut of the hips was very high. The crotch hugged her pussy wonderfully, displaying a sexy mound.

I quickly retired to the bathroom and put on my trunks. We strolled to the pool area, activated the jets, and sunk shoulder-high into the hot water. As the agitation of the water burst around us like molten lava, we talked and flirted. She responded favorably, but not in an obvious or slutty way. The longer we soaked, and talked, the closer we sat to each other. Soon, we were leg to leg.

After a bit, she suddenly pushed off the ledge, turned 180 degrees, squatted in front of me, and we continued to talk. It was pretty sexy, as my thoughts about her position shot to receiving a blow job. She would occasionally bob up and down in the water. Each time she did, I got a visual of her cleavage. With the wet skin, she was quite enticing. We stayed in the hot water for awhile, then returned to my room. I handed her a key again, and she said it wasn't necessary. We entered the room, I turned on some music, and she went to the bathroom. She quickly popped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel. Since this was the "uniform" of the evening, I went to the bathroom, stripped off my trunks, and wrapped a towel around myself.

As I exited the bathroom, I found Stacy lying on the bed. Picture a towel tucked in at the breasts, providing a bit of cleavage. Her long legs extended past the edge of the towel. She Looked Great! I sat on the edge of the bed, and she moved slightly toward me. I reached out a hand, lightly brushing her hair from her eyes and brow. She reached up a hand and touched mine. The look in her eyes was very telling. That led to a kiss - then another - then another.

We paused for a minute, then returned to each others' arms. I tugged the top of her towel, and down it came. Out popped her tits, dark skin around her aereolae and nipples. I slid my mouth down to her tits, taking turns from left to right and back again. She was mine for the taking!

I spread out her towel, an action exposing her dark, thick bush. I was so glad she didn't shave, as the hair-laden mons was a great invitation. As I sucked on her tits, I slid a hand down between her legs. Her pussy was wet, and it was not left-over water from the hot tub. The liquid was thick and sticky. I touched it, dampening my fingers, then drew my fingers to my mouth and nose. As I lapped at her love juice, she gave me a very different look - lusty! She grabbed my hand and returned it to her cunt. She stroked herself with my hand - what a sensation. As she stroked, I penetrated her with two fingers, curling the fingertips to form a crescent shape of my fingers. I was aiming for the G-spot, and must have hit it - for she arched her back extraordinarily high.

It was time for me to be on the receiving end. I withdrew from her cunt and slipped my fingers into her mouth. She sucked like a baby calf, moaning in a very low, murmuring way. As she sucked her fingers, I repositioned into a 69 position. Burying my face in her moist, hairy cunt, she readily sucked my dick into her mouth. As she drew my cock in and out of her mouth, I returned the favor by stiffening my tongue and thrust in and out like an oral cock. She was dripping - I was stiff as a board - the oral sex was marvelous.

Soon, Stacy tugged me toward her head. As I repositioned myself, I lay down on her body. She embraced me momentarily, then reached down to my dick. Spreading her long legs wide apart, she pulled me close by my cock and guided it into her cunt. Because of the wetness of her slit, I slid in easily. My every thrust was met with equal and opposite action. There was no attempt, from either of us, to build in a variety of technique or position. We both wanted the same thing - tongue sucking, fucking and sweating. We grunted and groaned, working up to a fever pitch. After awhile, her breathing sped up and became deeper. I sensed she was going to cum. As such, I hastened to build up my own peak. Within a couple of seconds, we orgasmed.

I'd never been attracted to a Native, nor had one ever sent signals to me. This was an excellent experience. We snuggled - we talked about the urgency of our sex - and both agreed it was Super Sex!

I don't know if I'll see or be with her again, but perhaps I'll return to her home town on the reservation and we'll reconnect. If not, I have some excellent masturbation memories to use.
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
I find most Native American women attractive. Most of the women you write about have a bush and that is so sexy in a woman. Thanks for sharing..