Teen in a Towel - Part III

With that, she leaned forward and kissed me ever so softly on the lips. I didn't lean in, but didn't pull back, either. After the kiss, I said "Angelica, I'm really flattered by your attention. A couple of things, though: 1) you are not obligated to me - I just helped a damsel in distress, and 2) I'm almost 3X your age!" She simple said, "So what?" She then leaned forward even more, causing her tits to spill from her white, unbuttoned frock. Now, I had soft, warm lips on mine - her tongue in my mouth - and teenaged tits waving at me.

Since she was a bit tipsy, I didn't want to take advantage. To delay things a bit, I said, "How about a shower?" Since she'd already had one a few moments beforehand, I expected to hear "No." Rather, she said, "Sure - let's go!" Now, that wasn't what I meant, but didn't resist the offer. Off we went to the bathroom - again. Since she had little on her body, it took about 10 seconds for her to stand before me in her birthday suit. I began to strip, after turning on the water.

We stepped into the tub and began to get soaked. Her tits are beautiful - I'm a sucker for big dark nipples and aereolae. I stared at her mounds and said, "God, your tits are increbible!" She thrust them toward me and asked, "How incredible?" With that, I bent my knees and began to suck. She moaned and pulled my head forward. After a moment, I stopped and said, "Let's scrub up!" I then asked her if I could wash her hair. NOTE: I love to wash a woman's hair!

We scrubbed her hair, soaped up her body - paying attention to strategic parts. She grabbed the bar of soap and scrubbed my body - with special attention to my ass. She took that bar of soap and slipped it between my ass cheeks. She rubbed up and down - then slid the bar inside my hole. That told me where SHE was!

We pulled each other close - soapy body against soapy body. We kissed a lot, sucking tongues just the way I like. We squirmed and writhed, smacking and moaning with each movement. I scrubbed her pubic hair, getting it VERY soapy. She seemed to like that.

She then said, "I'm clean enough - let's go to bed!" Good enough for me! We stepped out of the tub and I grabbed some towels. She said, "Nah, let's do it wet!" WOW! Angelica is WAY older than her years. We hit the sheets and fell against each other. Sucking led to fucking - with our fingers, our toes, our tongues, and my cock. She fingered my ass in a way I'd never experienced. I don't mean just penetrating - she slid her finger inside my ass until I felt her knuckles on my cheeks. She curled her fingertip back and forth, much like my doctor when he does a digital exam. I got hard immediately.

While she anally indulged us both, I went after her cunt and ass at the same time. It was great to try to touch my fingertips together as I briefly occupied these teenaged orifices. I wondered if this was all we would do. To my delight, I found out the answer was "No." We withdrew from each others' openings, and she reached for my hands. One finger at a time, she sucked on them - retrieving whatever she'd spilled on them. She then offered me her hand, and I returned the favor.

We then transitioned to a more traditional exploration. I hadn't been with a 19 year old woman since I was in my 20s. This was amazing. We proceeded to 69. I buried my face in her hairy cunt while she sucked my turgid member into her mouth. I stiffened my tongue to simulate an erect cock, and bobbed my head back and forth. She duplicated my efforts with her head and mouth. Here I was, a forty-something guy with a 19 year old inebriated goddess, sucking like crazy.

After awhile, we decided to "go for the gold." We broke our oral holds on each others' genitals and repositioned. I was going to enter her cunt, which glistened in the lamp light. She said, "Just for a bit - get your cock wet and put it in my ass!" THAT would explain the bar of soap up MY ass, followed by her finger. I obliged, soaking my cock in her flowing slit and then penetrating her beautiful ass. She really responded to the ass-fucking. I played with her tits, offering her one at a time for her to lick and suck. She did so with vigor, and I got exceptionally hard.

We fucked with abandon, shaking the bed as we did so. Fortunately, it was fairly early in the evening, so we didn't have to worry about neighbor complaints. We went on and on, and I gave it my all. I finally reached a point where I wanted to cum. I told her that, and she said, "Don't wait for me!" What a reply! I slowed my strokes, withdrawing from her ass. I penetrated her cunt, doing nothing more but "putting the head in." I slowly stroked for a bit, then exploded in great spasms. I fell forward and laid the fleshy pipe all the way in, reaching her very depths.

She had yet to orgasm, but appeared to enjoy the connection. As I lay there, she said, "Pull your cock out and sit back!" I did so, and she said "Watch!" I did as asked, and proceeded to watch her spread her legs. My cum was dripping from her snatch, and she began to masturbate. She fingered and rubbed with great passion. Within a few minutes, she - too - exploded. As her cunt spasmed, I could see more of my cum being f***ed onto the already wet bed sheets. She collapsed - I snuggled next to her - and we both said "Wow!"

Angelica lay there for awhile, then arose and grabbed her clothes. She kissed me yet again, thanked me again for being "her hero," and walked out the door.

I'm going to call her later on. Maybe I can convince her to have phone sex with me!?!
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2 years ago
i eould like to find her also
3 years ago
WOW. A great way to say thanks. I'd love to find her.
3 years ago
Very good