Teen in a Towel - Part II

I settled in - hitting the desk to do some work. TV on for noise, and I began editing a presention for delivery in 3 days. I was focused, but that focus was broken by a knock on the door. "Now what," I mumbled. Walking to the door, peeking through the hole, there she was.

I opened the door. She stood there with a bottle of vodka, a bucket of ice, and a bottle of orange juice. She asked, "How about a screw . . . driver?" Great double entendre, again, for a young woman. I invited her in. She must have had another drink or two because the odor was pretty strong. I asked why she wasn't in her room, and she said, "You were so nice to me, I had to do something nice for you. Can I at least thank you with a drink?"

Now, I'm not a drinker. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner. Out of courtesy, I said, "Sure - as long as you're buying, I'm pouring!" I placed her "bar" on the wet bar in my suite and invited her to sit. Assuming she'd go to the sofa or chair, I was taken aback to see she crawled on the bed. No matter, I said to myself.

Since she was already pretty blitzed, I poured a VERY weak drink for her - a stronger one for me. I handed her a glass and we toasted to my chivalry. There she sat, legs crossed on my bed. She wore some very short knit shorts and a blouse with only one button fastened. The blouse was white in color, and I noticed she had exceptionally dark nipples and aereolae. The fastened button was down by her navel, so more than a generous amount of breast was showing.

We introduced each other. Her name was Angelica. Dark complected, long dark hair, and stunning brown eyes. She was natural. Even though she'd showered (which is why she was wet in the hallway), she must have taken time for makeup. I commented on her appearance, what a lovely dark-skinned beauty she was. I then asked if she was traveling with someone, and would they be missng her. "No, it's just me!" The TV was still on, so I asked if she'd like some music. Now, she is 19 - about 1/3 my age - so I suspected she would have distinctly different musical taste from mine. She said, "Sure - how about some jazz?" "Bingo, jazz it is!" It's as though she read my mind, since jazz is my all-time favorite. I tuned in some traditional jazz, and joined her on the bed.

We drank, talked, and listened to Brubeck, et al for quite awhile. While she was an enticing beauty, I did nothing to encourage anything to happen - sexually. I merely commented again how lucky were the guys in her life, for all her beauty and sensuality. She said she just got rid of a dirt-bag (her words) because he didn't appreciate her. Needless to say, Angelica is wise beyond her years. I said, "Good for you!"

Angelica then got serious, and said, "Hey, I said I wanted to thank you for being nice. It's time I thanked you!" I commented she'd already thanked me about 10 times, and shared her booze with me. She said, "Yeah, but I want to REALLY thank you!"

Part III to come.
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Can't wait for the 'thank you'.
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Getting better