Different Hotel - Different Story

Hello, All - summary of a last week experience:

While traveling in the Upper Midwest of the USA, I decided to try a different hotel than my "usual." It is a very nice property, with the amenities I prefer: hot tub, hot breakfast, et al. I had called in earlier in the day, and connected with a delightful Front Desk Supervisor - Bonnie. As I am an inherent schmoozer and flirt, it was great to hear her respond to my nonsense in a favorable.

On arrival, what to my surprise but Bonnie working the Front Desk. She was not as I pictured her (ever try to imagine what someone looks like from only their voice?). Bonnie sports a dark - almost black - short haircut that perfectly frames her face. Her face? Round, with a gently tapered chin. Huge hazel eyes, and a smile that occupies her whole face. Great toothy smile. She's 47 years old, slightly round but well-proportioned.

We cut up pretty well while checking in, and I found her to be slightly shy but also quite coquette-ish. Our conversation became pretty wide open in short order, and I found she flirted as much as I. She finally handed me my keys and, winking, said "Anything you need, just give me a call!" I was stricken, to say the least.

I settled into my room, put things away, all-the-while thinking of the excellent & arousing experience I'd shared with Bonnie. Donning my bathing trunks, I headed for the hot tub. Water was hot and turbulent, just as I prefer. Toweling off, I thought of a couple of recent hot tub experiences and became further aroused.

I headed back to my room, and decided another dose of Bonnie was needed. I called the Front Desk, under the pretext of needing more towels. It was 10:45 p.m., and I knew she was working the P.M. shift. Bonnie sounded perky when I called, and said "I get off in 15 minutes - can you wait till then? I'll drop them off myself on the way out!" I hoped she'd say that.

Having stripped off my trunks, I had donned a pair of blue plaid lounging pants, and nothing more. Soon, a knock on the door caused a bit of a surge in my groin - for I knew who it was. Swinging the door open, there stood Bonnie with an armload of towels. I asked if she could bring them in, and she did so with a smile. I took the towels, set them on the bed, and began to chat.

Remember my arousal? It soon amplified with the presence of this delightful middle-aged woman in my room. While taking a chance is common for me, this was a chance of greater proportions than "normal." I asked her if I could confide in her. She said 'yes.' I then told her of my initial response to her, and my hot tub trip down memory lane. I also confided that I'd become aroused. She handled it well, confidently as the mature woman she was. She said she was flattered that she was part of my "condition."

I asked her if she'd be willing to do me a favor. She said "That all depends on what it is" - winking as she said it. Since being observed masturbating has been a fantasy for awhile, I asked if she would be willing to watch while I wanked. She seemed a bit taken aback, and I thought she'd yell "Perv" and run out of the room. To my great pleasure, she said "That's quite a request, but - you know - I feel like we connected really well tonight. If that's a fantasy for you, I'd love to help you live it out!"

I suggested she get comfortable, sitting wherever she'd like. She chose an over-stuffed chair in the room, which she had to turn around to face the bed. I laid on the bed and reached in the front opening of my loungers - pulling out my semi-erect cock. With slow strokes, I began to "do" myself. Slow strokes, with Bonnie looking at me and me looking at her, soon got me to serious arousal. I was rigid.

As this continued, she began to speak, saying things like "Nice rhythm," and "Looks hard!" Of course, this only served to make my experience better. She then said, "May I sit on the bed with you? I'd like to get a closer look!" All I could do is nod, and over she came to the bed. With me one edge of the bed and Bonnie on the other, it was more than I'd hoped for. I continued to stroke, but finally needed to fully release myself from the loungers. I quickly pulled them down and was going to drop them on the floor. Bonnie asked, "May I have them, please?" I handed them to her, and she held them up to her face. "Warm," she said.

While my stroking continued, I could see she was becoming part of the experience in more ways than just sitting there watching. I closed my eyes for a bit, just picturing her in my mind - even though she sat within arm's reach. Upon opening my eyes, I glanced at her and felt the piercing of her eyes on me. It was great!

Suddenly, in a whisper-like voice, Bonnie said, "I know this is YOUR fantasy, but I like your adventurous spirit and confident manner. I also like the look of your masturbating. Would it be O.K. if I participated?" Now, this REALLY took me by surprise. Of course, I said yes.

With that, Bonnie began to slowly slip off her waist jacket (part of her uniform), revealing a crisp white pleated blouse. She opened the top 2 buttons, sporting fantastic cleavage. She then rocked on her hips, pulling the hem of her skirt upward. She wore thigh-high hose, and white silky panties that matched her bra. She began to rub the crotch of her panties, slowly and deliberately. I was a gonner!

As I stroked, she stroked. I asked about her blouse, saying the teasing was nice - but frustrating. She winked again (she has a GREAT wink), then reached up to unbutton the remaining buttons. Stopping her strokes for a moment, she pulled the blouse off (faster than she'd taken off the jacket). She then all but ripped off the bra. Out fell very well-shaped, slightly firm (remember-she's 47) breasts. Back went her hand to stroke her pussy - this time, INSIDE the crotch of her panties! I asked her to stroke one of her breasts, and she did without hesitation.

Within a few moments, as I felt more surging in my loins, Bonnie suddenly stopped. She stood up, as though getting ready to leave. Indeed, she did no such thing. Instead, she pulled off her panties and walked around the bed to my side. Standing within 12" of the mattress edge, she resumed stroking her pussy while stroking one of her breasts. I could hear her breathing intensify, and I responded in kind.

I asked her to tell me what she was doing - what she was feeling. She became quite descriptive - between moans - talking about how wet her pussy was (I love it when a woman uses the term "pussy" to describe her crotch). I began to describe what I was seeing in her, talking of her excellent breasts and slightly mounded lower tummy.

Soon, much as I wanted this to go on longer, I was feeling fullness in my sack. I asked if she was going to orgasm, and she said "God, I sure want to!" I asked if she was up for a synchronized eruption, and she said, "God, Yes - but Hurry!" I began to stroke more assertively, as did she. I yelled "Five Seconds to Explosion" and she stroked like crazy. I think we were about two seconds off, but close enough considering we'd only met about 3 hours before.

After I covered my belly and chest with cum, and she was dripping onto the tops of her hose, I saw her slightly lose balance. I jumped up and steadied her onto the chair. There she sat - tits dangling nicely, hem of her skirt up to her waist, glistening pussy still pulsing. As I stood within inches of her, she said "Since I did this for you, will you do something for me?" Well, Duh! I said, "Anything."

She said, "Give me your hand." I reached out my right hand - she took my index finger and ran it across my stomach, making it moist with cum. She did the same
with her index finger, scooping up some of the wetness that had erupted from my cock. She then said, "Let's share with each other!" I needed no prompting. As I extended my finger to her mouth, she extended hers to my mouth. Simultaneously, we inserted our cum-covered fingers into each others mouths. She shuddered as I sucked her finger. I quivered as she did the same.

That was it for the night. Bonnie picked up one of the towels from the bed, and began to mop up the cum from my body. I asked if I could reciprocate - she said yes. I knelt down on the floor, which placed my face in line with her pussy. She smelled wonderful, and I began to wipe her inner thighs. I stopped, not wanting to resist licking a bit off her skin. I lapped a couple of times from thigh to pussy, then finished drying off her legs. She shuddered again.

I helped her get dressed, though I did not dress myself. Standing at the door, my dick dangling while she stood fully dressed, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said "I'll see you tomorrow!" I just smiled - and winked!

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2 years ago
Another good one. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Bonnie sounds like quite a nice woman. There are lots of things that a woman can do for a man without having to fuck him. Like you say, mutual masturbation. Also, handjobs, tit fucks, blowjobs...Of course the woman has to have a certain level of trust and affection for the man first, but why not indulge in each other's fantasies?
3 years ago
good story...
3 years ago
For one thing, she didn't break the rules, just bent them... I myself used to work at a hotel at one time, before this stressful job I have now... Anyways, you asked for towels, and she brought them... other then that, her and yourself had a wonderful night... good job!