Cousin Doris - Reconnected

Ever since posting my 2 stories about my cousin Doris, I've had on-again, off-again thoughts of her and our c***dhood escapades. I hadn't done anything about her (contact, et al) up until recently. Actually, I take that back - I have wanked more than once while reading my own stories. Unlike you readers, I have the bonus of memory recall - including mental video.

Anyway, about a week or so ago, I decided to see if I could find her. After some serious web searching, and contact with a relative or two, I was able to connect with her via "the web." Now, I didn't think she would even remember me - certainly not our sexploits. When finally making voice contact with her (via phone), I discovered she DID remember all of it.

It's literally been decades since we last were in contact. She's been married and - recently - divorced. I've been married and divorced. As such, we had some things in common about which we could swap stories. It was great to reconnect.

A day later, I called her again (by her invitation). We talked - mostly small talk - and seemed to enjoy ourselves quite a bit. Toward the end of the conversation, I asked if she did web calls. She said "Yes, I do Oovoo!" That was very strange, for that is my web call provider of choice, as well. I asked if she'd be interested in sharing video of what the years had done to each of us. She laughed and said, "Well, I don't look like you remember!" Of course, I stated the same: less hair, a bit more around the belly, but still holding up pretty well. We decided to take a chance (like we had done so many years back).

I was going to be on the road starting the next day, so knew I'd have some free evening time for video chatting. We arranged for a call last Thursday, late in the evening. At the appointed time (9:30 p.m. CDT), I "pinged" her. After a couple of rings Doris clicked to make the connection. Up popped her image, and I would have know her in a crowd. While her hair was different, and her face was not so c***d-like, she really looked ths same.

Because it was late, and I'd been to the hot tub, I was wearing only a pair of lounging pants. She, too, was ready for the night - sporting a spaghetti strap cami. I commented on her smooth-appearing skin and nicely rounded shoulders. She exclaimed, "So, that's how it's going to be!?!" I quickly attempted to rewind and restate, but she just laughed and said, "Hey, I was just jerkin' you around. I'm glad you noticed - no one's made a comment like that in a long time."

Small talk led to more talk, and we got pretty personal with each other. Since our divorces, we'd each had some sexual voids in our lives. I asked how she coped. She indicated she was not going to date for some time - she wanted to recover a bit. I indicated my coping - for the most part - was self-pleasure. Doris chuckled a bit, and said "I would have said that, too, but was kind of shy about it. Actually, I self-indulge a bit myself." I asked if she did it strictly alone, and she said (with more giggling), "No, I do it with my friend."

Of course, I assumed she met another person, and started to grow an erection almost immediately. When I asked about her friend, she said "Just a minute - I'll get her!" Man, I thought I'd hit the mother lode. I soon found out, however, my mind was a bit off target. Doris returned to the camera and held up a bright pink dildo. It wasn't electronic (she told me she didn't like the noise), but did the job, so she said. I told Doris I was happy for her, that she and her friend had a good relationship. She laughed.

I asked if she'd used it lately. She indicated it had been a few days. I confessed it had been a few days since I'd wanked, as well. Then it got silent. We looked at each other, and I asked "Are we picking up where we left off?" Doris remained silent for a bit, as though she was thinking about what to say. She then said, "Well, you're apparently a bit horny, and so am I. It's not like this is new to us, after all!"

That's all I needed, and began to make some suggestive comments - expanding on my earlier comments about her skin, shoulders and straps. She quickly said, as she hooked her thumbs under her straps "Do you mean these?" In a second, she had pulled down the straps. "Now, THOSE are some seriously nice shoulders!" I commented. Now I could double-dip: see her on video AND recall the visuals of our c***dhood.

I stood up for a minute, and asked her if she'd mind my losing the lounging pants. She nodded, but didn't say anything. I peeled the pants slowly, revealing my dick and sack. Doris let out a slow "Oooooh!" I said, "Well, turn-about is fair play! It's your turn!" I assumed she'd be taking off her top, but she didn't. She repeated my move, standing and stripping the matching shorts she was wearing. Even at her age, I caught a quick glimpse of her pubic hair - shaped like a triangle at her mons pubis - that pointed downward to her pussy. What else could I say but, "Nice triangle!"

This all seemed unreal, but also very natural. I asked if she was sure she was O.K. with this. She didn't hesitate, saying "Hey - look - all we're doing is reviving what once was. We're adults, and I think this is great!" I was pleased, and fired back, "Well, if it's so great, why is that top still on?"

She seemed to blush a bit, but quickly hooked those same thumbs into the bodice of her top and pulled it down. The breasts I'd seen in c***dhood - small, but nice - had grown considerably. I later found out she was a 34C. When the mounds were released, the small pink nipples and aereolae were as I remembered. It was merely the increased size that fascinated me. A woman's breasts are fascinating to me, regardless of size, shape or coloration.

I made a proposal to her: we take turns initiating an action, and the other person mimics it. She thought that was great, and we started (ladies first, of course). She began with caressing her tits, except for the nipples. I did that, too, though it was a bit more challenging. She worked from top, around one side, to the bottom, and to the other side. In repetitious style, Doris made circular patterns around the mounds that projected from her chest. I did the same.

She suddenly stopped, and said "O.K. - your turn - what's next?!" I did not hesitate, and reached down to my dick. Standing, I adjusted the camera to zero in on my dick. I began to rub my hand up and down, across the top of my dick. Doris picked up the move, and also stood. After adjusting her camera, I got a brief glimpse of the hairy triangle before she slid her hand onto her mons and down to her pussy. I massaged - she massaged. This went on for awhile, and I was in no hurry to stop. My breathing increased, and my heart rate began to soar. She had her mic on, and I could hear her sounds, as well.

I finally called "Stop - your turn!" She said, "O.K. - sit!" I immediately complied, and she sat as well. We realigned our cameras, and she said "Let's do this thing!" I didn't need an explanation. I grabbed my now turgid member and began to stroke with one hand while caressing my sack with the other hand. Doris quickly said, "Hey, I can't do that!" I gave her quick instructions: "Fingers across your clit and into your slit, while playing with your tits with the other hand!" That's all the instruction Doris needed. Now, I had the best seat in the house. She dallied at her breasts as though she'd done it all her life, all the while fucking and rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

I stroked fast - she stroked fast. She slowed down - I slowed down. I talked dirty - she talked dirty. I don't remember ever telling a woman "Fuck yourself" so many times. We continued on with our mutual masturbation and dirty talk, but the slow strokes disappeared. Our speed intensified, and I finally blurted out "It's time to blow!" She said "Fuck You" and did her thing. As I heard her peak, I performed a Kagel - to intensify my urge - and began to blow my wad. We orgasmed together - not bad for two people who'd not been in contact for years.

After we "came down," we talked about what had just happened. My cum was still glistening on my belly and chest. Her tits were sweaty, and her face was flush with redness. I asked how she tasted. She surprised me with a quick insertion of two fingers into her mouth, and said "Sweet!"

By now, it was getting late into the night. We both shook our heads at what had just happened, and both agreed it was an excellent experience. I asked if there would be another time. Doris responded with, "I certainly hope so!"

'Nuff said!
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1 year ago
Even when one is twelve years old, then fourteen years old, it's never to early to not let an opportunity pass; one never knows where it might eventually lead--even several decades later. That's what has happened to Cuz and his cousin Doris. It's vey nice they have reconnected after twenty-some years, and seem to have the same rmotional feelings for each other!
3 years ago
Great story. Hope y'all hook up in person again someday, and hope you tell us about it.
3 years ago
Thx. I pinged her on video call the next evening - just to reflect on our "experience." She was as overwhelmed as was I, and she commented she's open to another (and continued) sessions.

Glad you liked reading about my experience with Cousin Doris. Hard to imagine she's actually family!
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
mmm nice one