International "Relations"

I checked into my hotel today (I spend around 180 nights/year in hotels). Got settled, did a bit of work, then went to dinner.

On return to hotel, I thought I'd hit the hot tub. Now, normally, the pool area is rarely occupied at this property. I was surprised to hear a bit of splashing as I opened the door. Glancing to the left, I noticed 2 adults - one male, one female. He was in his 50s, tall with a slight paunch, and was wearing a Speedo. She was in her upper 40s to 50, but in very "well-preserved" shape. Of special note was the low-rise bathing suit bottoms that nicely hugged her cheeks.

Of additional note was the fact this woman was wearing nothing else. Yes, she was bare-breasted. Her breasts were nicely shaped, with only the slightest development of Cooper's Droop. Nipples were taut and small g****-sized.

As the 3 of us looked at each other, she quickly pointed to her breasts and asked "Ist gut, ja?" Why was I NOT surprised I was in the presence of a German couple? Now, my German is a bit rusty. Couple that with my brief startled state, all I could muster was "Ja, es ist sehr gut."

I smiled at each of them and went to the hot tub. The couple went to a table and chairs. As I soaked in the tub, I could see them sitting. Each time we made eye contact, they both waved and smiled. I returned the smiles, but nothing more.

Very soon, they walked toward the hot tub. This time, he asked "Können wir gemeinsam mit euch bitte?" (May we join you, please?). I smiled and said "Du bist willkommen." (you are welcome).

Normally, people being who they are, the common practice is to sit at the other end of the tub. Not these two German visitors. They walked toward me and sat next to me on the bench: she next to me, and he next to her. We tried to speak with each other, and were somewhat successful. Between my fragmented German, and their fragmented English, we seemed to do O.K. NOTE: she still was not wearing her top.

They seemed to be "trolling," for he began caressing her breasts. She seemed to enjoy the touch, and kept looking at me - continually smiling. After a few minutes of my reciprocal smiles, she slowly reached out one of her hands (under the water), and brushed my thigh. Accident, so I thought, so I did not respond. Her hand moved away from my leg, and I thought nothing more of it. About a minute later, her hand returned to my thigh. This time, it rested. No Accident!

I smiled, and slid my hand to rest on top of hers. He continued to stroke her breasts, and began to kiss her face and neck. This was becoming a very interesting happening. As her hand was embraced by mine while laying on my thigh, she began to contract her fingers in a massaging movement. I smiled even bigger, and began to say "Ja, Ja, es ist sehr gut!" Apparently, that's all she needed, for her hand slid to the inside of my thigh and up to my crotch.

Once she made contact with my crotch, she chuckled a bit - not a laugh, but seemingly an acknowledgement of finding "the right spot." She did to my crotch what she was doing with my thigh - very gentle massaging. He must have known what was going on, so I looked him in the eyes and asked "Ist das O. K.?" He quickly said, with a big grin "Ja, ist O.K.!"

For the next few minutes, nothing changed - except my dick was beginning to stiffen. While continuing to massage my crotch with one hand, she reached with her other hand to my free hand - and guided it to her breast. There was, indeed, a lot going on underwater.

The water was hot, and so were we. I stood up and stepped up to the deck. I reached out my hands and helped each of them out of the hot tub. There were 4 chairs against a wall - we took 3 of them and sat down. The hands recommenced their actions, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. As though on cue, he and I stood up. He pulled down his Speedo (I think they've done this before), and pointed to my trunks. Since it was quite late in the evening, the chance of other guests entering was minimal. I pulled down my trunks, and we both sat down.

As soon as we were seated, she reached out to us (he and I were sitting on opposite sides of her, so the reach was simple). She gently took hold of our dicks, and began to stroke them. I decided "What the Hell" and just sat back. Of course, as it continued, I decided it was only right to offer my services to her. With her breasts so accessible, I placed my right hand on her left breast and worked every region of this marvelous projection. I continued, switching from the left breast to the right one. He would respond in kind, occupying the breast I was not engaging.

More stroking of dicks, more caressing of breasts. Since I'd had no similar experience in my life, I was becomming quite turgid and excited. He seemed to be having a similar response, even though I suspect this was a common practice for them. Suddenly, she said "Bitte tretet" (please stand). We stood, and she guided us to stand in front of her. I figured out what she had in mind.

Once positioned to her liking, we could no longer caress her. That didn't seem to be important to her. With both hands reciprocating forward and back, our dicks were being seriously stimulated. After a few minutes, as the strokes became more rapid, he and I were beginning to moan. She pulled us closer by our dicks, as though we were a couple of pull toys (remember the dogs and ducks on wheels?). The stroking resumed, I was about to surrender, and my breathing was intestifying. I had lost track of him and his involvement.

The time came for me. I slightly thrust forward, as though to aim. I exploded onto her breasts, with multiple spasms ejecting my semen. The glistening of my ejaculate was pronounced in the lighting of the pool room. After my spasms subsided, I was held in place with her now non-moving hand, while she continued to stroke his dick. Within a minute or so, he repeated the explosion I had imposed on her magnificent breasts. He sprayed and sprayed, and I had a front row seat. She held onto us for a bit, and then released us with a smiling "Wunderbar!"

That was it - that was all they were looking for (at least, that's what it appeared they wanted). She stood up - kissed my cheek - he shook my hand - and we all said "Gute Nacht!"

I returned to my hotel room, booted up my laptop computer, and posted this - to share with anyone who might enjoy reading of this very strange - but pleasurable - experience.

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3 years ago
Lucky you! Thanks for sharing your experience. A few months ago i was staying at a motel in Canada. I looked out toward the pool and noticed a couple of very attractive girls swimming. They were topless. I heard them speaking to each other in – i think – French. The europeans definitely have a more liberal attitude about nudity and sex.
3 years ago
It was an excellent experience. I particularly liked the assertiveness of the female - she clearly was "in the lead."

She also had very knowing hands, doing what was needed to make good things happen with both the men.

I also appreciated the unabashed way she displayed herself - no pseudo-shyness, and no games. She was confident in her body, mind and spirit.

I'd love to have that happen again. Maybe, if I can pull it off, I'll be one-half of the couple who approaches a solo person (male or female)?
3 years ago
nothing like some fun on the road.

if your into the lifestyle and understand how to set things up this happens a lot.....;)
3 years ago
Those Germans eh! Nice story