Indian Princes + One (Part 4)

. . . and began to mouth each other's breasts. If you recall, the Princess has very dark, bold nipples - with large aereolae. Lise, predictably so for a blonde, has small nipples (about pea-sized) and light pink adorns them.

Red tongues were flipping back and forth, as they stimulated each other. After a few minutes, they stopped - and the Princess turned to the camera and asked, "Are you O.K.?" Naturally, by now, my hands were quite active. There was so much breast action going on, I found myself making circles on my nipples with one hand, while stroking my dick with the other. I stood up to show my erection and stroke - they both smiled and continued on with each other.

I finally had to ask them to pull off the uniforms. They complied (after all, it IS MY fantasy). The uniforms dropped to the floor, making 2 puddles of blue. Lisa wore panties that matched her bra. I found out, when her panty hose were stripped from her slender legs, the panties were crotchless. Boy, if only her supervisor knew how naughty she was under her uniform?!? The Princess wore matching panties, also, Under the opacity of her navy panty hose, it was hard to discern the whiteness of the fabric. That was remedied when Lisa pulled the panty hose down. When she did so, she paused and gave the crotch of the panties my Princess wore. I just about lost it, but let go of my dick for a moment to let my rushing subside.

I told them they HAD to get to the bed, and asked if the camera would permit them to do so - and keep ME in "the game." The Princess smiled, reached over to the laptop, and the image was quickly scrambled. She pulled the luggage stand to the foot of the bed. The two women got on the bed, and asked me when the image was good. Aren't they selfless?

The rest was even better than the preceding. With bras already removed, it was time for panties. Neither took any time at all, denuding each other's pussies. The panties flew out of view, and it was time to stroke. Each of them, also as on cue, began to caress the hair-covered pussies (yes, neither was shaved, though they ARE neatly trimmed). Hands became a blur, and soon, one of Lisa's fingers disappeared into the pussy I have had the pleasure of entering with my tongue, fingers and dick. The Princess soon returned the favor.

By now, I was ready to explode. I could hear their breathing increase, with accompanying moans of pleasure. I asked for them to assume the "69" position, and they seemed a bit taken aback. After a slight pause, they shrugged their shoulders - looked into the camera - giggled (God, 2 women giggling - how excellent) and placed their faces where I thought they belonged. Now, the giggles were gone, but some slight slurping and smacking were building. I suspect, because of the purported inexperience at same-sex oral stimulation, they began to get swept away in the moment.

Rapid breathing increased - moans became louder - and I suspected they were ready to peak. I picked up my stroke speed, as well - hoping to climax with at least one of them. Interestingly-enough, Lisa was the first to blow. I wasn't going to wait. As she arched her back and screamed, I blew my load all over my belly and chest. The Princess took a bit more time, but soon also had her consummate pleasure. Since we've already established that the Princess is an incredible screamer, she had the self-control to place a hand over her mouth. That muffled it a bit, and Lisa seemed a bit frightened. I quickly yelled, "Don't worry, Lisa - that's how she is!"

We all paused a bit, then began to recover. Lisa and the Princess raised themselves on all fours, moved to the foot of the bed, and said "Let's See!" I assumed that meant they wanted to see how much I'd blown my load. I snuck closer to the camera, and tilted the screen up and down - so the view was from chest to belly to dick. You guessed it - they giggled again.

We spent some more time talking, mostly about what had just happened. None of the three of us got dressed, and I was glad to see Lisa and the Princess held each other as we talked. We often think about - and talk about - foreplay. In this post-coital moment (loose definition), I was witnessing afterplay.

Great experience for me (and for them, I suspect). Hope you didn't get TOO bored. I just didn't want to leave out too much.

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2 years ago
Hope all three can play together in person soon.