Indian Princes + One (Part 2)

The next thing I knew, another woman appeared on the screen. Now, my Indian Princess - as previously described - is very dark, with coal-black hair and eyes. She is buxom, with the nicest little tummy mound above her pubis. "Lisa" was exactly the opposite: slender, yellow-blonde, and about 4 inches taller than the Princess. Lisa had been guided to the front of the computer by the hand of the Princess, which totally grabbed me - in more ways than one. Lisa squatted next to the Princess, so both their faces and torsos were in view.

My Princess introduced me to Lisa, who is also a flight attendant. If you remember my previous posts, this airline has a dark blue dress or skirt/top uniform code. I get thrills seeing women in such uniforms, as they are nearly always somewhat form-fitting. The Princess must have remembered this, for each of them were still in their uniforms. They also had matching silk scarves around their necks - another very stimulating clothing experience for me.

Anyway, Lisa spoke up and said, "I understand you two have a very good thing going. _________ (name of Princess withheld) must really like you, because she told me about your video fantasy. She asked if I'd be willing to participate."

Now, I did not realize my Princess was of this ilk, or inclined to be so experimental. Not wanting to be to intrusive, I DID have to ask if either of them had done the woman:woman thing before. Lisa said "yes," but not since high school. My Princess then said, "So, are you ready?" I thought I'd swallow my bubble gum!" I managed to get out a "yes, I am!" They both stood up, looked at each other, and . . .
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3 years ago
You are real good at teasing.