Indian Princes + One (Part 1)

It's been awhile since she and I have been able to see each other, what with conflicting work schedules and all. I've been from Midwest to East, and most of her travels have been West and Northwest.

When I first met the Princess, I knew she did not do video calls - though I expressed that I like to see the person with whom I'm speaking. I coaxed her a bit, but gave up.

At any rate, I received quite a surprise last night. NOTE: in recent conversations, she and I have shared discussion about our fantasies. She had a couple, mostly about romantic evenings - dinner, etc. I, on the other hand, indicated that I would enjoy a two-woman video call.

Of course, we forgot about our chat (or, so I believed we had) and moved on. Apparently, she did not forget about it at all. Last night, fairly late into the night, my laptop "beeped" - telling me I had a video call. Most of the people I know wouldn't call so late at night, so I was a bit puzzled. When I clicked "open," there she was. I asked what was up, and she said "I've decided to carry my Netbook with me!" I asked if she was doing that just for me - she just giggled (LOVE her giggle).

We spoke for a few moments, just catching up on "stuff." After awhile, she asked me if I remembered our "fantasies" conversation. I said that I did - vaguely. She wrinkled her brow a bit, as though mildly upset. I quickly responded with "just jerkin' you - of course I remember it!" Then, she smiled.

She asked if I had thought anymore about my "two-woman video call" fantasy. I told her I had not only thought about it - I had been picturing her in the fantasy while I wanked. She giggled again, and said she was glad I had such moments that included her. I simply replied with a "No Charge!"

She then asked if I would really like to have the experience. I replied, "I sure would - maybe we can arrange it sometime!" I thought she was either making conversation, or was teasing me for purposes of arousal. She then turned her head to the side (she was in her hotel room) and said "Lisa."
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3 years ago
Bet this will be an interesting series.