Return of the Indian Princess II

My Indian Princess and I meandered up to our room. Upon closing the door and flipping the security latches, I knew we had privacy. I turned, took her in my arms, and held her closely as she held me. It's not all about groping "the good parts," ya know. I consider ALL the parts "the good parts."

I was pleased to feel her hand in mine, guiding me to the bed. We took turns stripping off the other's bathing suit. She took little time pulling mine down; I took far more time with hers. It was like peeling a banana, but far more pleasurable. First, the release of her breasts. I paused briefly to greet these magnificent mammaries - giving each nipple a small lick and suck before continuing my disrobing quest. The black, wet fabric slowly & deliberately exposed her tummy. It has a slight mound, but nearly as firm as her thighs. I extended my tongue, made slight contact with her skin, and ran down her tummy - from her breasts to her navel. Of course, I had to slip the tip of my tongue into her navel - having slight difficulty getting full insertion, due to the jewelry pierced therein.

I finished peeling her suit off, as the fabric pulled over her mons. The thick bush of hair was my prize, and I buried my face into her lovely bush. The mix of chlorine and pussy was strangely sensual, probably because it reminded me of our genital contact in the water.

As we were now nude, is was a quick move to the bed sheets. We were no longer subtle in our movements. It was as though we became two different people. Nothing slow, no finese - we were overwhelmed with unbridled passion. Both worked up to the extreme, we literally attacked each other. Hand flew from body part to body part, each being far more agressive than we'd been in the past. Caresses and penetrations to her body resulted in her body's writhings and stiffening. It was beyond wonderful.

During our playtime, she matched my moves. As she passed my waist, I thought she would go for the "f****y jewels." Initially, she did - but kept going. She retracted her hand, licked her index finger, and slowly but firmly slipped it into my anus. I thought I was going to cum, but did not. As she stroked with anal penetration, she grasped my cock and began to stroke. While doing the cock stroking, she stopped the anal stroking by slipping her finger all the way up to her knuckle. While holding her finger's position, she was able to move just the first joint of the finger. She ABSOLUTELY knew what she was doing. At this point, my cock stiffened like I'd never experienced. Her continued stroking was taking me to the promised land, and I tried to het her to stop. She would not. I asked her to "let me in." She would not.

I believe she knew exactly what she was doing, and she relentlessly kept up the static anal penetration while stroking my cock. I all but begged her to let me in, but she simply looked at me and grinned. While I was half-stroking her pussy and half-pushing her away, I was captive to her passion. Within a few minutes, she had me spraying all over her hand, stomach and the bed sheets. My screaming would likely have awakened the dead, but this hotel is incredibly well-insultated. If the neighbors heard anything, it was probably muffled.

Now that I was spent, it was MY turn to be in charge. Since she had entered my backdoor, I believed it only fair I return the favor. I dived between her thighs as though we were back in at the pool. As I buried my lips and nose into her bush, I slid two fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. In synchronized movement, I rapidly stimulated pussy and ass while licking her clit. Her back arched, her thighs squeezed, and she climaxed. I cannot accurately identify who screamed louder - but it really doesn't matter.

After we calmed down, with my cum still on her body, she rolled on top of me. It felt really good, as we squished together. We rolled to our sides, facing each other, and fell asl**p without changing positions again.

It's really amazing, what we've come to know and do in such a short period of time. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm embracing every touch - text - telephone call.
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3 years ago
She sounds like my description of a perfect woman.
3 years ago
Yes, mikey1ra - does seem like a dream, doesn't it? In my limited contact with her, I've gone from conservative to bold. She warmed up slowly, but obviously know what she wants - and developed a sense for what would work for me.

It's real, for sure, but I still need to pinch myself to ensure it IS real.

BTW: we're planning to do a West Coast connection when she gets a few days off. That should be waaaaaay cool! Thanks for your comments.
3 years ago
to have a sweet lover like her is but a dream