Return of the Indian Princess

Well, I did not expect to hear from my Indian Princess (aka "flight attendant") so soon. It's pleasant nonetheless.

I received a text message 2 days ago, informing me she would be ending a flying day in Rapid City. She asked if I could arrange my travel schedule to meet her there. Naturally, I pulled up my calendar and made it so.

At the end of the day (yesterday), I drove to the airport terminal and waited at baggage claim. Soon she appeared, in her lovely uniform (form-fit straight skirt that hugs her hips, thighs and buttocks; tailored jacket that enhances her breasts). We greeted with a warm, but brief, embrace and the briefest of pecks on the lips. I grabbed her bags and we walked. It was great - bags in tow with one hand, and my Indian Princess on the other.

We got to my SUV, jumped in, and I asked if she'd like dinner. Now, I was not hungry - not for food, anyway. I was merely being gracious. My Indian Princess said "I had a snack on the plane - let's just go to the hotel." Done!

We went to "our" room, dropped the bags, and decided to hit the hot tub. NOTE: some of you may remember that is my one indulgence when I travel. We changed into bathing clothes, grabbed towels, and wandered down to the pool area. BTW: she has delightfully full but firm thighs, and her bathing suit revealed them to the nth degree. The suit is jet black, matching her hair and her eyes.

Discovering we had the pool area to ourselves, we slipped into the hot tub - she on one side, me on the other. This was good, because I got to gaze into her incredible eyes as we spoke. After a few minutes, we began a traditional game of "footsie." This was what I trusted would be the commencemen of foreplay. Wiggling our toes back and forth, we took turns slipping a big toe between the big and 2nd toes of the other. I found this highly erotic, for we would slid the inserted back and forth in a very suggestive way. She giggled, and I discovered her toes are ticklish.

I was no longer content to sit across from her, so I slid across the hot tub to sit with her. This, of course, was a strategic move. While sitting next to her, I was able to stroke her lovely thighs. After a few moments of this, I found the leg openings to her swim suit. Though snug, I was able to work a finger between the suit and her thigh. It was then fairly easy to move my finger toward her hair-adorned pussy. As soon as I touched the hair, she stiffened. I took a moment to wiggle the first digit of my finger at the opening of her pussy, and again she stiffened.

While I played at the slit of her pussy, she reached out for one of my thighs. I wear down-to-the-knee trunks, and the legs are fairly loose. It took but a moment for her hand to snake its way inside the suit and up to my cock. Now, it was time for me to stiffen (not in the naughty way YOU think - merely my legs and tummy). At this point, with no one but us in the pool area, we m*****ed each other in a most excellent way!

After a bit of time of this dalliance, I remembered I had 2 hands. While the finger in the leg opening of her suit "stayed the course," my other hand slipped up to the bodice of her suit. The neckline reveals a generous portion of cleavage, and my hand simply slipped between her breasts. This led to some passionate kissing, as well as sustaining our genital contacts. Since the pool area was still open, we knew other hotel guests could walk in at any time. Frankly, we didn't care.

Continuing for a few minutes more, I finally suggested we retire to our room. After a few more moments of carnal contact, she agreed. I stepped out of the hot tub first, grabbed a towel and reached for her hand. Once she was out of the water, my towel-laden arms embraced her torso. It was grand, toweling her dry. I love giving such attention to a woman.

Stay tuned for Part II.
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3 years ago
Very erotic indeed, in my experiences with two Indian women, but sadly, not at the same time.
3 years ago
Well, at least SHE is! We haven't talked since this encounter, but we'll undoubtedly discuss how well-versed she is in the Kama Sutra (;-)
3 years ago
i have heard that Indian women are very erotic lovers