A Couple of Checks on my Profile Wish List

Greetings, All - if you've looked at my profile, you know I've listed a couple of things I've wanted to do - but haven't. Some of that changed last Wednesday, on a video call with Deb.

Deb is a long-standing, very dear friend. Early in our lives, we actually shared a few sexual experiences. Neither of us was in a position to take it beyond that, and it's been just fine for us.

At any rate, after a long communication drought (life DOES happen), we connected last Wednesday night. Ironically, neither of us could sl**p, and each chose to logon. I noticed a pop-up on my social media, so started messaging. That led to a video call, and that's how my wish list has gotten smaller.

Our texting was somewhat "colorful," referencing body parts/functions/activities. Before we knew it, we were "on camera." I was completely naked (I ALWAYS sl**p in the nude); Deb was wearing a baby blue satin nightie. Deb is a fairly large woman, but announced she'd lost 15 pounds in the preceding month. Of course, I congratulated her as I noticed the spaghetti straps of her nighty were slipping off her shoulders.

As we talked, we continued to make suggestive comments. That led to "would you like to see one (breast)?" I replied with "One? They come in pairs, don't they?" Deb laughed, reached into her bodice, and released her more-than-generous mounds. She took me on a tour, e.g. "This is the innie, this is the outie!" That led to my suggesting the self-stimulated her breasts. She obliged, and not only stroked - but licked and sucked - her nipples.

This went on for a few minutes, until I announced it was time for me to participate. I commenced some auto-eroticism as Deb continued with her above-the-waist action. This was good - for awhile, anyway. Eventually, I said "Hey, you have 2 hands - how about one on a breast and one on your pussy!" She said nothing, but quickly made a hand disappear. With seconds, she began to moan.

SPECIAL NOTE: Deb announced that she was blessed with being a multiple-orgasm kind of girl. Well, THAT got me elevated a couple of steps. I increased my length and speed of stroking, as she continued to moan. I could tell she was "skimming," with observation of peaking moans. We were now totally in the throes of our sexual encounter. After a few more peaks, it appeared she was "going to blow." I now severely increased my reciprocating moves on my dick, trying to time my orgasm with Deb's. We were JUST about perfect. Had she not had an excessively-prolonged orgasm, I would have been behind.

She was exhausted - I was spent - we said "Wow," and then said good night.

BTW: looking at the clock, it was 3:00 a.m., and I had an 8:00 a.m. meeting. All in all, the sl**p deprivation was certainly worth it!
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3 years ago
sounds like it was good
3 years ago
Keeping in contact with that special someone brings special moments like this...
3 years ago