Looking But Not Touching

"On The Road Again," as Willie Nelson has sung to us. I am in, of all places, South Dakota. It was time to hit the hot tub (my one indulgence when I travel), and so I did. The pool area was empty, with no one in either the swimming pool or the hot tub. I grabbed some towels, activated the jets, and sunk to my armpits in 104 degree water - - - Heavenly!

Shortly after I began to enjoy my immersion, a young couple wandered into the pool area. I guessed they were about 20 years old, +/- a year. He was about 6' tall, slender & muscular. He headed immediately into the swimming pool.

She was approximately 5'6", weight proportionate, black hair and fair skin. She wore a black two-piece bathing suit: low rise bottoms that revealed a flat, firm tummy - adorned with a sparkling jewel in her navel. The bra top dipped ever so seductively to her cleavage, and she had nicely sized breasts. This young lady spread out a towel onto a chaise lounge-type recliner, raised the back support to about 45 degrees, and sat/laid back.

While the young man did slow laps in the big pool, the young woman merely reclined and relaxed. She glanced over at the hot tub, and smiled my way. I returned the smile, and her's was ever so slightly prolonged. I assumed that would be the end of our "connection." Little did I know that such a young woman would be as frisky as she turned out to be.

As her companion turned away from the hot tub, the young woman raised her knees up. I thought nothing of it. On the return of her companion, she maintained her leg position. Each time thereafter, as he swam away from the hot tub area, she would spread her legs, revealing a nice visual of her crotch. I could not help but notice it was a very nice mound - and she appeared to be neatly trimmed.

This leg movement persisted each time the young man swam away from the hot tub. She would dutifully reposition, so as not to be too obvious while the young man had a line of sight to her. After a half-dozen laps back and forth, the young man again turned. The young woman apparently noticed I was looking at her more than not, though I tried to be inconspicuous. I realized this when she pulled the crotch of her bottoms to the side. This, of course, revealed a very young peach of a pussy. She held the fabric in place long enough for me to get a nice view, and I took a mental picture for use later in the evening.

This back and forth continued, as she exposed and covered up her pussy as her companion changed directions. It was a blatant attempt to tease, to be sure. Now, normally, I don't go for games - but I had to consider her young age. Even though it was a "game," I did find it stimulating. Other than on xhamster.com, I could not recall the last time I saw a pussy so young.

I didn't want to seem like a leacherous old man to her, but did want to acknoweldge her actions on my behalf. As such, I smiled and puckered my lips in a pseudo-kiss. She smiled. I was getting aroused, seeing such sport from such a young woman.

Suddenly, the young man began to float on his back. This was an opportune decision, as he maintained a static position and was looking up at the ceiling. Now, the young woman pulled the crotch of her suit even further - and held it in place. Her trimmed hair was exposed, with the color matching the color of the hair on her head. I decided to take a chance, stood up, and pulled the waist of my trunks down exposing my dick and sack. She seemed a bit startled, but only for a brief moment. I looked over at the young man, and he simply kept floating in the pool.

Apparently, upon seeing my exposure to her, the young woman took her opposite hand, inserted her index finger into her slit - all the way up to the large knuckle. Keeping it inside her pussy only for a moment, she slowly withdrew and - yes - put the finger to her lips. She smiled as she held the finger to her lips, then slid it between the lips of her mouth, just as she had done with her pussy. As experienced as I am, this maneuver caused me to shudder in excitement.

I again glanced over at the young man, and saw no change. Because of this, I decided to take yet another chance with the young woman. As she kept her pussy exposed, I stood up again - pulled down my waistband - and grasped my now semi-erect cock. I did not resist the temptation, and began to stroke myself a few times. In spite of her youth, she picked up on and responded to my actions. While I stroked a few times, she inserted that finger again and stroked herself.

We heard a splash - it was her companion. As though choreographed and rehearsed, we resumed our respective innocent positions and acted as though nothing had happened. The young man stepped out of the pool and joined the woman on an adjacent lounge. I towled off and began walking to the doorway. I glanced over at the couple and cracked a small smile. He gave me a guy-type "Howyadoin?" She, on the other hand, said nothing - but DID smile and wink.

Amazing experience. Risk and Reward! Needless to say, I have some wanking material for tonight. As a matter of fact, I think I'll start now.

Take it easy!
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3 years ago
Very erotic
3 years ago
A erotic story! Hope you have a wet dream! More please!
3 years ago
Great story, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
She was a tease... good story.
3 years ago
very naughty