Indian Princess Revisited - PostScript

If you read my last post "Indian Princess Revisited," you know she and I got together for a late afternoon/evening/overnight connection. At the end of the story, I indicated it would be nice to just hold each other and drift off to sl**p. That's what I envisioned, anyway.

Actually, that is pretty much what happened. We slept through the night, very soundly. As tired as each of us was, we both awakened slightly before the alarm clock was due to go crazy. We looked at each other while our heads were still on the pillows. We smiled, and I asked if she'd like to share a shower. She consented, and off we went to the bathroom.

The bath/shower stall was not particularly large, but it didn't matter. After getting the soap, shampoo and conditioner from the vanity, we fired up the spigot - getting the water just right in temp and spray. We took turns getting wet from the slightly pulsing streams of water, then commenced cleansing. I've always had a thing about pampering women, so to wash her hair was a natural for me. Her jet-black locks go slightly below her shoulders - long enough to roll-up into a bun (which I find very sexy). I soaped up her hair, massaging her scalp all the while. She told me no man had ever done that for her, so I felt pretty special!

After rinsing, I conditioned her hair and then grabbed the soap. It was great getting her nice and soapy. There's something very erotic to me about a soapy feminine form - can't really explain it. I guess we all have our little "things" that turn our cranks, no? Anyway, it was really nice to scrub her body. I especially liked soaping up her generous-sized tits (at this point, they were more like tits than breasts). Leaving them soapy, I slid down her belly to her pussy. The soap seemed to explode in foam & bubbles, as it mixed with her pubic hair. I carefully stroked forward and back, being very careful not to introduce the soap into her vaginal canal. That can be very uncomfortable for women, due to the pH of the soap v. the pH of the vaginal juices. I wanted to make it last, but knew we were on a tight timeline.

After rinsing her body, I grabbed the lotion from the vanity and commenced rubbing her tits and pussy with it. My attention ultimately went to her clit, and it rapidly stroked the little button until she went off. God, I loved it!

By now, I suggested we towel off and get ready to check out. "Oh, no you don't" she said. "Turn about is fair play!" She quickly reciprocated all the actions I had performed, ending with a nice rinse-off while the water cascaded down on my skin. As she reached for my cock, I asked her if a man had ever masturbated in front of her. She said, "No. Would you do that?" I indicated it would be (literally) my pleasure. I slatherd a bunch of lotion on my cock and began to stroke, while she knelt in front of me. While she caressed my balls, I stroked my dick to full erection. Because of her size, the end of my dick was in perfect alignment with her nose. It was a great experience, and I'm glad she was willing to share the experience.

While I stroked, and she caressed my balls with one hand, I noticed her other hand was not occupied. Not being one to pass on an opportunity, I asked if she would like to get busy with the idle hand. She smiled, and I asked her to stroke herself while she continued caressing my balls. In an instant, her previously-unused hand disappeared between her creamy thighs. Even though I wasn't watching her, I could tell her hand was working on her pussy.

Time was ticking by, so I intensified my stroking, and began feeling "that feeling" indicating I could go off at any time. She sensed this, and increased her self-caressing. I had hoped to have a mutual climax, but such was not to be. I was so caught up in the moment, and - apparently - so self-involved, I did my thing. Because of the proximity of my dick to her nose, my jets of cum covered most of her incredible face. Apparently, her face getting bathed in my cum was enough for her, as she let out a bit of a scream as she orgasmed.

I neither expected nor planned our little sexual shower, but was glad for the spontaneous acts. We rinsed, toweled, and got dressed. By now, it was too late for breakfast - but neither of us minded. We jumped in the truck, I aimed it toward the airport, and dropped this lovely woman off at the curb. A quick help with her bags, a quick peck on her lips (and her giving my ass a quick squeeze), and she disappeared into the terminal.

Don't know when I'll see her again, but I have some amazing wanking experience from which to draw. Perhaps we'll try some phone sex next - Ya Never Know!
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3 years ago
Thanx. She is a special breed of feminine cat: warm, sensual and sexual. We are having interesting times. Hope to be doing a phone or web call tonight, unless her last flight is delayed.
3 years ago