Indian Princess - Revisited

It's been awhile since I posted my experience with my Indian Princess. Since her schedule and mine do not permit frequent visits, so we get what we can.

It so happened her flight schedule matched my travel plans, and we were able to reconnect in-person. Since she has an early flight tomorrow, I'll keep this brief.

I picked her up at the airport after her last flight. We had a very warm welcome, embracing and kissing briefly before we departed the terminal. Holding hands while managing luggage was a bit of a challenge, but do-able. We got to my truck, kissed again, and headed for my hotel. Since her last flight arrived mid-afternoon, we have enjoyed a fair amount of time together today.

On arrival at my room, she dropped her luggage & purse, and collapsed on the bed. She patted the comforter, inviting me to join her. It was great! As I joined her, we resumed our physical intimacy. After momentary kissing and clothed embracing, I began unfastening her flight uniform. While she looks great in the uniform, she looks just as good out of it. As clothes were shed, her dark skin became more visible. Her lovely aereolae were revealed, their size disproportionate to the rest of the breasts. The nipples jutted straight up, as though climbing toward the ceiling of the room.

My hands and mouth clashed, as each wanted to engulf her lovely breasts. I found the combination of hands and mouth to be better partners than adversaries, so engaged them simultaneously. The more I enjoyed her breasts, the more she seemed to respond. As her breathing became deeper and more rapid, I decided to slide one hand inside her skirt. Her airline allows a choice between slacks and straight skirts. My Indian Princess chooses the latter, and I met no resistance as I parted her thighs.

Making contact with her panty hose-covered pussy was delightful, knowing what lay beneath the hose and the panties. Since her uniform is navy blue, she selected navy blue panties to cover her delightful pussy and ass cheeks. As I pressed and stroked on her pussy, she writhed even more under my hand. Her low back began to arch, in seeming attempts to meet my hand.

It was time to start pulling things down and off - first, the taut panty hose; thereafter, the panties. Both ended up on the floor, strewn in no particular form of neatness. This exposed her wonderful pussy, adorned with jet black pubic hair. Being from India, her bush was more than generous. I'm glad she does not shave - or even trim. There's something right about the Indian bush being full. Even though there was much springy hair, there was also a slick track down the middle, glistening in the light of the sconce. I was not about to miss the opportunity to indulge, so began stroking up & down - then in and out - with her amazing woman slit.

Her clit is very responsive. Since I am very focused on bringing a woman pleasure, I dallied about her pubes for quite sometime. Faster breathing was matched with a slight oozing from her pussy. She creates a great deal of moistness between her legs, and I delighted in the sight and smell of her pussy. My hand was soon replaced by my mouth - I love to lap at a moist pussy. She asked me to reposition myself, so she could engage my cock. As I licked, sucked and nibbled at her pubes, she began to stroke, suck and lick at my erection. We became lost in our oral pleasure, with all the joy of sights, sounds and fragrances. We never made it to coital contact, for our oral activity was out of control. She came first, and I followed shortly thereafter.

We collapsed in a heap after our climaxes, holding each other. We began to drift off to sl**p, but neither of us had eaten. We showered together, with some strategic parts getting very clean. We helped each other dress, then headed out for dinner. It was great to look across the table, into her dark eyes. We fed each other, and touched fingertips infrequently. After dinner, we returned to my room. She is lying next to me as we speak, and she's looking at the screen of my laptop computer - making sure I'm giving accurate detail of our afternoon.

It's time to turn off the lights and crash. She has a 6:30 a.m. flight, and I have a 7:00 a.m. meeting. It'll be nice to just hold each other tonight, drifing off to sl**p after our brief - but delightful - afternoon/evening.

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3 years ago
Once more, an excellent story and well written.
3 years ago
3 years ago
What a way to end a night together...
3 years ago