Judith from the North Woods

After my divorce, I was laying low from women. Not because I blamed 1/2 the world's population for one woman's role in a failed relationship - just wanted to reset my emotions.

I worked with a young woman named Jill. She was nice, and everyone in the office liked her. Having gone through the divorce, Jill was sensitive to what I was experiencing. Out of the blue, she said her mother (also divorced) was coming to town (note the title of this story - she lived in the north woods). Jill asked me if I would be interested in spending some time with someone "my age." I thought, "What the heck - it was just a meeting" and agreed.

The meeting was arranged - actually, a concert downtown. The 3 of us got together for dinner, then to the concert hall. It was fun, and we all agreed it was a good evening. Judith (Jill's mom) was delightfully charming, and I could tell we were doing well together. At the end of the evening, I thanked them both for the great time.

I got to work the next day, and Jill let me know the trip back to Jill's house was committed to conversation about me. I was flattered, and Jill indicated Judith wanted to see me again. I was excited about that, and arranged to call her and see her again. I called, we talked, and we got together. Judith stuck around for a week, then returned to her little apartment in her little town in the north woods.

After Judith got home, she called and asked if I would like to visit for a weekend. I was great with that, and accepted immediately. The work week dragged, as I was quite struck by Judith's charm and beauty. She was about 5'3", weight proportionate, great dark eyes and a killer smile.

I arrived at Judith's apartment, receiving a wonderful, warm greeting. We embraced, shared a quick peck, and settled in. The apartment was only a one-bedroom, so I assumed I had the couch. This was not to be. We went out for the evening (Friday), having a fine time. At the end of the night, we got back to the apartment - both tired from our "date." Judith suggested we retire, took me by the hand, and led me by the hand to her bedroom.

Judith suggested a shower, and again led me by the hand into the stream of steaming water. She lathered my body, and I returned the favor. This was most stimulating, as we gazed into each other's eyes. We rinsed off, toweled each other off, and went to the bedroom. We pulled back the bedding and slipped between the sheets. Since this was all new to us, I didn't want to move too fast - even though it was evident she was very interested.

While we lay next to each other, we maintained eye contact as we spoke. Communication is very important to me, and I find it to be not only an aphrodisiac - it is also excellent foreplay. We embraced, caressed, and spoke of what was so about our lives. This led to kissing, more caressing, and on it went. My experience enabled me to do a great deal with her body, without even considering any type of penetration. It was too soon for that, I believed.

Judith responded with throaty sounds and squirming. Her non-rhythmic undulations were a supreme turn-on, and led me to even more attention to her mind and body. This went on for an indetermined time, but it seemed very long - and too short.

I was focused solely on Judith, to bring her pleasure in appreciation for what she'd already offered to me. The throaty moans began to increase in pitch and volume, until she began to thrust and scream. Due to the lateness of the hour, and her neighbors, I placed my mouth over hers - to muffle the sounds and avoid a visit from the local police.

We collapsed into each other's arms, quiet and motionless for a bit. She then looked into my eyes, and said "That's the first time anyone has made love to me with out having sex!"

How much better could a response be from a woman than that?!?!?
73% (12/5)
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A very nice compliment, indeed.
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very nice
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nice feel good story everyone needs to read one every now and again