An Indian Princess - Part 4

Under the covers, we began to caress in synchronous fashion - as though we'd done this all before. Of course, we had not, but it worked nonetheless. The taste of her breasts, darken by the pigment of her skin, was heavenly. Her breasts were only slightly large, but her nipples were quite large. I suckled on one for some time, kind of losing myself. She gently cradled my head in her hands, and she guided me to the other breast. On contact with her nipple, she wimpered. This was VERY good!

While still sucking on her breasts, I slipped a hand between her thighs and found the "sweet spot." Even though she is 42 years old, she was amazingly wet. Stroking for a few moments, to spread her love juice on the external labia, I chose to wait no long - slipping first one, then two fingers inside her. This caused a very big moanful sigh, and she tightened up. Her vaginal muscles were very strong, and they clamped down on my fingers. Had I not been exerting some forward thrust, I could have been f***ed out.

While I dallied at her pussy, she reached down between my legs. Once again, synchronization. While I provided a rhythmic thrust inside her womanhood, she partnered with an equally rhythmic stroking of my cock. This lasted for several minutes, until she was dripping and I was beyond turgid.

I wanted to taste her liquid, so slowly slid down her belly. It had a slight mound shape, and I delighted in running my tongue down her belly - to the hairy mons - and then to her lips. She glistened in the light, for by now we had kicked off the bed covers. Neither of us was cold any longer. As I began to lap up her fragrant juices, my tongue darting in and out between her lips, she coaxed me to shift into a 69 position. While I drank from her love nest, she took me into her mouth. It was as though we'd discussed what was going to happen - but, we had not. Neither of us tried to change positions again. We were seemingly intoxicated by the actions of our mouths. Stroking and thrusting away, we kept on moving until I felt her stiffen - knowing what was about to happen. She still had me in her mouth, so when she orgasmed, there was only a muffled cry. Due to the intensity of her climax, she had stopped sucking me.

I had never seen a woman flow so much at orgasm, to the point of leaving a wet spot normally from the man seed dripping from a pussy. Her orgasm ran its course, and she immediately began sucking me again. The difference was that this time, instead of her mouth only, she withdrew slightly and placed her tiny hand at the base of my cock. Sucking and stroking, coupled with the incredible orgasm she'd just had, caused me to completely lose it within a couple of minutes. I warned her I was about to come - in case she wasn't not inclined to release in her mouth. When I warned her, she simply increased the speed of her stroke. I knew what she wanted, and released myself. It seemed like several minutes that my cock remained in her mouth, as though she was afraid she would miss a bit of my load. She did not!

We repositioned, kissed (man, it is sexy when I've eaten a woman - then kissed her with her juice still on my lips) and turned out the lights.

Sometimes, reality seems like fantasy. I am grateful we connected, in more ways than one. The next day, I took her to her hotel. She said she would send me her schedule a month in advance, in case we could coordinate cities and calendars. I really hope we can!
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice series :)
3 years ago
Nice story-but would have liked to see you embedded in her princess cunny!
3 years ago
I was touched on the way he handle the situation... He treated her like the princess she was. In the end... made a great connection. I would like to read more stories like this.
3 years ago
Nice series. Thank you for posting.