An Indian Princess

On the road again (and again, and again, ad nauseum). Board the plane - fly in the plane - get off the plane - etc. It gets to be so routine, and sometimes boring - though I very much like my work.

On yesterday's flight, however, something different happened. My connecting flight was on a regional jet. As I boarded, and the flight attendant greeted me, I immediately recognized her. As the title of this story indicates, she was - indeed - an Indian princess (BTW: that's Eastern Indian, as in India). Her smile was great to see, and I warmed up inside immediately. Why? I had flown on one of her flights a few months ago. The flight was only about 1/2 full, and I had 1st row seating. The flight attendant seat is quite close to the 1st row, so conversation was pretty easy when she wasn't busy.

Coincidentally, when we deplaned, each of us went our separate ways. I stopped at a terminal restaurant, got my food, and found a small table. Just as I was about to start eating, who walked in? Yes, the Indian princess. She got in the serving line and collected her food. Not one to pass up a few more minutes with this 5'4" ~125# beauty, I approached her. Since she was alone, I invited her to sit with me. She was slightly apprehensive, but accepted nonetheless. We had a great meal together (not the food, but the company and conversation).

When it was time to leave, I told her I'd love to stay in touch with her. Again, slight reluctance, but she said, "I never do this, but you have such kind eyes." She handed me a slip of paper, on which she had written her name, phone number and e-mail address.

But, back to the current situation. My connecting flight on her aircraft was also a regional jet, and only about 2/3 full. As such, I asked if I could change seats. She winked and said, "After we reach cruising altitude!"

Since passenger load was pretty light, she tended to everyone's beverage request and put her cart away. She then sat for a few minutes. We didn't talk much, as she was flipping pages in a magazine. Every moment or two, she would look up and smile. I, of course, fiddled with some work documents - but could not take my eyes off this lovely woman.

Next thing I knew, it was time to land. Luckily, it was her last flight of the day - so, her layover city was my destination. I had already let her know this, and she confessed she was done for the night. I took a chance and asked if we could get together, though I would've understood if she said "no." She looked pretty tired, but STILL a beauty! To my pleasant surprise, this winged charmer said "Yes."

To Be Continued . . .
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3 years ago
wow nice beginning,I really like stories which give due attention to detail and have way in creating a suspense,so that the reader feels the eagerness to know whats next.
Good work!!
3 years ago
nice start
3 years ago
Nice beginning.
3 years ago
well we all kno you have more to tell,,,so spil the story