Judy Was A Jewel

Some years ago, when I was a young man, I had a small group of friends with whom I generally associated. We had the usual fun that most young people of that era had: TV, bowling, movies, et al. One of the group was Judy.

Judy was a fairly typical girl, though exceptionally attractive - by any standards. Judy was slender, well-proportioned though slightly small breasted. She had yellow blonde hair, with the consistency of corn silk. A nicely-chisled jaw line led to sumptiously smooth, creamy skin. Eyes were blue and soft in appearance. Any guy would have loved to spend time with Judy.

One of the group ended up enlisting in the military, and Judy hosted a "going away party" at her apartment. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a work project. It was sad, as I would have liked to have been part of a send-off for our soon-to-be sailor.

At any rate, I decided to swing by Judy's apartment the next morning - to see how the party went. Knocking on the apartment door, I waited a bit longer than normal. Judy eventually opened the door, and it was apparent I had awakened her from a deep sl**p. She was dressed in a great set of PJs: baggy shorts and a short-waisted tank top - also loose & baggy. I discovered later she wore nothing underneath.

Judy seemed surprised to see me, but asked me to come in. We talked for awhile, mostly about the party of the night before. Apparently, folks stayed for quite awhile; hence, her sl**ping late. She was really looking good, even though she was a bit disheveled and bleary-eyed.

We sat for awhile, making small talk. Our conversation led to how long it had been since I had been intimate with a girl. She apparently felt good about the story I related, as she shared with me a fairly similar report. We discussed how we were handling "things," and were willing to relate how we tended to "take things into our own hands."

I figured I should leave, letting Judy get on with her day. We said we'd hook up later, and hugged at the door. For whatever reason, our embrace lasted longer that friends ususally held each other. As we broke the connection, we stopped - made eye contact - and mutually kissed. I could not say whether she moved first, or if I did. It ended up being irrelevant.

That embrace and kiss seemed to trigger something in both of us. I had never thought of Judy "that way" before, but it sure seemed natural once we started. We stood at the door for a few moments, making out. I pulled my arms from the embrace, and ran my hands up inside her PJ top. Her skin was exceptionally soft and silky, causing some abrupt spasms throughout my body.

As quickly as we started being physical, we moved from the door to the living room. I gently guided her to a wall, softly pressing her backside against the surface of the wall. We continued to kiss and caress, ever so softly at first - then more intensely as we progressed. I grasped the hem of her top and began to pull it up from her torso. Initially, she resisted - verbally saying "No." I stopped - we continued to kiss and caress - and I again attempted to raise her top. This time she did not protest very much, and actually helped me bare her chest.

Once the top was off, her delightfully small breasts were pointing at me. Even though her breasts were small, her nipples were disproportionately large. They were beautiful. I did not hesitate dropping my face to her breasts, taking a nipple between my lips, and eventually between my teeth. While capturing a nipple with my mouth, I slowly did a "silken swirl" with my tongue. It was excellent for me, and apparently for Judy - for she began to moan.

With her top off, and her response to my actions, I wanted to get her shorts off. With her tiny waist and the elastic band of her shorts, completing the undressing process was quick and simple. As the shorts descended the length of her long legs (I guided them down slowly), I came "face to face" with her pussy. The hair at her crotch was as yellow and silky as on the rest of her body. I caught a slight whiff of her pussy - very fragrant and stimulating.

I had a choice to make - stand up again, or spend time at her pussy. I chose what was behind Door #2, and enjoyed the sight, smell and taste of her pubic silk. Judy's moans became increased in volume and duration. It was great! I made a move to guide her to her bedroom, and she followed without hesitation. The bedsheets were torn up significantly, so there was no need for "turn down service." We flopped on the mattress and continued in our physically revelry.

Judy began to tear at my clothing, quite differently than the gentleness I had used undressing her. We began to intensify what became lovemaking - for I truly did love her as a friend. We merely transitioned to a different level. We both knew we needed to "merge," and did so. Her young, soft and - by now - moist pussy was very receptive. After a few minutes of stroking, I looked at her eyes and said, "I'm still hungry!" I descended to her mons pubis, and enjoyed a great liquid banquet. I became intoxicated by her taste, texture and fragrance, but she'd had enough of that and told me she wanted me inside again.

Our stroking and writhing and bucking intensified, and we were both getting close to cumming. Judy actually did orgasm, but pleaded with me to not cum inside her. As I felt my climax was ready, I withdrew and Judy pulled me up to my knees. She guided my hands to my cock, assisted with stroking, and we sprayed my jism onto her belly and breasts. For whatever reason - I didn't ask - she pulled me on top of her and we squirmed up and down. our movements massaged the cum into our skin.

After collapsing and recovering, I said "How about a shower?" Judy said "yes," and we walked to the bathroom. We climed into the bathtub, directed the stream of water onto us. We washed each others' hair, and scrubbed each others' bodies. Some body parts got cleaner than others (wink, wink), but we left the tub as very well scrubbed people.

We went back to the living room and bedroom, collecting our clothing. As we dressed, we did not speak - just dressed. We embraced, kissed, and I left. Believe it or not, that was the first and only time Judy and I were ever intimate, though we remained friends. Sometimes, once is enough!

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3 years ago
it is good
3 years ago
Great story. So you are the guy that can eat just one, huh? ;))
3 years ago
Great story,I luv the real thing not fictions,,,good job