My Cousin Doris

One of my fond memories of youth involved my cousin Doris. She was actually the daughter of my father's nephew, so the separation was fairly distant. She and I were just about the same age.

Anyway, because my f****y used to visit her f****y on their farm, I used to see her fairly frequently. We were quite young when we first got to see each other, and I would often help her with chores (chickens, pigs, etc.). It was nice to be with someone my own age v. hanging out with the old folks.

As time marched on, and we grew older together, biology and physiology did their thing. Around age 11 or 12, we both discovered we were changing physically. Of particular note was the sprouting of my pubic hair. At the time of discovery, I wondered if Doris was having the same changes. She was!

One weekend, Doris and her f****y came to "the city" to visit Aunt Helen. She lived in a very nice part of town, and had plenty of room for visits. While the old folks sat and talked, Doris and I decided to go outside. I remember it being a very nice summer day - pretty warm. Doris wore a sleeveless top and coordinated shorts. Even at age 12, I saw her as a very pretty girl.

We walked around the yard, picking weeds out of the garden and talking as we did so. We finally tired of the task, or ran out of weeds - I don't remember which. At any rate, with our hormones beginning to race througout our bodies, it seemed inevitable we would start to explore. Up until that time, neither of us had experimented at all with the opposite sex.

We checked on the old folks, and they were drinking their coffee and yakking up a storm. We went back outside and found a side of the house with few windows. The neighborhood was quiet - we saw no activity in windows or yards next door or across the street. The next thing I knew, we started to kiss. It was exciting, and kind of frightening, as we had not done this before.

We continued to "practice" kissing, and both of us became more excited. I made the first move to touch Doris. Remember the top she was wearing? It was a straight line cotton or linen frock, and hung fairly loosely from her shoulders to her waist. As we kept kissing, I begain to slide my hands up inside the top. She didn't bristle for a moment, but she did smile.

Working my way up, I felt her soft c***d-like skin. It was like silk. Going up the sides of her ribs, I soon changed course and move to her belly. It was firm and flat - like one might expect of a 12 year old girl. I continued my way up the front of her torso, and soon discovered she began growing breasts. They were fairly tiny, as she had just begun to sprout. As I recall, they were about the site of acorns. Remember, though, I was 12 and had never even seen pictures of breasts - let alone touch any.

As soon as I touched her breasts, rolling them between my thumbs and first fingers, she reached down to the front of my pants. Even though my pants were closed, it was exciting to feel someone besides me touching my groin. Between her touch and my contact with her breasts, I began to feel some very strange feelings between my legs. I began to get hard.

Because she was caressing my crotch, I wanted to do the same to her. Fortunatey, her shorts were also loose. I touched her thighs, then slipped my hands inside the legs of her shorts. She wore cotton panties (didn't all females do so back in the "old days?" I shuddered when I felt her panties, and was afraid I was going to explode in my pants. I stroked her through her panties for a bit, but kept feeling her skin. I wondered what her skin would feel like inside her panties, and took a chance.

As I began to slip inside her panties, I looked at her face. She was smiling, and beginning to moan softly. I got to her "magic place," and suddenly believed we had passed a portal. After a few minutes, I unzipped my jeans and invited her to do the same for me. She accepted, and we "felt each other up" for a few minutes.

Doris and I eventually pulled ourselves together when her mother's voice broke the silence. I loved the experience we shared, and remember it to this day. Doris was a very pretty girl, and even though she was "f****y," she was my first sexual indulgence - and I, hers.

We never really spoke of the incident, but picked up where we left off when I visited the farm on subsequent trips.

But, that's another story.
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1 year ago
In rural areas and on farms, many young incestual, blood-related relationship start in this manner; many are short loved and many become affairs and last for years, even life-times. There's an old saying--as I used to kid my Kentucky co-worker--that there are only three families in Kentucky--and all three are relatives!!

Cousins, siblings, parents and children, etc., usually learn their proclivities and experiences in sexual matters with each other in those less dense, crowded and urban areas! In many areas there are no same-age opposite gender children available; those sexual cravings don't know relative or not--only the opposite gender genitalia!
3 years ago
i wish i was close to a cousin my age
3 years ago
Same here doc good work dude
3 years ago
Great story. It was like you were explaining my first experience with one of my cousins. Did we all go through the same thing at that age? Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Very good,please tell us more,,,,
3 years ago
great story