Her Name Was Willie - Part 2

As you'll recall, I had just said "yes" to Willie after she invited me to her place on Saturday. Needless to say, I was a bit beyond excited with anticipation of our getting together in about 36 hours.

Willie lived about 45 minutes from me, but the drive ended up being worth it. On arrival, Willie greeted me in the front yard of her home. When I say "greeted me," it was NOT with a handshake, but a very big hug (remember in Part #1 of this story I said she was strong). We made eye contact, and she led me into her house.

Willie's decorating was not to my taste, but it was consistent with her attitude toward life. Her decor was quite Bohemian, with nothing really matching anything else. It wasn't that she could not afford matching articles - she was simply expressing herself through her furniture - unique. Willie invited me to sit "anywhere," and I chose a strangely-shaped chair with no legs. I was soon to find out it could hold two people, as she wandered over to me and sat.

She got very close, stared into my eyes, and said "I'm really glad you came." Baiting her, I asked innocently "Why is that?" She knew I was jerking her, stood up with hands on nicely broad hips and said "Why do you think?" With that comment, she reached out her hands, cupped my face, and placed an incredibly soft but knowing kiss on my lips. That lit the fire.

Now, I did not expect anything from the day other that a continuation of our great togetherness and interaction. From that one kiss, however, I knew it was going to be a special day. I reached out to her, encircled her soft waist with my arms, and pulled her close to me. I could feel her ample breasts press against my chest, and briefly imagined what they looked like. We "necked" like school k**s, exchanging the lead in shows of affection. Our hands began to wander, and I knew my reservations about being too aggressive were no more. As we caressed each other through our clothing, things began to really heat up. Soon, buttons, zippers and snaps began to open. As her shirt was opened, her incredible cleavage all but burst toward me. It took little time for me to bury my face between her generous-sized breasts.

The more we shared, the more we shared. As the crescendo began to build in our preliminary physicalness, she pushed back gently and slowly. I was puzzled momentarily, for I believed we both knew what was happening. When I asked her if I was being too much for our first personal time together, she simply pressed an index finger to my lips. "No, it's not that - it's just that I'm having my period!"

I was set back for a moment, for this showed a part of her "whatever" attitude that I did not see coming. When I asked her if it was a problem for her, she said "No - I thought it might be for you!" I assured her it was far from a problem for me, but thanked her for her concern.

I had barely finished my comment when she touched my cheek, turned, and said "I'll be right back!" She glided away, as though she was floating. She entered the bathroom and closed the door. A minute later, I heard the toilet flush, and she then came back into the room.

More To Come!
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3 years ago
good tease
3 years ago
Using your words ... the crescendo began to build.