Her Name Was Willie

As a consultant, I have had contact with thousands of people: men, women, old, young, rich, not-so-rich, et al. All have had one thing in common: they were strangers when I met them, but were no longer so after we interacted. In short, people are not only my business - they are my hobby.

In one instance, I was providing service to a small to mid-sized manufacturing firm. They were growing faster that was comfortable for their existing culture, and I was asked to help them redirect their efforts. That's where Willie came in.

Willie was a young, strong, vibrant woman - perhaps 25 or so. She was a key part of the management chain in operations. Because my work was focused on helping to establish a new culture, Willie was my principal contact.

Willie (her nickname, short for Wilhelmina) had great features, including soft skin, very faint freckles, and strawberry blonde hair. She was short, barely 5 feet tall. She was also blessed with a lovely Rubenesque shape. Her eyes were a lovely green, and she smiled with them.

As we worked together, we came to know each other very well. Lunch together became fairly common, and we would sit across a table from each other as we spoke. Occasionally, our conversations would drift from business to personal. It was at one of these lunches where we took a turn together. The server had placed a few napkins on our table, nearest to me. Willie asked for a napkin, and I obliged. As I handed her a napkin, our fingers lightly touched.

Now, we had experienced hand touch when we would greet each other with a handshake. This, of course, was very different. It was not a handshake or any such gesture. This was a serendipitous moment, resulting in a momentary electrical charge that traveled from fingers to the entire body. Our eyes met as we each said "Excuse Me" to each other - then laughed.

At day's end, after work was wrapped up, Willie asked if I was busy on Saturday (this was Thursday). Now, I was surprised at the question, even though we had teased each other about other-than-work time together. In this case, however, there was no laughing. I was convinced Willie was interested in more than work for us. I indicated there were no firm plans for the weekend, and asked what she had in mind. Her eyes focused on me, and she then replied, "Why don't you come over to my place, and we'll see where the day takes us!" Naturally, I said "yes."

More To Come!
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good start
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You have piqued my interest. On to #2