Ed.D and Me

Many years ago, I worked as an advisor/consultant for workplaces. I directed my operation, one of 4 in our division. This is a story of how professional can become personal. It is a true story.

Making regular contacts with employers, I was limited in what service I could provide. Of course, I relied on the other 3 operations to support what they could. One of the operations was providing counseling to troubled workers. This is where the Ed.D came into the picture.

Sheryl (sp changed) was an incredibly vivacious, gregarious yet very professional person. She and I took to each other quickly, each respecting the other in the work we did. We became friends, with a friendship that blossomed as the weeks and months went by.

I had a client for whom I travel quite a bit. As I worked with this client and the workers of the firm, I recognized an opportunity to expand service in the form of worker assistance. On my return from a business trip, I met with Sheryl to discuss the possibility. I suggested she travel with me on my next trip, to meet the client. She consented, I contacted the client, and arrangements were made.

As we drove the 175 miles to the meeting (going in the night before), we did our usual bantering and playful flirtations. Nothing was ever suspected to come of it - we were just friends and business associates. That was to change, that night. We checked in to the hotel, got settled in our respective rooms, then headed for the pool area.

Now, I'm not much for swimming pools, but I LOVE hot tubs. I suggested, in planning for the trip, that Sheryl bring a swimsuit. We stayed at a Radisson Hotel, and they had an excellent pool area.

I got into the hot tub while Sheryl took a few laps in the big pool. Sheryl was a very tall, very leggy redhead. She had a huge smile, piercing eyes, and very soft-appearing skin. We were about the same age. Sheryl entered the hot tub, and I noticed her nipples were rather taut and erect. That changed when she entered the 104 degree water of the hot tub.

Sheryl sat approximately 90 degrees from where I sat, so our heads were cocked to make eye contact. We talked about a bunch of things, including the work for the next day. Since the hot tub was not as deep as I like, I slipped off the bench and flexed my knees - immersing myself up to my neck. I duck-waddled over to where Sheryl sat and got pretty close. She did not ask me to give her some space.

As I held my position, I was able to make contact with her chest. Clearly, the aforementioned tautness of her nipples had subsided, and the outline of her relaxed breasts was more of a symmetrical roundness. Of course, not wanting to be too obvious, my eyes would move to her eyes with some frequency. I believe we both felt a surge of chemistry at that moment, as she slid her feet forward - brushing my legs with hers.

Nothing happened that night, and we retired for the evening. Next morning, we had breakfast together and then headed for our appointment. The meeting was a great success, and the employer signed on for Sheryl's services. We hit the road for home, with some mutually-enjoyed music on the car stereo. It was a great 24+ hours with her, and I felt very good.

About 1/2 way home, she asked me to pull off the road. I did so, having not asked why she made the request. We were in a fairly isolated area, so a disturbance was not likely. Without a word, she slid her long fingers across my thigh. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I may be risking a great friendship, but I find you very sexually attractive!"

Now, in my earlier days, I would have swallowed my bubblegum at this expressions. Fortunately, I was older and more poised. I responded with "I'm very flattered, and very glad you're willing to take the risk of telling me this!" We talked for a few moments, and I could see the relief in her eyes and her shoulders. We got back on the road, but began to brush hands during the trip. She wore a straight skirt, which had slid up a bit as she sat. I slowly rested my hand on her thigh, and she gently parted her legs - interpreted as a signal that it was O.K.

About a week later, having returned to the office from a meeting, I checked my "in basket." In addition to some miscellaneous snail mail, I found a note. She apparently had checked my schedule and knew I had no other commitments for the day. Sheryl indicated she had reserved a hotel room a few miles from the office, and was inviting me to join her. No request for RSVP - just the note. Her confidence level must have been high.

Of course, I traveled to the hotel - checking at the front desk to get the room number. I ascended the elevator in somewhat wild anticipation. Knocking on the door, I noticed it was slightly ajar. Finding that odd, I pushed the door open and spoke her name. She simply said "Come In." I entered what was a 2-room suite, with French doors separating the living and sl**ping areas. As I pushed the doors open, there was Sheryl. She was proped up in bed, surrounded by pillows - a very 50s pose. She sported a snow-white nightie with a abrupt and deep V-bodice. I was overcome by a warm rush from head to foot.

I walked toward the bed, and sat next to Sheryl. She began undressing me almost immediately. From soft touches to firm embraces, from lips to necks to shoulders to breasts and beyond. It was incredbly natural-feeling, and my anxiety soon melted away. To be eventually cradled between her extraordinarily long legs was a pleasure in itself. To enter her womanly void was a surreal experience. I became lost in a physical encounter, the likes of which I had yet to experience with any woman. Sheryl was very confident, guiding me to where and what she wanted. I was thrilled to oblige.

As the tumult began to build, I wanted it to be perfect. Even though I could have cum at any time, I controlled myself until I could feel her pulsations begin by the glorious orfice that held me captive. As she began to arch, I took the cue. We actually climaxed together - amazing, since we'd never been "that way" with each other before that day.

We held each other, spoke softly, and then began to pull ourselves together. She asked that I return to the office first. I did so, and she returned about an hour later.

I still maintain contact with her, but only from afar. It was a time in my life that was - and remains - very special to me. She was the consummate woman - professional, personable, sultry (when she wanted to be), sensual and sexual. I've never forgotten that time - she was and is special to me.
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oh so politically correct
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An office affair can be quite special when handled correctly. This one seems to be in that category. Thanks for posting.