3rd Post - A Nurse Trom Long Ago

As a former health care professional, I was used to experiencing and finding sexual acts. In a hospital, during my career in health care, it was not unusual to open a door to a storage room and discover two co-workers enjoying some time together.

In my case, it was a bit different. I made aquaintance with an ER nurse at a Level II care facility. Meeting by meeting, we became more than just casual conversationalists. I finally asked her if she would be interested in some pre-hospital emergency care experience. She said "That would be great!"

Now, my intentions were simply and only professional. During the course of my shift (with my partner), Shelly (nurse) spent a great deal of time with us. I shared a great deal of information with her, and we discussed the difference in working in a clean/sterile hospital environment v. "in the field."

At any rate, when our shift ended, we took Shelly back to her car. She thanked us for letting her "tag along," and we thanked her for the company and the help with some of our patients.

A few days later, I stopped by Shelly's hospital to check on a patient I'd brought in. Shelly was just getting off her day shift in the ER. We agreed to get together, but I really can't remember who asked whom.

After sharing a drink, she asked if I'd like to talk more about our medical experience the week before. I agreed, and we ended up at her apartment. While we DID talk a bunch about the experience, our conversation eventually led to more personal matters. We each shared our own personal challenges of meeting someone who could be special in our lives, but knew it was difficult due to rotating shifts, etc.

Eventually, that evening, we began to share some physical contact. I let her know that I was uneasy - since I considered I was making a friendship with her. She agreed, but we also decided the uniqueness of our getting together made a physical thing O.K.

Shelly was a buxom lass, and not a glamorous woman by any means. With that said, she was warm and passionate. We shared some preliminary action, but it didn't take long for us to discover we both were really into oral sex. Slowly, we began exposing the critical parts of each others' bodies, and began attempting to fulfill each others' desires.

Shelly had a very nice, Rubenesque body, and I played for a very long time. Her ample breasts were a warm, taut, fleshy playground. I've always fancied breasts, and spent a great deal of time on hers with my hands and mouth. Eventually, though, she gently placed a hand on the back of my head and guided it to her "special place." Now, I was in my real place. It was like lapping at a liquid-filled dish, much like feeding a pet.

While I provided a great deal of action between Shelly's legs, she nudged my body onto hers. She took me in her mouth, and began reciprocating with me. For some time, we enjoyed each others' crotches - truly enjoyed! I would have been content to continue until we climaxed, but Shelly had other ideas. When she was nearing orgasm, she attempted to move me away from between her legs. I resisted, as it is exceptionally-exciting for me to perform oral sex on a woman until she cums. This is exactly what happened, and I felt great about it.

After her spasms subsided, Shelly did reposition herself so she could do the same to me as I'd done to her. With very rhythmic stroking of her hands and bobbing of her head, she eventually took me to the place I wanted to be. Just before an orgasm, she separated her mouth from my cock and began to slowly stroke my hardness. In a short time, I exploded. She directed the stream onto her fantastic breasts, but saved the last squirt for her face. After I collapsed, she asked me to look at her. As I did, she placed her fingertips on her breasts - rubbing my cum around the nipples. Eventually, she curled her fingers to collect small quantities of cum, and began to massage her face with it. Some of my cum found its way to her lips, and she slowly sucked her cum-moistened fingers into her mouth.

It was our only time for such intimacy, and both agreed it was enough. We remained friends for awhile, stealing knowing smiles and smirks each time I saw her in the ER.

What a great memory for me!
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Another very good story.
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very nice