2nd Story - Beth

I enjoyed my first story submission so much, I thought it right to share another experience. I hope those who read it will enjoy as much as I do writing it.

I met Beth when she was assigned to me as an administrative professional in my volunteer position. There was no initial attraction - strictly business. It did not take long, however, to sense the connection. She was as passionate about her task as I was mine. We talked about that occasionally, and looked forward to our joint assignment.

The first time there was any overt action between us was when she showed up for a meeting. She wore a dress I had not seen before, and it was of my favorite color - and, it was a floral pattern, which I have always enjoyed in women's clothing. I complimented her - very innocently - how nice was her appearance. I told here the dress complimented her very well. She leaned closely to my left ear (funny how we remember some details) and said, "I bought it for you!" Needless to say, this was a thrill for me.

The progress of our expanded connection occurred that night, after the meeting. I asked if she had time to talk about a few details of the meeting, and she said yes. We stopped at a pie shop that was on her way home. Sharing a dessert and beverages, our conversation went from business to personal. After commenting how her efforts made my job easier, she said, "It's easy working with you." It wasn't what she said, but how she said it.

At any rate, we closed the evening with a brief moment by our cars in the parking lot. I told her it was such a pleasure to work with her, and sharing her attributes of organization and efficiency. Beth responded with a very light brush of her lips against mine. I was taken aback for a moment, because I did nothing obvious to encourage such an action. I thanked her for the moment, but did nothing else.

The next time I saw her, it was to interview her for a position in my firm. Beth was a medical professional, and I had need for someone like her to assist with some of my work. Now, it was no longer volunteer work, but a paid position. I interviewed many, but - knowing her abilities - she was an obvious choice. I offered - she accepted. We celebrated with dinner that night.

When dinner was over, I walked her to her car. She asked if I was in a hurry to leave - I said no. She suggested a drive, and I accepted. We drove aimlessly, passing through some neighborhoods of homes - past a park - and eventually stopping along a river. We sat, with some nice music playing. As we talked, it became apparent there was some serious chemistry going on. Before we knew it, we embraced. Nothing major went on that night, or other nights to follow, but it was special.

I actually teased her for her shyness (she truly was a shy person). She took it well, but eventually decided enough was enough. One night, after she assisted me with a training session, we cleaned up the meeting room and got ready to leave. Rather than heading for the door, she assertively took my hand and led me to our equipment storage room. BTW: she just happened to be wearing the dress she had purchased "for me." We got into the storage room, and she said, "I decided it was time for me to show you how 'shy' I am." With that, she dropped to her knees - opened my slacks - and proceeded to perform extraordinary oral sex. Not only did she give me great pleasure, she showered her dress with my liquid offering. It seemed a natural and pleasant act, and I never saw that dress again in quite the same way.

Beth and I shared many moments of physical and emotional intimacy for some time. I think of those times often, and occasionally pleasure myself with the thoughts. She was a very good person - great professional - and I had some unique experiences with her. Of course, I lost track of her after we separated. I do think of her, and wonder where she is and what she's doing.

Ahh, the joys of life!
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3 years ago
Very good. I like your writing style.
3 years ago
very good to bad you lost track of each other