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Involved with a woman 13 years my younger, I was excited about the age difference and her physical presence. I typically became involved with women of somewhat robust size & shape - commonly size 10-14. Kim was different, for she was a size 6.

Now, Kim's size and age weren't the only attractions. She had a long, slender face that sported big beautiful green eyes. She always wore her hair in moderate style and length. No tinting, gelling, et al - just a natural softness and sheen.

My most memorable and exciting experience was after we had enjoyed a light supper. With neither of us motivated to do anything in particular, we just drove around in my van. We ended up, of all places, in a shopping center parking lot. Now, this shopping center was huge - and had a huge parking lot all the way around. As the hour was late, and darkness had found its way to us, I had an impulse to park in an unoccupied part of the north lot - facing the highway.

Originally intending only to talk before I took her home, we ended up showing our affection for each other. Initially innocent-enough, it soon built to something more intense. Kim was dressed in a full, loose skirt - camel in color. She also sported a burgundy knit top - stunning!

Because of the full skirt, she straddled my lap and the skirt essentially surrounded our legs. She wore no slip, for the skirt's fabric was opaque enough to prevent light shining through. Because of the skirt's position, I was able to feel her incredible athletic legs (she was a runner).

Because of my contact with her legs, I became increasingly aroused - and wanted more. I reached to her waist, gently but assertively raising the hem past her flat, firm tummy. Slowly, teasing myself and her, I took my time raising the top until it was over her head. She was left covered on top only by her bra. That, too, soon became a casualty of our physicalness.

Our passions continued to grow, and I focused visually on her breasts - small, but well-shaped and firm. While affixed on her breasts with my eyes, my hands found their way under Kim's skirt. Feeling her panties (she wore GREAT panties), I began to tug gently at the waistband, so I could slip them down. Being unsuccessful, I conjured up another plan.

Increasingly aroused, I slipped both hands at the front of her panties. Grasping firmly, I decided the panties would fall victim to my lust. I began to f***e my hands in opposite directions until the waistband tore. Continuing my f***eful hand movements, I did not stop until the panties tore down the front, from waistband to legband. After that, she was most accessible.

I was exposed - she was exposed - and, we consummated the act of releasing our physical and emotional fever. She never changed position. As she rocked and rolled on my lap, with my firmness inside her, my hands massaged her breasts. After a few minutes, she gently pulled my hands down to her pussy. She guided my thumbs to her clit, showed me how she wanted me to move, then placed her hands behind my head. As gently as ever, she guided my head to her breasts - first one, then the other. Kim always comments how - when I sucked & licked her breasts - I "did it so good!"

As we peaked, we both let out somewhat a****listic sounds. While not real pleased with her panties being ripped from her form, I was able to explain what it did to me for arousal. She said "yeah, I could tell!"

I drove her home. Kim exited the van and I walked her to the door of her home. We kissed, touched ever so softly, and I walked down the path to my van.

BTW: yes, I kept the now unwearable panties. Because they'd been worn all day, they had a great fragrance about them. I walked into the house, stripped in my bedroom, called Kim and told her what I was about to do. Between her voice on the phone, her panties at my mouth and nose, and my hand stroking my hardness, I was able to convince her to join me. She had not showered yet, so I was truly still inside her. We shared another great experience together, keeping each other informed where "we were." We actually were able to climax to gether.

This was, by far, the most exciting experience I'd ever had. I still revisit it, to this day, when I decide to "feel my way" down memory lane. It is, as I masturbate, as though I had turned back the hands of time.

Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago
Echoing Mikey ... definitely a keeper. Thanks.
3 years ago
hope you still see her she sounds like a keeper
3 years ago
Not bad experience