Flying the (more than) Friendly Skies - Part I

It's been ages since I've posted an experience on the site. I love to share my adventures from travel from location to location.

Yesterday, I caught a commuter flight from SD to CO. I was immediately struck by the appearance and demeanor of the Purser of the flight. She was fair-skined, lovely, stunning smile, and only slightly taller than I (my height is 5'9"). Her greeting was overwhelming and I felt more welcome than on any previous flight (I'm a 'road warrior').

During out relatively brief flight, I engaged in a slightly forward, but tasteful, way. She responded well, though I believed it to be simple courtesy. The flight was pleasant and relaxing. It ended all too soon.

As I left the aircraft, I flashed a smile and sent great accolades her way. She smiled even bigger, but she also began to blush. She asked if I had a card (business card). I produced one, and she said "I'm done end of day today. May I call you?"

I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. I told her I'd really enjoy that. Experienced as I am, I was torn between "Oh, Yeah - Right" and "Wow - she knows what she wants!" I paid no mind to things the rest of the day, but was surprised about 8 hours after I'd checked in to the hotel. With clothes prepared for my week, and computer set-up, I commenced some prep work for my business activity. It was all interrupted (pleasantly) by my phone ringing. It was her!

I answered calmly, and she said "I can't believe I asked for your card. Is it OK that I called?" I assured her I was flattered. The conversation ran almost out of control. We talked about much, but it all led back to our respective busy travel schedules. We each confided in the other that it's difficult to connect with the opposite sex. We 1/2 giggled; 1/2 lamented.

I finally said, "Look - you were interested, and I certainly am. Let's get together!" She sighed, as though relieved. "Oh, thank you for saying that. I didn't want to, for fear you'd think I am a slut! Yes, let's get together!"

She drove to my hotel - we connected - and we embarked on an evening of dining and conversation. It was delightful. From drinks to appetizer to entree and desert, we had a great time. More than once, out feet touched - our legs brushed. Each time, we took turns making the physical contact.

We returned to my hotel, where she'd left her car. I asked if she'd like to come it for a bit. She didn't hesitate for a moment: "Yes, I'd like that!" In we went, retiring to my suite. We talked for a bit, and I turned on some music. Nice mood - great company.

I asked if she'd like to hit the hot tub. She looked sad as she said, "Oh, sorry, I didn't bring a suit!" I offered her a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. She gladly accepted. We changed clothes, and went to the pool room. We slipped into the steaming tumult, sitting opposite each other in the tub. Our "footsie" engagement recommenced. It was like we were 16 and playing youthful games. She is a mature, yet youthful, 50 y/o woman. I am older still.

I decided to take a chance and skimmed toward her. I knelt in front of her, leaned forward slowly, and gave her a soft, brief kiss. She responded as smoothly and delicately as she'd cared for me during the flight. I was simply going to brush my lips against hers. She, on the other hand, opened her mouth and sought my wet tongue. She sucked it like a calf nursing at her momma's udders. We broke the kiss, and she whispered "Let's go upstairs!"

Read Part II, please.
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