Rental Car - Service with a Smile - Part II

Jenn had called, and gave me her address. She had an efficiency apartment across town from my hotel, but I didn't care. This was about her, and making her birthday special. I arrived at her apartment, and there she stood at the stoop. She came to the car, but I intercepted her 1/2 way. "I said I was going to call for you! Why were you on the stoop?" "Well, that's what guys do - they expect girls to be ready." I challenged her again. "Jenn, you need to start spending time with men, and disregard the boys. When I said I would call on you, I meant come to the door, help you with your wrap, hold your arm, and open the car door!" Jenn looked like I'd punched her in the stomach: "God, no one's ever done that for me!" I simply said, "Let the night begin!"

As we drove, I noticed the tulip hem of her dress was slipping downard on each side of her legs. Her thighs were slender, but beautiful. Her calves were well-proportioned to her thighs. I'd glance, without being too obvious. We chatted all the way to the restaurant - about 1/2 mile from my hotel. Lots of driving, but worth it.

We pulled in to park the car (no valet on duty). She reached for the door handle, and I quickly said, "Please let me do that!" She smiled, and said, "Sorry, I'm not used to being pampered!" I exited the car, got to her door, opened it and extended my hand to take hers. As she leaned forward to slide out of the seat, the top of her dress bloused out. She was not wearing a bra to encase her small breasts. At the same time, the hem of her dress pulled up, and I could see she wore thigh-high hose with her open-toed shoes. I felt a surge in my loins, but was truly there to show her how a real man treats a lady.

I extended my arm, and she slipped hers around it like she'd been practicing. Up a short flight of stairs, and into the restaurant. I felt like a king, even though she was less than 1/2 my age. We got a lot of looks, and I felt even better. The host greeted us, asked how many, and asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. I quickly responded with "Yes - it's my companion's birthday. Whatever she wants, she gets!"

We were e****ted to a great table. As we approached the table, the host was going to help with Jenn's chair. "I'll take care of that - thank you!" The host smiled and left. I slid the chair under Jenn ass with great timing. She was seated, turned her face to me, and said, "I feel like a Queen!" "It's only the beginning, My Dear!"

The server came, greeted us, said "Happy Birthday" to Jenn, and took orders. When he got the orders, I pulled him close and whispered "Thanks for the birthday thing. Your stock just went up. Bring her anything she wants - I don't want any screw-ups!" He nodded, smiled, and whispered, "Everything will be perfect!"

The drinks came, interrupting my concentration on Jenn, and our conversation. I raised my glass and turned to the guest around us. "Please drink to this incredible young woman who is celebrating a birthday today!" The toast was so touching, Jenn blushed. The people around us not only toasted, they sang "Happy Birthday!"

We ordered dinner, and she took me up on the "anything she wants" offer. For a tiny (5'0"; 85#) young woman, she was able to put away lobster and sirloin. We had an after-dinner drink - I paid the bill - and we left. As we walked out, with Jenn on my arm again, she reached up to me (I'm 9" taller than she) and kissed my cheek. "This was an incredible evening - thank you!"

"Oh, are we done?" I asked. "I certainly hope not. Did you know my hotel is only 1/2 mile from here. How about a swim?" Jenn said, "Awww, crap - I didn't know. I have no swim suit!!" I responded with a "How about a pair of my boxers and a T-shirt!" "Sure," Jenn said. "Let's go!"

We were at my hotel in about 5 minutes. Up the elevator to my suite, we entered the room and I took her wrap and bag. "Make yourself at home - I'll get you some clothes." She found the stereo (the room had a Bose sound system in it) and turned on some music. I was amazed she didn't play Rap or Hip-Hop. She actually found some great traditional jazz.

"Jenn, I've fallen in love - you like jazz, and it's MY FAVORITE!" Turns out her favorite jazz performer is Dave Brubeck - mine, too. I handed her boxers and a T-shirt, and sent her to the bedroom. Out she came, drowning in my undies. I laughed, and so did she. The fly of the boxers was slightly bowed open. The T-shirt was hanging off one shoulder. I'd put on my trunks, so off we went to the pool.

Now, I don't care for pools - hot tubs are my deal. Jenn, on the other hand, is part fish. She took a run and hit the pool with grace. A gentle splash, and down she went.

See Part III.
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2 years ago
Great story can't wait for part 3!