Rental Car - Service with a Smile

In travel status, as always. Arrived at airport, caught shuttle to car rental, and did my thing. Well, not quite. As I waited in line for service, I noticed 3 staff behind the counter: 50+ woman who looked bored; 30-something guy (station manager); young Latina - short, shoulder-length hair, and eyes like on a velvet painting. All I could do was hope, "Pleeze let me get waited on by the Latina!"

Call it alignment of the planets, but I drew the lucky number. I approached the counter and Jenn greeted me with a smile as bright and big as her eyes. "How are you today, sir!" I could have been put off by the "sir" thing, but was not. "I'm having a great day, and now it's even greater!" She smiled again and said, "Thank you!" For one so young, she did not miss the meaninig of my comment, and she took it as a compliment.

We engaged in a great conversation, little of which had to do with my reservation. As we got close to finishing the rental, ages came up in conversation. Having seen my driver license, she remarked, "Wow - You don't look even close to your age!" I thanked her, but said, "Awww, you say that to all the old men!" She giggled a bit, but said, "No - seriously - you're the same age as my dad, but you look much younger than he!"

This led to my guessing her age. "Jenn, I'm guessing you're 22!" Her mouth dropped open, exposing her teeth again AND her tongue. "How did you do that? My birthday is tomorrow, and I'll be 22!" I winked at her, leaned close, and said, "Age and Treachery, My Dear!" She laughed, and I continued with a question about her birthday plans. "Don't have any. My parents are traveling and most of my friends are in the service industry. They work nights."

I was so struck by this Latina nymph, I felt disappointed for her. "Well, THAT can't happen. Please don't take this a wrong way, but what would you say to having a birthday dinner with me. My treat - you name the place!" She laughed, but I did not. "You're serious, aren't you?" "Dead serious - I can't leave her knowing you're going to be alone on your birthday! Seriously, I'll take you anywhere you'd like - cost is no object!"

Jenn responded with, "If you're really serious, I'm going to hold you to it. I'm finished with work tomorrow at 4:30 p.m." I responded with, "O.K., would you like to meet me somewhere, or may I call for you?" "Gee, no man's ever asked if he could 'call for me' before. Yes, you may call for me!" My response was, "That's because you've been with boys, not men!"

I gave her my card and asked her to call me with details, and I would pick her up at 6:30 p.m. "Is that enough time for you to get ready?" Jenn said, with a gleam in her eyes, "That's plenty of time. I only live 10 minutes from work."

The deal was sealed. As she handed me my contract & keys, she leaned forward - I met her half-way: "I upgraded your car - you're really going to like it!" My response was a smile, and a whisper: "You are amazing, and far more mature than your years. I look foward to tomorrow night!"

I'd scoped out this lovely lady, and she had outstanding features. Even in her uniform, I could see the great outline of her tits in the blouse. Her skin was flawless. She is a gem, to be sure.

See Part II.
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