Not Just Grannies - GREAT Grannies III

Now, they'd both stopped dancing and got very serious. "Young man, come over to the bed!" They sat next to each other on the foot end of the bed and instructed me to pull out my cock. At this point, I thought to myself "Fuck It - let THEM take out my cock" and told them so. I figured they were both "tipsy" enough to fail at the attempt. Not So! Lucille grabbed my belt buckle and opened it in nanoseconds. Next, the waist hook, then the zipper. Down went my pants and boxers in one motion. Believe it or not, in spite of their ages and d***kenness, my cock began to stiffen. TOTALLY FUCKED UP!

With my cock perpendicular to my body, they both stared at it. Of course, Lucille was the first to reach for it. She gently held the hard unit with her soft, wrinkled, liver-spotted hands. My cock continued to grow, if only because of the totally fucked-up situation. She OOOH'd and AAAH'd as she held it.

"Beverly, look, I'm making it a stiffy!" Their language was quaint - even cute. Beverly responded with, "Yes - make it grow more!" Lucille wasn't satisfied, so she leaned forward toward the head of my cock - then looked up at me and said, "I'm going to kiss it!" With that, she pushed her bright red lipstick-covered lips to the tip of my cock and did what she announced. No one even close to her age had every been intimate with me. When she withdrew her lips, I had "lipstick on my dipstick!" Lucille turned to Beverly and said, "Now you kiss it, Beverly!" Beverly didn't pause for a bit - she simply leaned over and repeated the oral gesture. I had now experience two cock kisses from women old enough to be MY grandmothers!

I was still getting stiffer, even though this was a fucked-up scenario. "O.K., ladies, you've seen it and kissed it. I should get going!" Beverly again spoke up and said, "Young man, don't you want to see us naked, too?" Now, I told myself 'no,' but actually spit out a quick, "Well, yes, I would!" Beverly turned to Lucille and began to ask what she thought. Too Late! Lucille had already begun to unbutton her blouse. That apparently was a prompt for Beverly to join it. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse, as well. Within a minute, each was standing in front of me with blouses off, showing off some very pretty slips and bras.

"Do you like what you see, young man?" Beverly asked. "Yes, ladies, I do. It's nice to see what real women wear under their clothes." Lucille asked, "Do you want to see more?" I now protested. "Ladies, this is fun and all, but I feel like I'm taking advantage of a situation!" They both laughed, and Lucille said, "Young man, we haven't been taken anywhere for so long. Please stay!"

O.K., I said to myself. They can't remain conscious for long. I'll stand by and help them to bed when they lose it. "Alright, ladies, I'll stay for a bit!" Lucille then turned to Beverly and said, "Let's ask this nice young man to help us!" Beverly nodded, and they walked over to me. "Help us undress, and we'll show you as much as you've shown us!" I nodded, not uttering a word.

First, the skirts had to go. One of the waistbands buttoned; the other was elastic. That was easy. Now they stood with slips covering the rest of their undergarments. "O.K., Arms Up!" was my command. Each of them put their arms up in the air, and I pulled off their slips. Beverly went "Wheeeee" when I removed her slip - it was pretty funny.

O.K. Now the two were in bras, panties (white silk) and stockings. I peeled off their stockings first; then their panties. I wanted to save the bras for last - to see the hangers drop. When only their bras covered them, I began to give them the once-over. Wrinkles on their tummies, and totally white strands of hair covering their cunts. Serious fetish stuff here!

Finally, I said, "Lucille, you first. Come to the dressing mirror." She dutifully walked to the mirror. I stood behind her, unhooked her bra as I looked into the mirror. When I removed the bra from her tits, down they went. They were small, but cuppable in the hands. I told Lucille to stay there, then reached for Beverly's hand and guided her to the mirror. I repeated the bra removal with Beverly, watching for the drop of her tits when the fabric was pulled away. Again, no disappointment - but, Beverly's tits were bigger.

"Ladies, I must tell you, this is my very first experience with women of your vintage. I am very impressed! Nice bodies - nice tits - nice cunts!" Beverly turned to Lucille and asked, 'Is a cunt another name for a vagina?" I cracked up. "Beverly, your 'vagina' is your Coochie, your Slit, your Gash, your Love Tunnel, your Tuna Boat, your Taco!" Beverly looked at me through the mirror and said, "My goodness, I had no idea!" I laughed my ass off.

Since the two greatgrannies were naked, I finished removing my clothes. As we stood there, naked as the day we were born, I asked, "O.K., now what?" Lucille seemed puzzled, then said, "I don't know - I never thought we'd go this far!"

"Would you like me to leave?" I asked. The two ladies looked at each other and asked each other "What should we do?" I offered a suggestion. "Have you two ever had sex with each other?" Beverly blurted, "Oh, no - never!" Lucille (no great surprise) said, "I tried being a lesbian in college once, but that was 60 years ago!"

"Well, since you don't know what to do next, how about trying out each other? I'll watch, and guide you if you can't figure things out!" Lucille, I was sure, would accept the offer. Beverly wasn't so sure. I walked over to the two of them, still in front of the mirror, and pulled Lucille behind Beverly. Beverly was now fully frontally nude, with Lucille behind her. "Lucille, reach around and take Beverly's tits in your hands!" I guided Lucille's hands upward until they held Beverly's tits. "Now, Lucille, massage them like they were your own!" Lucille did so, and Beverly stiffened.

"Now, Beverly, remember your cunt? I want you to reach down and touch it with both hands. Spread the lips apart!" She murmered a soft, "Oh, I couldn't!" I leaned over to her face, kissed her ear, and whispered, "Yes you can - I'll help!" While Lucille massaged Beverly's tits, I guided Beverly's hands to her cunt. I softly grasped her fingers and placed them on both sides of this aged slit. Together, we pulled the lips apart. Beverly began to sob, "My mother told me only bad girls did this!" I responded with assurance, "Beverly, it's time you plesured yourself as only you can!"

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