Not Just Grannies - GREAT Grannies II

So, down I went to the casino. It's very small and cozy, with a bar that seats 6, and 3 two-person tables. The tables were full of people, but the bar was empty. I took a seat and waited for the old girls.

I didn't wait long. In they strode, and they certainly did change clothes. Silky blouses, furling skirts, and make-up & jewelry "to the nines!" I stood from my bar stool and greeted them. Each took a side, strode up to me, and gave me a peck on my cheeks. Very "granny" of them. I apologized for the tables being full. They said, "Now, never you mind. We're old - we're not dead. You just help us up on those stools and we'll be fine!" One at a time, I helped each old lady to a stool, then re-sat myself.

"What'll it be, Ladies?" They each order Golden Cadillacs (gee, what a shock - the drink is as old as they are). I ordered a brandy & 7, and we began to talk. The conversation, no matter how I tried to steer it straight, went back to the encounter in the hallway. This was a new world for me, to be sure.

We talked and drank. Each time a round came, I reached for my money. They actually slapped my hand and said, "Now, you stop that! This is OUR treat!" God, I felt funny getting half in the bag with old ladies already - now they were paying for it. I felt a bit like a kept man.

Lucille started waving a napkin toward her face, fanning herself. "My dear, it's getting hot in here." With that, she actually unbuttoned the top button on her blouse. This exposed some gently wrinkled chest skin - very wierd, but interesting. I pretended not to notice, but I believe I got caught - because Lucille winked at me. Now it was REALLY getting fucked up!

We were all getting pretty tight, and I tried to beg off under the guise of needing to get some work done. "Ladies, it's been fun, but may I walk you to your room?" They looked at each other, then turned to me, and Lucille said, "Help us off these damn stools. You may need to hold us up - we're pretty tipsy!" I assisted each of them, and off we went to the elevators.

As we rode up the elevator to our floor, Lucille leaned toward me and said, "You know, young man, you're very handsome!" I thanked her, and helped her steady herself in the lift. "You're being kind, I know, but thanks just the same!" Lucille snapped and said "No, Damn It - I said you're handsome! Isn't he, Beverly?" Beverly grinned, turned to Lucille, and said, "I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers!" This cracked up the two d***ken ladies; me, not so much.

We left the elevator and I guided them to their room. "Well, good night, ladies - have a good sl**p!" Now, Beverly spoke up - out of character for her (must have been the Golden Cadillacs): "Let's see that thing of yours again - I kind of liked it!" Oh, Fuck - now what do I do? "Beverly, it's getting late and . . ." Lucille interrupted me with a resounding, d***ken "Beverly, that's a great idea. Young man, come in and show us your cock!"

So, what do I do NOW? Not wanting to have them yelling down the hall with a "Show us your cock" thing, I entered their room. I knew this would come to no good, but tried to make the best of things.

"Ladies, shouldn't you be with your group? Cards or something?" Lucille shouted, "The hell with them - they're not as fun as you and your cock!" While Lucille was going on and on about how fun I was, she told Beverly to turn on some music. Beverly scrolled through the channels until she found some pretty lively 80s music. Lucille yelled, "Perfect," and began to dance around the room. I was O.K. with this until she started to lift up her skirt and twirl as only an 80+ y/o woman could. Beverly joined her, and began to flip her skirt like a Can-Can dancer.

"Boy, you ladies can't handle your booze, can you?" I asked. Lucille responded with a "Who Care?" and they continued to dance. Whew - I thought I was off the hook with the 'show us your cock' thing, but no chance. Beverly stopped dancing and said, "Hey, I asked you to show us that thing of yours!" Lucille snapped again, and said "Beverly, for Christ's Sake - it's a cock - call it what it is!" Beverly lowered her eyes a bit, then looked up and said, "O.K. - Fuck It - Show Us Your Cock!"

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