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Hello, All - it's been awhile since I've posted documentation of my exploits, but I've been so busy with work there's been no time - or energy - to "express myself" sexually.

That changed a short while ago. I got settled into my suite, stripped off all my clothes and put on some lounging pants. I was ready for a cold drink, so grabbed some cash & the room key, and headed for the vending machines on my floor.

As those who follow my adventures know, I have been dabbling in a bit of exposing my cock & balls when walking down the hallways of select hotels. Sometimes it pays off - sometimes not. Tonight was a payday, of sorts. The hotel in which I'm staying (my home away from home) often receives tour busses. Typically, it's older (65+ y/o) couples, with a few stray women in the group.

I didn't pay much attention to my walk to get a soda, and had rather automatically hung out my junk through the opening in my loungers. Walking back with my booty, I was nearly to my room when a door opened. Here were two VERY mature ladies, dressed in their polyester "finery," exiting their shared room. Since I had 2 cans of soda in my hands, there was no way to comfortably cover up. I had no choice but to continue to my room. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the two old ladies were blocking the hallway as they walked arm in arm.

Since the best defense is a good offense, I decided to greet the old women: "Good Evening, Ladies - having a nice day?" Since it's likely neither had seen cocks & balls for a long time, I figured they wouldn't notice. WRONG! They first made eye contact, smiled, and returned the greeting. Within a second or two, one of them looked down and shrieked, "Lucille, look, his 'thing' is showing!" Lucille looked down and said, "Oh, My! Young man, did you know your cock is sticking out?"

"My Cock?" WTF! What woman in her 80s (yes, they were both VERY old - one with blue hair, the other with pink tints in her coif) uses the term "Cock?" By this time, I'd stopped in the hallway. There I stood - shrinking cock and retracting balls for all the world to see - with no easy way out of the situation. "Uh, yes, Ma'am, I am aware of that. Just airing out, that's all!" Lucille (the blue-haired matriarch) asked, "Why are you showing your stuff?" No fooling her - she didn't buy the "airing out" comment.

"Well, Lucille - may I call you Lucille - it's this way. I'm a middle-aged guy exploring myself and my sexual identity. Flashing is simply a way to do it! I apologize you had to see it!"

"Young man, don't be sorry. I haven't seen a cock since my husband died 13 years ago. It's a welcome sight. How about you, Beverly, how long has it been since you've seen a man's cock?" Beverly giggled, and said, "Lucille, I can't remember when!"

Now understand, neither of these octogenarians made any attempt to let me pass. They were simply enamored by my protruding pecker. I said, "Ladies, it's been a pleasure to meet you. I guess I'll go to my room. Have a good night!" Lucille (the dominant of the duo) interrupted me. "Young man, you've given us such a thrill, let us buy you a drink in the casino!"

WHAT? Not content to see my naked guy stuff, now they want to drink with me. I'm not much of a drinker, but thought it would be rude to decline. "Well, yes, I'll join you. I do need to change clothes, however. Even this hotel wouldn't want me flashing in the casino! I'll meet you downstairs in 5 minutes!" They nodded, stepped out of the way, and let me pass. Instead of continuing on their way, Lucille said, "Beverly, since that nice young man is going to change, so should we!" Back into their room they went.

Man, this was getting WAY fucked up! I had just been picked up by two women with a collective age of about 170 years old!

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8 months ago
Like this one... where is chapter 2????
2 years ago
Sounds like the start of a fun evening.