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Hotel Housekeeping is Excellent

In recent travels, I stayed at a very nice hotel (one of a chain) in the Upper Midwest. Hotel staff and management run a great place, and I settled in for a nice, relaxing night or 2.

The morning after my first night, I still had the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside the door. Having some errands to run, I left the room - noting a housekeeper had just entered a vacated guest room. I approached, knocked (so I didn't frighten her) and was greeted by a lovely middle-aged woman in housekeeper garb. She had an excellent smile, dark eyes, and a very nice & slightly buxom build. We smiled together, an... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 15 days ago

Training on a Train - Follow Up

A quick update on my encounter with Lorilei.

Last night, I called her - to see if she was OK following our amazing time on the train. She assured me all was good, and she was glad to have taken the chance with me.

During our conversation, we relived our introduction and our pleasure. The conversation was stimulating, and we began to more graphically revisit our time in my berth. I confessed that I was beginning to feel some of the same feelings I'd felt on the train. She made the same confession.

I asked if she'd ever indulged in cyber-sex. She giggled a bit, and said "No, I've not... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 1 month ago

[Story] Lorilei

I am eastbound from the West Coast to the Upper Midwest, riding a train. Train travel has become my primary method of long-distance travel in the U.S., in addition to driving a car. I find it to be relaxing, and romantic.

Today, in the Dining Car (communal seating), I was alone until a Dining Car attendant e****ted a young blonde woman to my table and asked if I minded a partner. I looked up, saw the prospective diner's face, and assured the attendant I'd love to have company.

Lorilei is her name, and she was seated directly across the table from me. This gave me ample opportunity to tak... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 1 month ago

[Story] Training on a Train

I am en route to the Pacific Coast via railroad. It's a great way to travel, but I didn't realize it could be THIS great!

For those who have used this conveyance, you know the Dining Cars feature communal seating. As such, it is possible for up to 4 strangers to have a meal together. Today, with the passenger load pretty light, I ended up alone - until the steward seated a young woman with me. Her name is Michaela, and she was returning to school from a winter break. We hit it off from the beginning - my interest and experience matched to her incredible maturity. While she'll be 19 in March... Continue»
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Catt - More than Purring!

I met a lovely woman on a dating site. We chatted for a few weeks, and really enjoyed our time. My travel schedule brought me to her town, so I asked if she'd like to get together. We agreed on dinner at the end of a work day.

She came to my hotel, and we dined directly across the parking lot from the hotel. Nice meal, overall. Great conversation. Catt is 64, as am I. As such, we talked about life, love and lust (my 3 favorite topics). There was no intent to do anything but simply enjoy a meal and an evening. That, we did.

I had mentioned to her that, if we hit it off in person, she was ... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 10 months ago

[Story] Neighborly Love

It's been awhile since I have posted on the blog, but yesterday an 1st came to me. It involved a neighbor woman - Linda. Linda is a middle-aged (40+ y/o) bbw who has always been overly-friendly neighbor - to me. Greetings have always been more than one neighbor to another.

Anyway, recently, Linda brought me a cake (she bakes REALLY good cakes). Having finished the cake, I told her she could pick up the cake plate anytime. Thinking nothing more about it, I went about my business. Getting ready for a couple of business meetings and a lunch, it was time to shower, shave and get dressed. I ste... Continue»
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One Meets the Nicest People in a Hot Tub - Part 2

Gena was now bare from below the bra top to her toes. I took the hint and removed my trunks. Now we were a matched set. Our hips were touching. We continued to chat, but the conversation shifted to our personal pleasure of being exposed in a public place. We agreed there was a bit of freedom in the pursuit, and really enjoyed it.

Gena asked if we could "play." When I qualified her definition of "play," we agreed to our activity - and began. Touching led to caressing; caressing led to her caressing my cock while I stroked her clit. We did nothing more, except for some rather intense sex chat... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 1 year ago

One Meets the Nicest People in a Hot Tub - Part 1

Sunday. Long drive. Time to relax. Hit the hot tub. Alone, which is typical of most places I stay while on the road.

As I settled into the hot water, the bubbles agitating my body like thousands of little fists, she entered the pool area. Gena (pronounced "JEE-nah" was mid-30s, natural redhead, with tiny freckles sparsely s**ttered about her nose and cheekbones. She is LOVELY!

As she approached the hot tub, she dropped her towel. There she stood. About 5'6" - not skinny, but nicely-shaped. When the towel hit the floor, she kicked it toward mine - which happened to be in a corner on the ... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 1 year ago

Cyber-connection - Crazy

Took a walk on the wild side recently. Connected with a BBW of relatively young age (late 20s) who appeared - initially - to be seemingly conservative, sexually.

Boy, did I ever misjudge that one! As we transitioned from the private chat website to a social chat site, it became apparent she was simply progressing gradually, but surely. We went from suggestive chat to her undressing to her wanting to be controlled and ordered to do things.

Suffice to say, there was a pissing demonstration included - as well as tit and belly slapping. She truly has a very nice bbw body: nice round symmet... Continue»
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[Story] Nice GH Experience

After last night's self-pleasure session on web, I had a full day of client service today. Having closed out the business day, I took a drive to a neighboring city. There's a suburb of that city that has a nice, clean, well-managed adult emporium. I've visited several times in the past 3 years, so am familiar with the "toy store" on one side, and the video arcade on the other.

Some of the video booths have glory holes. I try to get into one of them, in case a "connection" can be made. I tend to expose myself well as I watch a selection of videos. This gives a "neighbor" opportunity to catch... Continue»
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[Story] On the Road

Had a nice experience last night. After checking into the hotel, I stripped - donned my bathing trunks - hit the hot tub. It was occupied by a woman - around 50 y/o - chunky - blonde - nice round tummy and nice sag to her tits.

We struck up a conversation and it seemed to go well. Small talk, mostly, but we were responding to each other.

Her teen daughters were in the big pool, playing as teens do. Mom & I were having a great time. I took a chance and said "If you get tired of k** time, I'm in Room 112!"

She smiled, with a bit of the devil in her eyes. "I'll see how the night goes,... Continue»
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[Story] She's a Dentist but She Didn't Pull My T

On a return flight after a week of business, I was seated next to a very lithe, lovely woman in 1st class. She immedately engaged me in conversation, and I was flattered to receive the attention.

Our discussion began before push back from the gate. We eventually became airborne, and before we knew it, we were landing at our destination. During the conversation, I discovered she was a dentist. I was fascinated at her life story, and how she chose her profession. It was clear we were connecting nicely.

As we landed, we said our good-byes - sharing common pleasantries. As she was visiting f... Continue»
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[Story] Flying the (more than) Friendly Skies - Part I

It's been ages since I've posted an experience on the site. I love to share my adventures from travel from location to location.

Yesterday, I caught a commuter flight from SD to CO. I was immediately struck by the appearance and demeanor of the Purser of the flight. She was fair-skined, lovely, stunning smile, and only slightly taller than I (my height is 5'9"). Her greeting was overwhelming and I felt more welcome than on any previous flight (I'm a 'road warrior').

During out relatively brief flight, I engaged in a slightly forward, but tasteful, way. She responded well, though I believ... Continue»
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Flying the (more than) Friendly Skies - Part II

We entered my suite. It was great to see her nipples and aereolae showing through the wet, white t-shirt. I was hungry, but not for food. I'd sated my desire for food; now, to satisfy my sexual appetite.

The suite has a full-length, very wide, mirror that doubles as a closet door. I guided her to the mirror, turning her to face it. "God, you are beautiful" I whispered. She tilted her head and murmured, "No one has told me that for a long time!" "Dumb Asses" I replied. I then kissed the back of her neck, then said "Stand still!" She did so, and I grasped the hem of the t-shirt. Up came the t... Continue»
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[Story] Rental Car - Service with a Smile - Part III

When Jenn came up for air, she saw me in the hot tub. I guess she didn't want to leave me alone, so she stepped out of the pool. Naturally, the boxers were attempting to fall off, and the T-shirt was now all but transparent. I remained poker-faced, but was admiring the view.

Jenn joined me in the hot tub, sitting next to me - which was nice. I looked at her, and took a chance. "Jenn, I hope this doesn't embarrass you, but when you stepped out of the pool, I was blessed with quite a view!" "What do you mean?" she asked. "Well, the T-shirt was kind of see-through, and the boxers were slipping... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 2 years ago

[Story] Rental Car - Service with a Smile - Part IV

She finally consented to the camera. Because it's digital, she could immediately accept or reject any images she chose. I shot hundreds of photos of her, from all angles. One body part at a time: hair, eyes, lips, neck, shoulders, calves. I wanted her to embrace who she was.

We stopped for a bit, and I said, "Let's sit and view these!" While she sat, I connected the camera to the flat panel TV, so we could see BIG images. While she giggled at first, she looked at me and said, "Sorry - I forgot - I'm a woman!" I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. We viewed all the photos, and she rejected o... Continue»
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[Story] Rental Car - Service with a Smile

In travel status, as always. Arrived at airport, caught shuttle to car rental, and did my thing. Well, not quite. As I waited in line for service, I noticed 3 staff behind the counter: 50+ woman who looked bored; 30-something guy (station manager); young Latina - short, shoulder-length hair, and eyes like on a velvet painting. All I could do was hope, "Pleeze let me get waited on by the Latina!"

Call it alignment of the planets, but I drew the lucky number. I approached the counter and Jenn greeted me with a smile as bright and big as her eyes. "How are you today, sir!" I could have been pu... Continue»
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[Story] Rental Car - Service with a Smile - Part II

Jenn had called, and gave me her address. She had an efficiency apartment across town from my hotel, but I didn't care. This was about her, and making her birthday special. I arrived at her apartment, and there she stood at the stoop. She came to the car, but I intercepted her 1/2 way. "I said I was going to call for you! Why were you on the stoop?" "Well, that's what guys do - they expect girls to be ready." I challenged her again. "Jenn, you need to start spending time with men, and disregard the boys. When I said I would call on you, I meant come to the door, help you with your wrap, hold y... Continue»
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[Story] Not Just Grannies - GREAT Grannies IV

After a moment or two of this, I turned the two ladies to face each other. "Lucille, you're the strong one. Take Beverly in your arms and kiss her on her mouth!" Lucille didn't hesitate - she was pretty hot and bothered by now. Lucille held Beverly in her arms and gave her the sweetest kiss I'd seen in a long time. Interestingly, Beverly quickly responded and pulled Lucille tightly against her body. The kiss lasted longer than I expected. When they broke apart, they simply smiled at each other.

"Ladies, take a small step back and touch each other!" When they stepped back, I guided their han... Continue»
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[Story] Not Just Grannies - GREAT Grannies II

So, down I went to the casino. It's very small and cozy, with a bar that seats 6, and 3 two-person tables. The tables were full of people, but the bar was empty. I took a seat and waited for the old girls.

I didn't wait long. In they strode, and they certainly did change clothes. Silky blouses, furling skirts, and make-up & jewelry "to the nines!" I stood from my bar stool and greeted them. Each took a side, strode up to me, and gave me a peck on my cheeks. Very "granny" of them. I apologized for the tables being full. They said, "Now, never you mind. We're old - we're not dead. You just h... Continue»
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