Aunt Brenda - Part1

I was totally transfixed, glued to the floor watching as she bent to remove her panties. Her back was to me and I caught a glimpse of the dark pubic hair between her legs. A brief view of her puckered hole as her ass cheecks opened when she reached to the floor to pick up the discarded clothing. A flash of her hair covered, swollen pussy lips. I couldn't move. I needed to see more. The violation of her privacy was not lost on me, but my urge was more powerful than my conscience.

And then I was caught. She saw me standing in the partly opened doorway, gawking, open mouthed, mezmerized. Unmoving. A deer caught in the headlights. God, I was so embarassed and ashamed, yet unable to leave. Should I apologize, should I just quietly slink off to my room.

", I'm sooo sorry Bren."

She was as surprided as me. Unable to respond she looked at me wide-eyed and speechless. A trace of a blush appearing on her cheeks as she attempted to cover her breasts with crossed arms. Again my need to see more overpowered me and my eyes locked onto her exposed bush. The thick, wild pubic hair contrasting with her pale skin was impossible to avoid.

I tried again, "I...I...I'm...uh." I couldn't make any reasonably coherent sound. Reluctantly I pulled my eyes away and slunk off to my room.

I felt my face fushed with shame at my transgression. Good boys behave as gentlemen. They don't stare at naked ladies. I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed, wondering if I would ever be able to look my aunt Brenda in the eyes again. Worse, I feared Aunt Brenda would tell my mom and THAT would cause the ultimate shame.

Wallowing in my feelings of disgrace and embarassment I fell back on my bed with a groan, eyes clamped shut, bumping my forehead with my fists; penance might help ease the shame.

Still, I could not get the vision of what I had just witnessed out of my mind. Even with the sound of my mother's voice telling me that good boys don't touch themselves, the picture of my aunt's exposed body caused my hand to move uncontrollably towards my groin. The powerful urge to touch myself easily won over the confusion in my mind. I was so hard. My erection probably started when I first glimpsed my aunt's naked vagina. I was not aware of my body's responses with the embarassment that followed, but erections seemed to happen to me in the most mudane circumstances at that age, I was not surprised given my encounter.

I slowly rubbed my penis through my shorts replaying the image of that wonderful body in my mind. I started to expand the fantasy, trying to imagine what her breasts were like. She was big lady. More than rubenesque. In my immaturity I had no "preference" in body type. Every naked picture I had ever masturbated over brought me to a quick climax. Young, old, short, tall, skinny, heavy were all thoroughly desireable.

She's lying on my bed, her face flush with desire for me. One hand reaching out for me, the other slowly massaging her large, heavy breasts. Parting her heavy thighs she breathlessly begs me to undress. She guides me onto her soft naked body, sliding my hard cock into her. She whimpers, as I bury myself. She whispers my name as I suckle her nipples. She groans as I slide in and out. I am the biggest she has ever felt, the longest and hardest. Her breathing is rapid and deep. She gets louder as I pump harder and faster. She screams as I bring her to climax. Then, a rush in my groin, tightening, pulsing, fluids coursing. I'm coming Aunt Bren. Sperm explodes deep inside her. She begs for all of it.

She's gentle and loving. She's smiling at me as my mind's invention slowly fades.

Still lying on my back with my softening penis clutched in my hand, covered in adolescent spunk, satisfied, I turn my head to a sound in the doorway.

It's her turn to be transfixed. "I...I...I thought I heard you call my name. Oh God Jamie. I'm so sorry!"

Aunt Brenda's face seemed much more flushed than when I walked in on her. She seemed oddly shaken. As I frantically tried to cover myself with my discarded clothes she backed away from the door, still staring at me. She seemed to be gasping for breath. I figured she must be really mad at me.

Oh shit, I thought. I'm really in trouble now. At that moment I swore off masturbating, naughty pictures, evil thoughts and everything my mother had warned me about. But as hard as I tried, I could not banish thoughts of Aunt Brenda.
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