Wife's first Hotwife Experience

Some people have asked for me to relate the story of how my wife first became a hotwife as told to me by her. I had been bringing up the subject for a long time to her and she knew that she always had my prior approval for any extracurricular activities she may have wanted to pursue. I always used to bring up the idea while we fucked and would get her to tell me about all her past boyfriends who were lucky enough to have either had their cocks sucked by her or fucked her brains out. One guy she did mention a lot was her first real sex partner/ boyfriend who she dated in high school, Rick. She didn’t lose her virginity to him, but she was with him for over a year. She told me they would sneak away to the woods behind his house and when she didn’t have his cock her mouth it was shoved firmly up her pussy. He gave her her first vaginal orgasms from fucking and she says they did it a lot. I loved hearing that they never used a condom so to avoid getting her pregnant, he would always finish off by shooting into her waiting mouth. She learned to swallow like a pro, a talent I know all too well.
They were other guys she had long term, highly sexed relationships with like in college (perhaps another story), but I am sure you never really forget your first real love/sex. Fast forward 15 years and my wife tells me she meet Rick one day at the local gas station/convinence store getting coffee. They hugged and reminisced about the old days with even a bit of flirting. He tells her how hot she looks. She was wearing a tight lycra workout outfit with sports bra because she was off to work out at the gym. It seems he moved back to the area recently and is now married to another girl from my wife’s old high school. Except my wife never liked this girl and it seems they competed a lot about stuff the least being about this guy.
He asked my wife to go get some breakfast with him at the local diner and she went. She told me they had a great time catching up on all sorts of stuff and then he says how stressed out the move back was and to top it off his business is real slow. My wife k**ded him saying ,why doesn’t his wife take care of relieving his stress? He said hell no. He told her that after their 3 k**s, his wife just kinda checked out of the sex department.
At this point my wife started to get really horny, by the whole thought of discussing sex with a strange man other than her husband. One she used to fuck daily, although many years ago. She certainly remembered how many times I told her how much I would love to have her fuck another man and hear all the juicy details, so she start thinks maybe this is the perfect situation.
So my wife asked him what he does for a living and he told her that he installs those fancy sidewalk pavers. My wife said, “Really, my husband and I were thinking of doing the front walkway of our house in those but I can’t decide on a pattern I like”. (yeah, right) So he says he is really good at designing these and he has a book of pictures of the finished projects he has done, some commercial some residential. So Renee says she would love to see them and maybe we could give him some business. Now at this point as she was telling me, I was thinking that he thought that not only might he get a job out of this, but that he might get his cock back into my wife’s sweet pussy if he played his cards right.

It turned out he didn’t live very far away so she jumped in his truck and in no time they were at his house. She told me he put pavers on the front walkway and driveway so he must actually be pretty good at that. Now as my wife told me more and more about what happened, my cock got harder than I think I have ever experienced. She loved the reaction it gave me, and really played it up telling me every little detail.
So Renee followed her boyfriend into his house and down to the kitchen where he had a big book of his projects. As she stood there flipping through the book he started to gently rub her shoulders and brush her hair. Renee told him he really shouldn’t and that she was married, even though she knew she at least wanted to kiss him. She told me it really turned her on knowing she was in this other woman’s kitchen getting attention from her husband and that she could steal him away sexually right there and then. He continue to massage her shoulders and before she could say anything he turned her around and started kissing my wife full on.
What a thing to finally hear, after so many years of imagining my wife being with another man. I had to take out my cock and lightly stroke it as she recounted what happened next. My wife wanted to stroke my cock as she told me, but I knew I would blow in a second so I told her to just keep telling what happened next.
So there is my sweet brunette petite wife tongue kissing her ex boyfriend from high school in his kitchen like there was no tomorrow. He lifted her up in one swoop and sat her down on the countertop she told me, so he could move in closer. She didn’t even attempt to put up an act of struggling and wrapped her bare tanned legs around his waist locking them together to pull him closer. She could feel his cock rock hard through his pants up against her vagina separated by his jeans and her thin lycra skin tight shorts. My wife instinctively started pushing her crotch against his cock dry humping him on the kitchen counter top. What I wouldn’t have given to have seen that!
So after a few super hot moments of fake fucking, my wife tells him she really shouldn’t be doing this. (She didn’t want him to think she was a slut, or tell him that her husband really wants her fuck other strange cocks). So he says, please baby like just old times’ sake. At this point my wife tells him that she is really turned on by him, but that it wouldn’t be right to go much further.
“Well how about just a blowjob, like in the old days? Just to relieve some stress? A blowjob isn’t really cheating”, he said. So without even giving my wife any chance to say no, he pulls her off the countertop, and reaches down and unzips his pants. Out flops that old familiar friend, only a little bigger than she remembered (or is that because it was compared to my average sized cock)
Now my wife really enjoys sucking cock, she finds it really stimulating to give me pleasure by working her tongue up and down the shaft, nibble just below the head and try and put one of my balls in her mouth. So I can only imagine this guy must have had the time of his life.
Renee told me she stood there awhile still kissing him but now slowly stroking his big cock, and that the head of it looked a little like a huge plumb. She could feel his precum oozing from the tip, making her petite hand slick and she jacked up and down his shaft. She stopped kissing him long enough to ask him if Lisa, his wife is wife ever sucked his cock anymore to which he replied no.
“oh, so she never does this?”, she said as knelt down on the floor and began to run the tip on her cute pink tongue up and down his thick shaft. She confided in me that she didn’t know what turned her on more, sucking this man’s cock who wasn’t her husband, or knowing she was doing it better than his wife ever could. A part of her wished that Lisa might come home right that second and see her kneeling on the floor dressed in her sexy workout gear, one hand on his cock, the other inside her lycra shorts, rubbing her clit. All the while trying to shove as much of his cock into her mouth as physically possible. Rick had both hands on my wives short brunette hair, guiding his cock into her waiting mouth.
“Lisa doesn’t know what she is missing.” And “Do I suck your cock better than your wife?”, are just some of the things she said to him to get him going.
I asked her how she felt, and she told me her cunt was dripping by now soaking the crotch of her shorts. She could start to feel the pulsing of his cock and knew he was close.
“Do you want to come in my mouth, just like you always did? I want to taste your hot cum. Please give it to me!” she teased him with. My wife knows how to talk dirty. In no time, he grabbed her head firm with both hands and sunk his cock in as deep as he could without her gagging and began to shoot what seemed like gallons of hot cum to her right at the back of her throat. Honestly, she told me she gagged and spit most of it out on the kitchen tile floor, but still managed to swallow quite a lot. When she regained her composure, he lifted her back onto the counter top but not before quickly pulling her tight shorts to her ankles. She didn’t have any underwear on because of the workout outfit, so that made it easy for him. The thought of my wife bottomless sitting on his countertop still wearing her sports bra, short sports socks, legs spread, baring her pussy for him to see makes me want to stroke my cock to completion right this second.
They made out some more and he fingered her wet cunt until she had an intense orgasm she told me. Sitting on the countertop in a pool of her pussy juice I can only imagine. Without missing a beat, he pulled her down to her feet and bent her over the sink and began to rub his recovered hard on up and down her slit from behind.
“Wait, I am not on birth control. Are you fixed?” She asked.
“No”, he said. “Lisa had her tubes tied years ago and I don’t have any condoms”
Renee told me she knew she probably shouldn’t go any further but that big headed cock rubbing up and down her wet cunt made the decision for her. Before she knew it, this man was balls deep in my wife, her grasping the faucet for balance. She told me he made her feel so full that she thought she might pass out for a second but it passed quickly. He started fucking her slowly from behind, grabbing her lovely hips and staring at her amazing ass I guess as I have done so many times. Her cunt feels like a velvet glove around your cock in that position.
Renee told me that he fucked her so good that she could literally feel a constant flow of their combined juices dripping down her inner thighs and she thought about what a slutty thing she was doing. She could see a couple of f****y pictures of Rick, Lisa and their 3 k**s on vacation and stuff on the sinks window sill and that made it all the more nasty for my wife. I am his fuck toy for the morning she thought, and nothing made her pussy tingle more than the thought of that.
He pulled out quickly and her vagina stayed slightly gaped, missing its new best friend. He put her once again on the counter top and slipped his cock back into her well fucked pussy. He had to stand on his toes a bit to line it up, but Renee loved watching his thick cock crudely fuck her petite vagina. In and out over and over and over she said. He fucked her so hard that a white froth started to build on shaft.
“Does Lisa ever fuck you like this?”, she asked as she fucked back at his every stroke she told me.
“No, never”, He said. “You are the best I ever had”
This really set my wife off so she pulled away from him and knelt on the floor again and licked all their combined love making cream off his cock and balls while he moaned.
My wife felt like a complete whore she told me, but she was so turned on that nothing mattered but pleasing this guy like his clueless wife never could. Go figure.
“I want you in my ass”, she squealed.
What? He was shocked. It turns out that was something he never tried. I had gotten my wife to do it a couple of times but she much more preferred vaginal sex with me. I asked her what made her want to do it now and she told me she just wanted to be the nastiest, best sex he ever had.
Well my wife didn’t have to ask him twice and as she looked down at his much bigger cock than mine, she suddenly had reservations. At least some KY jelly was needed. He, of course didn’t have any because Lisa and he never needed it anymore. So my wife frantically opened the kitchen cabinets one by one until she found what she was looking for, cooking oil. She opened the bottle and poured out some into her hands and rubbed them together over his rock hard erection. The promise of fucking a woman’s ass as sweet as my wife’s will do that to you.
She lathered up his cock with cooking oil and literally pulled him by his hard on into the living room, where she pushed him down onto the f****y couch. Renee straddled him reverse cowgirl as he took some of the extra oil dripping from his cock and started to work it into her ass. He slipped one finger than two in and out of her cute rosebud and she told me that she was so horny that she rubbed her clit like mad as he finger fucked her asshole. In no time flat she had orgasm number two, thinking about the nasty thing she was about to do to this guy.
It was now or never she thought as she started to lean back ward and grabbed his shaft with one hand as her other hand frigged her clit some more. She was insatiable at this point. She wasn’t sure if it was possible to fit that monster of his in her ass she told me because we had such a problem getting my little one in her when we did it. But a combination of all that cooking oil, his precum and her being horny than she could ever remember got her to start to relax enough that just the head of his cock knocked on her backdoor.
Inch by inch she lowered her self down until she had his cock head in her ass. What a nasty feeling she thought. She could see out his front window as cars went by and people walked down the street all the while she tried to cram her ex boyfriends huge cock up her married ass. Oh Heaven!
She told me she was able to get about half the length inside her, past that the pressure made it not feel too good. But up to that point, it didn’t hurt at all and in fact made her so hot her rubbed her clit and came with his cock impaled in her asshole (orgasm number three). This way too much for poor Rick. He must have watched my wife’s beautiful ass swallow his neglected cock and knew he had to cum. In just a few strokes, he pulled my wife back onto him and shot another load this time deep into her bowels, a first for my wife. She stayed like that for the longest time, him still semi hard buried in her ass, her reaching behind to suck on his tongue. For the record this man, other than her husband, had shot one load down her throat and another in her colon. If only he could have cum in her fertile pussy we would have had the trifecta.
As my wife pulled off him she said she could hear a load plop as his cock left her ass and she had a bit of gas which made them both laugh. She noticed a huge wet spot on the couch and for a moment imagined Rick’s wife Lisa curled up in that spot on the couch later that night eating ice cream watching American Idol or something getting fatter by the second. I imagine that every time he sees his wife take out the cooking oil to make a meal he’ll think about how he slathered up his hard on with it to cram it up my wife’s tight ass.
As my wife got dressed she reached down and grabbed his semi hard cock one last time and kissed it on the head, licking it for a second. Then she said thank you. This put me over the edge and I came thinking about how she wouldn’t even go near my cock after it had been up her ass until I literally scrubbed it in the shower. I really wished she had given him another blowjob, but he was really spent by this time.
As my wife put back on her workout shorts anyone couldn’t help but see that the front was soaked through with pussy juice. She walked out the door to his truck to get a ride back to her car and hoped no one would see her shorts or they might guess she just got the fucking of her life. As they drove the short distance he said I want to see you again. Renee told him that she loved me and that wouldn’t be possible even though deep down I think she knows that she will be pleasing his cock once again if I have anything to say about it.
My wife drove home with the taste of his cock and sperm in her mouth and the thought that his baby making cum was fruitlessly swimming around in her bowels. I didn’t get to see her until much later that day after work, and Renee had already showered. I really wish I had gotten to see and taste it all immediately following, but I did get to lick her pussy and ass as she recounted everything to me in excruciating detail.
Hopefully there will be a repeat a performance and I only wish I could watch it firsthand.
91% (45/5)
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2 years ago
great story..very horny
2 years ago
you mentioned adding a pic to your other post, I would love to see it. what is your username for this post?
2 years ago
great story!!
2 years ago
A great account of a hot encounter!
2 years ago
Great story...Very HOT!