The Dark Side

I’d been going down the same pub for about 2 years, but had never really noticed her !! She was tall 5’10” with long ginger hair, it looked like she had nice long slender legs under the baggy jeans she always worn. She also used to wear baggy tops as well, as if she was trying to hide her body away !!
Anyway I was talking to one of the lads at the bar one day and he told me she was a lesbian !! But I could tell she was not all she made out ! I thought to myself I was try and see if I can fuck this sexy thing. It all started on Good Friday, I was in the pub from opening time and was drinking steady all day, she started work at 5 o’clock. There where only 5 people in the bar at this time so I put plan A to work !!
She served me a pint and I asked how she was ? She said she was tired having  to work loads as she was a student and needed the money ! Over the next couple of hours I caught her looking at me from time to time and I winked at her a couple of times which made her smile, it was the I worked out what I had been missing all this time ! She was so sexy ! It look like she had a fair pair of tits on her and her ass was tight as hell. She kept having to get bottles from the bottom fridge, when she did I kept getting a great view of the knickers, she was wearing a lacy black thong !! The next time she served me I told her black suited her !! It did not sink in for a while what I had been on about, but when she did she looked straight at me and went bright red.
 The next time I spoke to her  I asked if she wanted a drink ? She said yes and smiled, my plan was working!!  I kept catching her looking at me I knew then she was up for it !!
I asked what she had planed for the rest of the week knowing that the university was on half term !
She said nothing ! Then said she was coming in to watch the football on Wednesday evening ! I the just went for it and asked if she would like me to join her !! She smiled and said that would be great, so we set a time to meet in the pub at 7 o’clock on the Wednesday evening.
Wednesday Evening.
I turned up at about 7.40pm well did not want to seem to eager !! She was stood at the end of the bar and fuck me she look stunning, wearing at little black top and bra that showed off her 38D tits (so I found out later) and a pair of tight jeans she look so good. She smiled at me as I walked up to her, and asked if I was OK and did I want a drink. I gratefully accepted her offer and we stood watching the football !! We flirted like mad !! I told her she look stunning and she went red she told me she was only 22yo, and was seeing someone but it was not good. I told her I knew she was a lesbian as I had been told in the pub, again she went red.  it’s the I realized she was as innocent as hell. As we watch the rest of the game I stroked her ass a couple of times, which she seemed to like. I asked her what she wanted to do after the game, and she said she didn’t mind.   So after the match we drank up and left the pub, once we got into my car I lent across and kissed her, she kissed me back with an eagerness I had not felt for a long time ! So chancing my arm I pushed  my hand straight down her jeans inside her knickers and started to feel her very wet pussy. She had a big patch of fuzzy hair all over her cunt, but she was so wet. As we sat there like this she just whispered to me “Take me somewhere and fuck me please” so we took off in my car to a little place I knew would be nice and deserted ! Once I pulled up and turned the engine off we were all over each other !! She had my cock out and I was playing with her tits through her top. Fuck we were both horny !! I said did she want to come to mine ? She seemed a little nervous so I reassured her and off we drove.
My Place.
As soon as we got through the door I pushed her into my bed room and we started to strip each other, I got her down to her Bra and black lacy thong and I was in my boxers !! Fuck she had a fit body!!  I pushed her onto my bed and went straight down on her, slipping her thong to one side and licking from her clit to her puckered hole, she grasped out load as I did I the pushed my tongue straight up her pussy tasting her nectar ! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a taste I looked up to see her face with her eyes closed and mouth open she came for the first time. I took my mouth away and told her to loose her bra, oh my what tits!!
 Time for the thong to come off, slipping them down her legs I saw the whole of her pussy for the first time with a nice set of lips and it was covered in tight ginger curls it look so inviting, off came my boxers and I dove straight in and in one push I was in balls deep, fuck she was wet, hot but tight my 8 inches made her moan, I started to fuck her slowly, then faster and faster, she was loving it, telling me to fuck her harder, so I did. I asked if she was on the pill she said NO so I pulled out to rest, spun her round into 69 and went at her cunt like a man who had never had pussy before, she started to suck on my cock, she was OK but lacked skill. We went on like that for 15 mins, then I spun her again and took her from behind, this time holding nothing back I fucked her cunt so hard she screamed when she came !! I had to pull before I came up her, so I told her to get on her knees in front of me and finish me off, she did this with speed sucking my cock into the back of her throat !
When I came the first spurt hit the back of her throat and she swallowed hard I pulled out and shot the rest of my cum all over her face, she loved it and rubbed it into her face with the end of my cock.
I then thought it was time to see if she liked it up her ass, so I went  back down on her, and started to lick her ass hole as well as her pussy, slipping a finger up her cunt I made it all wet, and then slipped it up her ass, she moaned out load say no one had ever been there.  By now I was rock hard again, so I pushed it up her cunt again  got my cock nice and wet and then slipped out and slowly worked my cock head into her tight ass hole. Oh boy did she love this, she came and came again making the sheet on my bed soaking !!
I asked her if I could cum up her ass she said as long as we kept it out of her pussy then yes, so I filled her virgin ass with my hot cum, and she came again
After we rested for about 10 mins we went at it again, that night our 1st date I fucked her three times and she sucked me off twice.
She is without doubt the best fuck I have ever had, and still is !! You see we are still together after 8 years, I have taught her a lot in that time, she can now deep throat my cock, I brought her some toys to play with, she loves to watch me wank off into her used panties, and she will even do it for me. She loves to swallow cum, and still takes it up the ass.
I’m now 45yo she’s 30yo so you see guys go find yourself a younger woman to play with !!better if you can convert one from being a lesbian!!!!!!

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