The Dance

She loved to come to the dance hall and dance and look for men. Tonight a handsome man asked her to dance and as he held her tight she could feel the hardness of his cock pressed against her stomach. She pushed tighter to him to feel more of his hard love rod. She could feel him get harder and clutch her tighter to his body. She whispered to him "Want to stick that hard cock in my wet fuck hole?" He answered "Of course I do. I would love to fuck you all night. Are you offering?" She told him "I sure am. I need a good fuck. I want to suck your cock and drink your cum and feel your tongue in my cunt. I want you to fuck me hard. Follow me." She then took his hand and pulled him to a very dark corner of the dance hall. Several couples were making out and girls were getting their tits fondled as they found the darkest corner. She put her back to the wall and pulled him to her and kissed him as she unzipped his pants and grabbed his rock hard cock. As she stroked him she told him "You are nice and hard for me." She then positioned him to her fuck hole and shoved her cunt down on him and let him slide in here. He was shocked to be fucking her right there in the building but he was so turned on he could not stop. He wanted to feel his cock in her warm cunt and fill her full of his cum.

As his cock slid deeper and deeper he began to fuck her and she pushed to him letting him have her body. She felt wonderful and he had never been with a woman so open and wanting to fuck. She seemed to not care what any one saw or thought. She just wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard. As he fucked the sexy girl his hands grabbed her ass and he liked that she did not wear panties and he pulled her tight to his cock and now had every inch in her hole. He let his hand find her her asshole and slid a finger in her. She did not seem to mind so he finger fucked her ass as his cock filled her cunt. She said "That's right. Finger my ass as you fuck my cunt hard with that huge cock." He said to her "This is the most erotic thing I have ever done. Your cunt feels amazing. I am going to fill you with cum. I want to stick my cock in that tight ass." He fucked her hard and then filled her full of his cum. He then whispered to her "Let's get out of here. You promised me a great cock sucking and I am so ready to feel your mouth around my hard cock. I can't wait to cock fuck your throat. Then I am going to eat that pussy and tongue fuck your love hole before I fuck that sexy ass. We are just getting started. I am going to fuck you baby like you have never been fucked." He pulled his cock out and slid her dress down and pulled her after him as he walked out of the dance hall.

He walked over to his car and opened the door and said to her "Before you get in take your clothes off. I know you won't mind stripping right here in the parking lot and I want to see your naked sexy body." She then stripped and after she was naked standing in front of him he grabbed her and kissed her and let his hands run over her tits and down to her ass and then around to her pussy. As he tongue kissed her he shoved a finger in her cum filled cunt and fucked her as he ran a tongue down her throat. He then said "You are so sexy and such a fuck toy. I am really going to enjoy your naked body tonight. Tonight you are going to get all the cock you want. You asked if I wanted to fuck you and I sure do." He then shoved her into the car. Before he got in the car he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He got in and pulled her to him and kissed her once again. He let his hands feel any where on her body he wanted. He loved the feel of her big full tits. Her nipples were hard and he was going to enjoy them later. Then he said to her "Stick out your tongue." As she did he sucked on it as his fingers found her nipples and pulled and twisted them. "Now get down there and lick your pussy juice off my cock and when you have it clean suck it. Spread your legs and I am going to play with that sexy ass and cum filled cunt all the way to my house. Then I am going to fuck you like a high class whore."

He pushed her head to his cock and felt her start licking him. He loved the feel of her tongue as she licked over his cock and sucked the head. "Put a leg up over the back of the seat so you are spread wide open for me. I want to be able to finger you as you suck and lick my big cock. Now take that cock down your throat and suck it good. It tastes good with my cum mixed with your pussy juice. Suck my nuts too. Slide a finger in my ass. That's a good whore. later you can lick my ass and tongue fuck it for me." He pushed two fingers in her ass and a thumb in her cunt and began fucking her as she sucked and licked his cock and balls. He knew it was going to be a great night with this sexy slut. She sucked cock like a paid whore and she loved to fuck. He was going to fuck her non stop. He was known for his long fuck sessions. He loved sticking his huge cock in these young girls and fucking them hard. This was the first time a girl had asked him if he wanted to fuck her and he was going to show her that he did and he would.

She was doing a great job sucking and licking his cock and balls when he pushed her head down all the way on his thick cock and told he "Now suck me hard. Feel that big cock in your throat? I am going to hold your head tight till I feel like you have sucked me hard enough. Suck that cock baby. Suck it good and hard. Make me cum or I will have to spank that sexy ass." He held her tight as he felt her suck. She was good. His cock was on fire. He had never been sucked so hard and she had every inch deep in her mouth and throat. He could feel the suction on the back of his cock and he knew soon he would fill her throat with his cum. He soon filled her with cum and watched her swallow his big load. He then told her "Sit up and lean against the door and put a leg back over the back of the seat and let me see that spread pussy. Yes, that is it. Now spread your pussy lips. Yes, that is so sexy. You have a great pussy. I like looking at it. Now put two fingers in your cunt and fuck yourself for me. That's it. I like that. Rub your clit with the other hand and make that pussy cum for me. I love to see a girl play with herself. Now suck the fingers in your cunt and taste your cum then push them back in and keep fucking that wet fuck hole as I watch you. I want to see the cum flow out that hole as you lick your fucking fingers. Now do it fast and hard. Fuck that sexy cunt." As she fingered herself and licked her cum he watched. She did this all the way to his house.

At his house he parked in front and got out and helped her out of the car. She was still naked and he stood her and looked her over. She had huge tits and natural. They were perky and he guessed them to be a DD or DDD. He loved nice big tits with big nipples to suck and bite. He turned her so he could see her ass. She had a great ass. His cock was still outside his pants and it got harder just thinking of fucking that hot ass. He spread her ass cheeks and looked at her asshole. He wanted to watch as his cock plunged deep in that hole and fucked her hard. He ran a finger around the rim of her ass. Then he pushed a finger all the way down to his palm and fucked her. He told her "Bend over the fender of my car. I want to finger your ass more before we go in." She bent over the fender and he watched as he added a second finger to that sexy ass. It felt so good and he then added the third and fucked her hard. He then whispered to her "Are you ready to go in and play fuck and suck with me? I can't wait to fuck you with no mercy with my big thick cock." He then pulled his fingers out of her ass and pushed them in her mouth to suck. He grabbed her hand and lead her naked body to his front door and told her "Grab my cock and hold on to it all the way to the door. Yes, that feels so good. I can't wait to put you in my sex swing and fuck that cunt of yours as you swing for me. It makes my cock go in so deep. You are going to feel every inch of my big monster. I plan to fuck you till you can not walk."
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