Jessy's Diary, Part 5

Jessy's Diary, February 2nd

Dear Diary,

Last time I told you about how I slept with Chris, that handsome guy I shared a lecture with. Well, afterwards I had to rush to get to my lecture. On the way I thought about if I should tell Christine about it. In the end, I decided that it might be best not to.

I entered the room shortly after our professor had started his talk and quietly sat down next to Christine in the last row.

„You're late, Jess“, she whispered. „Where have you been?“
„I was held up at the cafeteria“, I lied.
„Well, you remember what we talked about yesterday?“ she asked. „I thought about it. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna seduce him.“
„You gotta be k**din' me“, I said.
„I'm single, I have needs and he's a very hot guy“, Christine smiled. „Why? Do you have any objections to it?“
„No“, I promptly said. „It's your decision.“
„You sure?“ Christine asked. „I wouldn't do it, if you wouldn't like it. After all, your my best friend, Jess.“
„No, I'm fine with it“, I said.
„You don't sound really convincing“, Christine replied.
„It's nothing“, I mumbled.
„You don't have feelings for him, do you?“ Christine asked.
„Shut up!“ I answered.
„Well, wasn't really expecting it“, Christine smiled. „Just wanted to make sure.“
„I would tell you, if I had, okay?“ I said.
„So you're really cool, if I went for him?“ Christine asked.
„Sure“, I answered.
„You can always tell me, if there was anything, right?“ Christine said
„I know“, I smiled.
„Okay“, Christine replied. „I wouldn't wanna screw with our friendship over a guy.“
„I wouldn't, either“, I said. „Well, now let's listen to that old buddy up front, shall we. We wouldn't wanna fail our tests over a guy, neither, now would we?“
„Yeah, you're right“, Christine laughed.

The day went on and it was pretty late, that I got to know, her plan had succeded. I was already in bed, when my phone rang. I answered it and immediately heard Christines voice.

„Sorry to call you so late“, she said. „But I had to. I gotta tell you.“

I wanted to ask, what she was talking about, but the way she sounded, it was pretty obvious. Before I could say anything, Christine started talking like a waterfall.

„Chris has been so sweet“, she told me. „When I saw him this afternoon, I just went for it. I asked him, if he could help me get some things from that storehouse and he came with me. And as soon as we had entered it, I just stepped up to him and went down on my knees.“

I heard the words, still I couldn't really believe them. I knew Christine was sexually more experienced than I was, but I had never thought, she really was making her moves at Chris. But although it was hard to believe, I couldn't stop my mind to turn her words into pictures.

„First he seemed a bit uneasy about it“, Christine went on, „but I just undid his belt and then unzipped his pants. And you have no idea how surprised I was, when I saw his cock. It was still covered by his shorts, but already huge. I really hesitated for a second. Looked up to him.“

I remembered the look of Chris' cock. And instantly my body remembered that morning. My nipples turned hard within a second. Christine had been close to the same cock, I had not only sucked but felt deep in my pussy just twelve hours ago.

„Then I just reached for my top“, Christine went on, apparently not even noticing, that I had not said a word until now. „Slowly I pulled my arms out of it. You should've seen his eyes when he saw my bra. Or even when I opened it. Just seeing his astonishment turned me on even more.“

Yeah, I knew that look. And I felt myself getting a little bit turned on myself. I just laid on my bed and listened. But my mind was only half-focused on the story. The other half was remembering my own experiences with him.

„So, I just slipped of my bra“, Christine went on.

Don't get hot while talking to your friend, I shouted to myself. But it was no chance. Lust had taken over my body. And to be honest, it felt pretty good at the time.

„Then I pulled down his pants and shorts“, Christine went on. „His cock was all hard and already oozing pre-cum.“

Maybe it was my pussy-juice, I thought smiling. Though I didn't think so. He must've gone taking a shower sometime after our encounter.

„I just reached for it“, Christine went on. „Put my hands around his penis.“

Without thinking, my hands went down under my blanket. I pulled my panties aside and rubbed across my freshly-shaven skin. Why didn't I stop her? I didn't want to hear all this! Well, at least that was, what I tried to talk myself into.

„Slowly I moved my hand up and down“, Christine went on. „Rubbed across the head with my thumb.“

As if following her words, my fingers themselve starting rubbing across my slightly swollen clitoris. In my mind I could see her in front of Chris, her breasts all exposed with hard nipples, his cock laying in her hand, his body stiff from excitement.

„So you really jerked him off?“ I finally found some words to respond to her story.

„Just as a beginning“, Christine answered. „Then I brought my lips closer to him. Wrapped them around his tip. Sucked on it. Deeper I took him. Moved slightly. Then licked across his shaft with my tongue. I really tried to do my best.“

You have no idea, how difficult it was, not to sigh by those words, dear diary. My hand was already moving across my clitoris, my pussy had become pretty wet ( though not as wet as it had been with Chris ) and when I thought about Christine taking his cock deep in her mouth, my indexfinger almost automatically entered my vagina and with that sent a hot shiver of lust throughout my whole body.

„Then he asked, if he could put it between my breasts“, Christine continued. „So I let him withdraw from my mouth and lifted up my boobs with my hands.“

Meanwhile I had turned a bit to the side, the phone laying on my pillow, my ear ontop, while I massaged my boobs with my second hand. I had to bite my lip to not sigh or breath too heavily.

„Then I leaned forward and let him put his cock between them“, Christine told me. „I moved my whole body up and down. Then I suddenly felt his hand on my head. He pulled it closer and I licked across his tip with my tongue. Then I opened my mouth, so his tip entered it whenever he pushed his cock upwards.“

I wasn't sure for a second, if I was imagining it, but it felt, like her voice had changes, like her breath had become heavier, too. Was she being turned on by telling me all this, as well? Suddenly, I wasn't sure, if it was really just her story, that let my body heat up so much. Maybe it was her voice or the fact, that I was secretly using her story-telling for my own pleasure, too?

„So I pressed my breasts harder against his cock and started sucking on it more intensely“, Christine went on.

I felt my body quiver and my climax getting close. In my head I shouted towards Chris to shoot his load all over Christine. I wanted the story to come to an end, so I could let my own satisfaction reach its highest peak.

„And then he came“, Christine told me. „God, it was so intense. I even had to pull back after half his orgasm and let him spurt the rest across my boobs.“

I pressed my head in my pillow, when I felt my orgasm. The orgasmic scream went right in and the quivers, that shot through my body, felt as if they were ripping me appart. Index- and middlefinger plunched inside my wet pussy and I pressed my legs together, enjoying every single second of my relieve.

„And you swallowed the rest?“ I then asked, still a bit out of breath.

„Yeah“, Christine answered.

I smiled. The fact that we had both gave Chris pleasure at the same day, was kind of funny to me. And exciting at the same time. We kept on talking a bit, but I soon felt tired and not really in the mood for a conversation. So we hung up. I turned around and quickly fell asl**p. I had no idea, that this day was just going to be the start of it all...
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