Jessy's Diary, Part 4

Jessy's Diary, January 25th

Dear Diary,

last time I told you about that guy, Chris. Well, as I already said, this episode of my life was about to turn pretty freaky, actually, it have been the most freaky months of my still young life. Some things of it were so weird, I haven't even told my husband all of them yet.

So, after the confession of my best friend Christine about making up her mind to give Chris the blowjob of her life and the very nice masturbation afterwards I woke up the next day pretty unsure about how to feel. It was not like I was in love with Chris, still the thought about Christine just using him for some casual sexual encounter hurt. So I took the plan to search the field and find out if Chris was to let her get to him anyway.

The same morning I waited for him in front of the colleges gym. As always he had come here in the early morning to do some training. Most students were still in bed, when he finished and I could see him enter the showers. Quarter of an hour later he stepped out, a towel wrapped around his waist, and went to the locker room. I followed and addressed him as he was just about to close the door.

„Oh, there you are!“ I greeted him.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. He obviously didn't care about the fact, that he was half-naked. His upper body was pretty well trained and instantly I wondered if Christines thoughts about the looks of his cock were true. Chris turned and came towards me. „You've got a sec?“ I asked.

„Sure“, Chris answered.

„Sorry to adress you so bluntly, but you know I like to speak up if I have something on my mind“, I said.

„No problem, what's the matter?“ he asked.

„Well, I wanted to talk to you about a friend of mine“, I answered. „Christine. I guess you know her from our social-politics lecture?“

„Sure“, he replied.

„What I was wondering was.. y'know, how do you think about her?“ I asked. „I mean, as a person?“

„I think she's very nice, good-looking and her remarks in class are always very intelligent“, Chris answered.

„Would you tell me, if there was more?“ I asked. „I'm plainly asking out of curiousity. It's not like she sent me to. In fact, she doesn't even know I'm asking you all that.“

„Hey, no need for explanations“, Chris laughed. „It's not like I've never been sent out by a friend to clear the mine-field for him.“

„So?“ I asked.

„Well, what can I say?“ Chris said. „As I already said, she seems very nice, very adorable. And she is quite the looker, if I may say so. But I don't really know her so well, that I could say I have feelings for her.“

„I see“, I replied. „Well, I just wanted to know. I don't know but I sense that she has a little crush on you and I don't want her to get hurt. I'm her best friend and I would feel bad, if something happend that put her in misery.“

„Don't worry“, Chris said. „I wouldn't hurt her. I'm surely no saint, but I'm not the devil, either. I know how to behave in front of a girl. But thanks for giving me the heads-up.“

„Okay“, I said. „But if there was anything, I just want you to know, you can always come and talk to me, all right?“

„I will“, he replied.

„Fine“, I said. „You know, it has just been pretty weird for me to listen to her all the time. She sometimes tells me, how she imagines it to be with you. Taking off her top and bra and let you suck her breasts. At first I thought she was screwing with me, but I sense that there is more about it. Yesterday she even fantasized about giving you head.“

Instantly I shuddered. Why on earth was I telling him? Thinking about it, I guess it had been my own thoughts. Seeing him almost naked had affected me and subconciously I wanted to turn him on. And as I looked down on his towel I saw, that I did. Underneath the cloth his member was slowly growing larger by my words.

„Sorry“, I mumbled. „Guess I shouldn't have said that.“

„I'll survive“, Chris smiled. „Just, listening to a good-looking girl talking about sex while being almost naked can turn a guy on.“

A mixture of curiousity and horniness drove me forward. I stepped closer and slowly pushed Chris into the locker room. „Would be a shame to not use it“, I whispered while smashing the door shut.

The next instant I had removed Chris' towel and he had taken a seat on one of the benches. I reached out and started to stroke it as his hips jerked forward. As I stimulated him I looked at his face. He wasn't sure if I was serious. But I was. And as he was a man after all, I knew, he wasn't going to say no. I got on my knees in front of him and looked at him, erect, clean shaven, pretty much how I had imagined it to be. Though I had never done it before with a man, I just took his cock in my mouth. I just felt the wish to taste it for the first time. I smiled a bit.

„You like it?“ I asked.

Chris just nodded instead of saying anything. „Oh Jess“, he just moaned.

„It feels good?“ I asked.

„It's...“, he stuttered, „it's so...“

„You like anything in particular?“ I asked.

„Just use your tongue a bit more“, he coughed.

„Will do“, I smiled.

I sucked on it harder, taking it half-way in, my tongue rubbing along it. „Like this?“ I asked. „That's good?“

I drew back a bit and let the tip of my tongue circle around the head of his cock. „O god, that's too much“, Chris moaned. „If you don't stop, I'm gonna come.“

I felt his cock pulsate and for a second I thought about letting him come inside me mouth. But as I had gone so far, I wanted more. I wanted to feel him. I wanted to relive last nights dream, but this time in reality. I gave him one last suck and then opened my mouth. „How was that?“ I asked.

„Good“, Chris panted. „Very good.“

„So, you liked my oral technique?“ I searched confirmation.

„Liked?“ Chris smiled. „It was amazing. Totally awesome.“

„It's pretty big“, I said, grasping his cock with my hands and slowly rubbing it up and down. Then I just ran my tongue along his shaft from his balls up to the head. I lightly played with the tip and kissed it gently. Then I abruptly stopped the movements of my tongue. „I want more.. if you're okay with it“, I whispered.

I didn't really expect him to decline, so I just got up and walked over to the small table, which stood in front of a mirror in the corner of the locker room. I smiled and then pulled up my legs, so he had a good look at my underwear underneath the skirt I was wearing. „Or don't you like what you see?“ I asked. I smiled at him. „Come here.“

Chris came closer, until he stood right in front of me. „You want it, too, don't you?“ I asked.

I slowly pulled down my panties. I already felt how wet I had become. „How wet I've become from sucking you“, I smiled. „And you are definitely hard and big.“

I reached forward and rubbed along the head of his penis with my fingertips. „What does feel better, Chris?“ I asked. „My fingers, my mouth or a wet pussy?“

Chris stood there silently. His cock was already oozing his pre-cum. I licked it from my fingers and than rubbed across his cock again with sensual strokes. I rubbed his pre-cum across his tip and then slowly pulled back his foreskin. Then I pulled up my skirt completely. I could feel his eyes being fixated on my clean shaven pussy ( I had started shaving soon after my first time with Karl ). Chris stepped close, gently parted my pussylips with his fingers and then thrust his hard cock inside me. „Uuaaa“, I moaned instantly. My whole body shivered, as I felt him penetrating me. „Hmm, oooh“, I gasped for air.

„Oh Jess“, Chris replied, and slowly pulled back again.

„Go on“, I gasped. „Put your dick deep inside me again.“

I was almost afraid of myself, so wet I had become. „Like this?“ Chris asked and pushed.

„Yes, move“, I gasped.

I slowly moved my hips against him as he moved in and out. „Ooh“, I moaned. „Ah, aaah.“ Suddenly, Chris grabbed my legs and pulled my hips up to even enter deeper. „Oh yes, deeper, Chris“, I gasped.

I grabbed my own tits and started to suck on them. „You, too, Chris“, I gasped. „Suck my tits for me.“

I pulled up my shirt and bra and presented him the curves of my upper body. „Lick my nipples“, I begged him.

I hold my boobs in my hands, gently pinching my hard nipples between index and middle finger. „I'd love to“, Chris moaned.

He lowered his head and sucked on my right nipple. Immediately my whole body jumped up from excitement. „Oh yeah, just like that“, I gasped.

I kept on rubbing my tits as Chris gently licked my nipples. „It feels so good“, I gasped. „More, lick it, suck it.“

„Okay“, he moaned.

„Waah, ooooh“, I moaned. My nipples were hard as stone, pointing up in the middle of my tits. Chri sucked on them and whenever he hit them with the tip of his tongue, I let go a shriek of joy. „Oh, yes, Chris, don't stop moving“, I gasped. „Move and lick my boobs. Oh yes, more, more, move.“

Thinking of it, it was just a happy coincidence, that nobody heard us back the. But at the time, I didn't think of it. I was just caught in my sexual desire. I pressed myself hard against him. „Oh, Chris, I'm gonna come already“, I screamed. „So good. Your dick feels so good. Mmmnn, waaaahh.“ I let go of my voice, as my whole body was trembling in orgasmic convulsions.

Chris pulled back and gently grabbed my body. Still recovering from my orgasm, he turned me around and pushed my body against the table. I knew, what he wanted and pushed out my butt towards him. „Do it, Chris“, I gasped. „Come on, I wanna feel you come.“

I slowly reached over my butt with my hand. Gently I stretched my pussylips, inviting him inside again. „You are so wet“, Chris mumbled.

„That's all because you make me feel so good“, I gasped. „Could you lick me a little bit? Please, Chris.“

My fingers reached my clit between my legs. „Hurry up, before someone finds us“, I gasped. „Hmmm.“ In front of his eyes I played with my pussy. „Aaahh, ooohhh, mnnn“, I moaned. „Karl, don't just watch. Do me, please.“ He kneeled down behind me and grabbed my butt. I could already feel his warm breath against my wet crotch. Then his tongue touched me. „Aaahh, mnnn, aahahh“, I moaned. I moved my hips to lure him in.

„You taste so good“, Chris whispered.

„You did, too“, I gasped. „Oh Chris, you make it so good. Lick my pussy.“

„It's so wet“, Chris mumbled. „I love the taste.“

„Yes, push your tongue deep inside“, I gasped

I jerked my hips totally out of control. „It feels, like I'm already coming again“, I gasped. My whole body trembled spastically. I could feel Chris grabbing my butt firmly. Then he came up and suddenly pushed his cock deep inside from behind. „Aaahh, aaahhh“, I moaned. „Aaahh, mnn, uuhaaa. Uuhaaa, uuhaaa. Aaah, mnnn.“ I could feel him pushing deeper and deeper inside me, his cock exactly pointing against a very sensitive spot I had never felt before. „waahh“, I moaned. My whole body seemed to explode. Again and again, Chris thrust inside me. „Mnn, uuuh, aaaahh“, I kept on moaning. My whole pussy contracted with small orgasms over and over again. „Chris, your cock is so big“, I gasped.

I shrieked full of pleasure. „You're so wet“, Chris moaned. He stabbed deeper inside me with every thrust. „uuuh“, I moaned. „Mnnnn, uuuuh.“ I turned a bit to face Chris. He leaned forward and grabbed my tits. „Your tits are so amazing“, he moaned. „Aahhh, aaaahh“, I moaned. It felt, as if my nipples were getting even harder. Chris played with them gently. „It feels so good inside you“, he moaned. „Ooohh, jaaa, aaaahhh“, I moaned. Faster and faster he pounded into me. „Not so fast“, I gasped.

It felt like his cock was growing even bigger now. „It feels so great in you“, Chris moaned.

„You cock, not so deep“, I gasped.

„You're so wet, I've never felt a woman be so wet“, Chris moaned. „Aahhh“, I moaned. I shook my head. „Don't f***e it so deep inside“, I gasped

But just as if to betray my own words, I pushed my hips harder against him, enjoying how much he filled me. „Your cock ist so big“, I gasped.

Faster and faster I swung my hips, pulling him as deep inside, as was possible. „It's so good“, I gasped. „Your cock is so amazing. I'm gonna come again. Ooohhh, Chris!“ I felt how my own pussy juices were gushing out of me. At the same time, I felt Chris shoot his cum deep inside my pussy.. „Oohhh, jaaaa“, I screamed. „That was good. I am so satisfied.“

Chris didn't answer but just collapsed over my body. I didn't think about, what we had done. I was just filled with pleasure. If I had just known, that it wasn't going to stay a one-time thing. Instead, it was about to be quite an erotic adventure. But I will tell you more next time.
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