Take Me (A dream I had one night)

The dream began as if I had entered a fantasy world. The room was full of bright light. I had the strong impression that I was being watched by thousands of people. Yet, I did not see anyone but you or hear a sound from anyone except the sound of you breathing a few feet away from me. The room had white walls, floor and ceiling. It was as if I were in a clean room with no furniture, white, bright and beautiful.

I look up and you were standing with your back to the wall. I looked at you lovingly. "I love you, my darling Barbara," I confessed. You were wearing bright red shorts, a white semi-transparent button-down blouse. I could see a white lacy bra under your blouse. Your lipstick and nails were bright red too. You were wearing bobby shocks that were folded over at the top. When I first looked at you, your shoes were the traditional 1950s black and white laced up type shoe, like the kind worn when our mothers were teenagers. The next time I looked at you, your shoes had changed to bright red stiletto high heels. Your skin was smooth and tanned. It was as if I were looking at one woman with two personalities. One very traditional. The other very modern, sexy and alluring.

Your eyes invited me to come closer. I saw that your hands were bound by a rope and they hung down in front of you. As I drew near, your hands lifted up and you stood on your tip toes, drawing your restrained hands over a hook on the wall. When you returned to standing normally on your feet, your arms stretched above you and you said, "I've been waiting all day for you. I'm helpless now. Do anything you want to me."

I walked directly up to you and our faces almost touched as I stopped my forward momentum. Our eyes were locked together in a gaze of pure a****l lust. I was looking at a woman who had no doubts about who she was and what she wanted. Your head moved slightly forward, inviting my lips to make contact. As I brushed my lips against yours I felt your tongue moistening my lips, teasing and inviting. Your breath beat against my face and you purred like a cat as you lick my lips. My hands rested on your hips and began slowly, firmly moving up your waist. Our tongues met and danced a sensuous, decadent dance. My hands continued moving upward as we kissed passionately. Your body arched forward as you breathlessly said, "Take me."

My hands firmly cupped your breasts as we continued kissing. Our tongues were conveying an unmistakable message of primal lust. We were both breathing heavily as we kissed. Our bodies now pressed together, writhing undulating, teasing. I unbuttoned your top button. Then the next button and the next until your blouse fell open exposing your white laced bra. I looked down at your breasts bulging out of the top of the bra. You threw out your chest to meet my approaching mouth. Sexual excitement filled my heart at the sight of them. I reached around and unfastened your bra. Your breasts fell out, bouncing seductively before me. I pressed my hands against your back, pushing out your chest even further. Still panting I buried my mouth in one of your breasts. Then the other, aggressively sucking, nibbling and licking both of them alternately. We both moaned each time I sucked one of them. I sounded like a starving man. You moaned loudly as I ravaged your breasts.

I fell to my knees, spread your legs. As your legs parted your hands and arms stretched tighter, now hanging more heavily on the hook that was restraining you. I drove my head between you legs and I could smell the wonderful musky smell of your womanhood. It drove me wild. I could feel my cock straining in me pants, pulsating, wanting to be inside you. I reached up and slid you pants down your legs and over you high heels. Then I lifted your hips into the air to meet my face as I buried myself in your crotch again. I moved my lips and tongue over your panties. I could feel your wet juices soaking your panties. Then I reached up and slid your panties off. You were naked from the waist down and you looked so sexy, so gorgeous hanging there panting.

I lifted your hips to my face again. This time I had complete contact with your most intimate places. I licked your vulva, around and around, up and down. I licked you like a dog and I rubbed my face in your juices. My tongue went inside your vagina, licking out as much liquid as I could, swallowing, and then licking again. I was having a feasting frenzy on your pussy and loving every moment of it.

My tongue reached your clitoris as I spread your lips to make it erect and exposed to my tongue. I attacked your clitoris, licking, sucking and licking furiously until you began to climax. You wrapped your legs over my shoulders and around my head and began moving your hips frantically with the movement of my tongue. Oh Barbara, the sound of you climaxing was so exciting to me.

In only a few seconds time I removed all of my clothes. I stood before you naked with a hard, hungry, pulsating erection. You lifted your legs again over my hips and my cock slid effortless into your hot, wet cunt. We were face-to-face as I pushed it into you as far as it would go. You grunted as my crotch met yours. I looked into your eyes again. Your eyes were wide open, staring intently at me with you teeth clenched. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Gary." I slowly moved my cock almost all the way out of you and then plunged it back into you, deep and hard. Again and again I pounded it into you.

Your legs clung to me and pressed me into you again and again, as I slammed my cock into your body. Your helpless cries of pleasure rang out in the empty room. The combination of my f***e and you own helplessness excited you as nothing else could. Thrusting deep into your hot pussy, I mercilessly rammed my cock into you over and over again. I looked down to see my cock sliding into you, glistening with your juices. In and out I f***ed my way into you with powerful thrusts. You eagerly accepted all my f***e with equal f***e of your own as you hung on the wall, straining against my thrusts with powerful upward thrusts of your own.

Your breasts bounced to the rhythm of my aggressive thrusts. I could feel your vagina spasming around my rock hard cock, which excited me even more and encouraged me to push myself even harder into you. Suddenly, you were at the boundary of overwhelming, uncontrollable pleasure. Arching back, your head pressed against the wall, you screamed as my thrusts f***ed you even harder against the wall, carrying both of us into ecstasy. The carnal sounds of raw sex filled the room. We didn't care who might be watching. Grunting, moaning and screaming, we released our latent passions on one another with unrelenting sexual fury.

I collapsed against you, breathing heavily, my heart racing in my chest. I gently lifted you off the hook and released the ropes from you wrists. You hugged me warmly and kissed me lovingly. We kissed softly and with great tenderness. “I love you, Gary.” “I love you too, honey.” The bright lights of the room dimmed and then became dark. We found ourselves on a warm, soft bed lying next to one another, embracing and softly kissing. We kiss and hugged for what seemed like an hour. Just before the dream ended, I heard you say, "I'm going to wear my corset and nylons under my robe the next time we get together like this. Good night, my sweet Gary."And then, I don't remember what happened after that because everything went dark.
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