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I Will Never Leave Her Again (A true story)

I drove all the way from Florida to surprise her. She had no idea I had driven more than 2,000 miles. Up until then we had been maintaining a distant relationship on the phone, only seeing each other once or twice each year for a few evenings of sexual bliss. You see, she was my first love many years before. As young teenagers, our parents made us separate because they could see that we were too involved, way to young. They feared that I would get her pregnant before her time. The night we separated many tears flowed and we never dated again.

48 years later, we discovered each other again. By then, we both had families with grown k**s and empty nests. I was a widower and she was married to an ailing husband. All I had hoped for from this relationship was a good friend. But, things soon developed into the same wonderful love affair we had experienced as teenagers. Even though so many years had passed, I soon realized that my love for her had never died through all those years we had be separated. In fact, I had never known love could be so deep and satisfying.

We lived over 2,000 miles apart, but I visited her a few times each year, while maintaining a distant relationship with her on the phone. Typically, we would talk on the phone on her way to work in the morning and again on her way home in the evening. Each time I visited her I rented a small room a few miles away from where she worked. Every encounter with her was more wonderful than the one before, often punctuated by hours of love making. And on my last visit, she barely got into the door to my room before I was having raw, primal sex with her against the door she had just entered. There just didn’t seem to be enough time to get all of her clothes off before my cock was thrusting into her hot, wet pussy. The sound of her being pushed against the door and our moans and grunts must have driven our neighbors crazy. Thank goodness they didn’t complain to the motel manager.

Well, It was now January in Grand Junction. Betty was due to get off work at any moment. I was driving to the parking lot where I knew she would park for a while to talk to me on the phone. But there was one catch. She didn’t know I was in town and I intended to surprise her when she parked her car in the lot. It was a well established tradition for us to talk on the phone before she drove home.

As I parked my car, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that she already there. She had parked a space at the rear of the lot. She would have screamed if she knew I was parked only 50 feet away from her car. As she lifted her phone to call me, I drove my car to a parking space just behind hers, parked my car and let my engine run to keep the car warm. I looked out my window at her, but she didn’t look my way. My phone rang. I picked it up and said, “Hi honey. I’ve been so hungry to talk to you all day, and here we are. Are you ready to make love to me?” Betty answered, “ah, Yes, I am. I’m so hungry for you too.”

I got out of my car, walked over to her car and knocked on the window while we were still talking on the phone. She looked at me in total shock and her phone slipped out of her hand and slid into her lap. Her mouth was wide open for a moment and then it turned into a big, wide smile. “Well, why don’t you come over to my car, honey. There’s a lot more room over there.”

I opened her car door and she lunged for me, giving me a strong hug and many kisses on my face. As we embraced, we couldn’t stop telling each other, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” Then she gave me a slow, romantic kiss and said, “How ... ah, what.... when”. I interrupted her and said that I would tell her the whole story about how I got there later. But for now, we needed to get into my warm car. It was freezing out there and my car was toasty warm.

We entered my car, closed the doors and just sat there looking at one another for a moment. She had a loving look in her eyes. And I said to her, “I love you too, sweet Betty.” Then, we both leaned across the console of my car and began kissing again. This kiss was very different from our first kisses. This kiss was warm, wet and highly charged with sexual tension. As our lips met, I felt her cold cheeks and nose against my face. But her lips were already warm and inviting. As we kissed I began to remove her coat. She helped me by pulling her arms out of her coat. I threw it into the back seat. We never stopped kissing as I continued to unbutton her pants, lift up her tank top blouse and unhooked her bra. In a very short time Betty’s body was ready for my hands to explore as we continued to kiss and kiss and kiss everywhere I could reach her. I wanted to keep all of her clothes on because, after all, we were in a public parking lot. But I also wanted access to her beautiful, sexy body as we kissed in the front seat of the car.

As we kiss passionately, I cupped her breasts with my free hand. My other hand and arm embraced her, pulling her as close to me as the console of the car would allow. Oh, her big beautiful breasts felt so good to me. I love every inch of this wonderful woman. I’ve never loved anyone as I love her. She moaned a deep, sensual moan that said, “Take all of me. I will do anything you want. Just take me now and make love to me.” She reached down, pulled her pants down below her knees and spread her legs as I continued to kiss her and massage her breasts. My hand slid down on top of her panties and I felt her pubic hair underneath the thin material. A rush of excitement ran through my body as my fingers moved onto her warm, wet pussy. Her panties were already wet. I pressed my hand against her pussy and moved my fingers around in gentle circles. She moaned louder and began to move her hips to the rhythm of my fingers. We stopped kissing. She buried her face in my neck and continued moaning. My hands moved under her panties, across her pubic hair and onto her pussy. They were deliciously wet. She spread her legs even further and moved her hips upward as I moved my fingers over her pussy lips.

As I massaged her pussy she reached over and tried to undo the belt on my pants, but her one hand couldn’t do it alone. I reached down, unlatch my belt and pulled down my pants and my underwear to my knees. When I did that my cock leaped upward with a strong erection. She grabbed my cock hungrily and my hand went back to her pussy lips. Oh, she was so wet and so hot down there. Another rush of sexual excitement ran through my body. Betty moaned as I slid my fingers into her vagina. I pushed my fingers as far inside her as I could in that upright position, and I also began moving them on the top of her vagina with a gentle, rubbing motion. The palm of my hand moved up and down across her clitoris. Her hips moved wildly to the rhythm of my hand and fingers. While I was making love to her pussy with my hand, she began stroking my cock slowly and deliberately, knowing that I prefer a slower rhythm. Her hand was tight around my cock and it felt so, so good.

We were locked in an strong embrace. Our hands were working on each other like two experts who knew exactly what the other needed. Our bodies were moving wildly to the rhythm of our lover’s hands and we were both moaning in ecstasy for several minutes. Then my cock began to throb as I neared orgasm. Sensing my excitement, Betty too began to enter the beginning of her first climax with wild thrusts of her hips and loud moaning sounds coming from her mouth, which was buried in my neck. As we climaxed together, our bodies jerked and convulsed. Over and over we convulsed together in our sweet, sensual embrace. We kissed tenderly as the last tremors of our bodies ended. As we relaxed in each others arms, I was overwhelmed by feelings of my love for her. I love her so very much. Soon after I met her those many years ago, I fell in love with her. And I’ve loved her ever since. Betty is so perfect for me. Her personality, desires, and so many other things are so compatible with my own. I’ve never known a woman so completely well-suited and like-minded. And, I adored her with a tenderness in my heart I’ve never experienced before. I’m so in love with this wonderful woman. I want to live the rest of my life with her. I want to take care of her and share every moment we have left together.

We stayed in the parking lot for a long time that evening. The engine of my car was running and warm air filled the car. We talked for the longest time. We shared what has been happening in our lives and confessing how much we loved each other. We joked and laughed together, never releasing our mutual embrace. We made love several times that evening. As the sun began to fall behind the horizon, we continued to make love and talk. Our last sexual encounter happened in the back seat of my car. Betty spread her legs wide as my cock entered her as deep as it could go. We looked into each other’s eyes as I pounded my cock into her sweet pussy. As I thrust my cock into her, she loudly grunted and moaned as did I. Her beautiful breasts bounced to the rhythm of our movements. She looked so sexy in that position. As I looked down at her, she look up at me with eyes full of desire and excitement. We had totally lost all of our inhibitions. My car was bouncing up and down as we fucked each other like two primates in heat. I don’t know how many times we climaxed. But this last orgasm was so powerful for both of us that she arched her hips high in the air as I pumped my cock into her pussy. Our orgasms were like two erupting volcanoes, spewing lava and shaking the ground with violent movements. My cock shot sperm into her, and her vagina erupted her sweet juices onto my back seat. This orgasm was truly wonderful. With each pulsation of my cock, I thrust it hard and deep into her sweetness. Wow! What a climax! We fell into each others arms, totally spent and completely satisfied for the moment. But I knew that the moment we separated again I would begin to long for another night in that parking lot with her.

We had totally lost track of time. Betty had responsibilities at home. But time didn’t matter that evening. This time I remained on top of her. We talked, hugged and kisses for a long time - telling each other how much we loved the other. The sun fell behind the mountains and we were still in a lover’s embrace, not willing to end the sweetness of our union.
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