Disscount for a Cheapfuck =3? (Diary of a Faggy Gu

This story is kind of funny because it involves a video game console and a little… what you may call “Play behind your boyfriend’s back”.

So there was a night where I found a game console that I always wanted but it was too expensive to purchase. I kept asking around If I could ever get a discount but to no avail. However, one night, one of the cashiers replied something different. “Is there any way that I can get a discount on this console? “ I asked. “Yes… but only if you sucked my dick~” he said with a giggle , like if he was joking to which I smirked back at him and said “Sure, that’s what I do best. I’ll give you a blowjob that not even your wife will give you”.
His face was priceless as he was surprised and he nodded his head to my words “Sure… let’s head up to the 5th floor to the break room” and so we headed there and made sure that everything was closed and locked so nobody would interrupt us. He sat down and relaxed and I was already on me knees , ready for the action. I undo his pants and pulled them down and I started to lick his underwear several times. I could hear him moan right away as he probably never felt this before, and that was just music for my ears. I looked up and winked at him as I was pulling down his black underwear and I found a delicious 7inch dick , it was already hard from the tongue love that I gave him. The texture was smooth, a little vainy, uncut of course and it was leaking pre already. I smiled at the size and I was stroking his legs so he can relax, he rest his head on the couch and closed his eyes and opened his legs further and that’s the cue that he was indeed relaxed. I proceeded to simply lick his dick all over , the tip, the base, around his length...the taste was absolutely delicious , a bit musky but that only made me more frisky.

I grabbed his dick with my hand and stroked his dick, that’s when I realized that it wasn’t so thick, but thick enough to fit in my mouth for a full deepthroat massage. I pointed his dick at my face as I sliped my tongue inside of his skin and lick around the head , while hearing soft moans of pleasure coming from my customer. He leaked some precum in my tongue and I gave him a “Mmmm…” sound to let him know that I’m enjoying his dick. I stroked his member rapidly from the base as I was lapping his head several times, happy that I could give a new person pleasure. To my surprise, he came really fast, as I was stroking him rapidly, I moved my hand a little higher to stroke the sweet spots of most of the dicks which is between the tip and the actual dick while resting the head of his dick on my tongue. I could tell you that he came A LOT and as soon as he was releasing, I gave him a taste of my throat and I gave him a deepthroat while he was releasing his load of cum. He let out a happy sigh as he made a call… and then I hear “Come upstairs for a good treatment…” and I was happy! I was going to get two guys in a single night!

This other guy comes, a bit more taller than he was. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and claned it good with my tongue and my mouth, as I was seeing his dick go back to normal, I was giving his balls a few licks. They were hairy, but they were soft and smooth and very relaxed as well, and once I put his dick back inside of his underwear, I shifted to the side to this other guy who I had no idea who he was. I only had one thing in mind “To please him until he cums” . He sat down and like the other guy leaned back against the couch, so I pulled his pants down as well his underwear to reveal his dick. It was a 7inch dick, not too veiny, but it was very thick and that made me lick my own lips when I saw what I was about to have for dessert. A lot of people would start by licking to get a taste but since I’m a lot more eager, I took his entire length deep into my mouth. He wasn’t expecting a deepthroat right away but once he noticed, the small and soft moans began and for us sluts, moans from males are music for our ears. I continued to deepthroat that delicious dick, putting my hands on his legs, then shift one of my hands down to his balls so I can feel them. They were a bit hairy as well , something I have extended from the workers here. His dick was absolutely delicious though, which made me deepthroat him even faster, I was gagging a few times, not nothing serious.
Then I looked up at him and winked at him, then I asked him if he wants me to ride him and he just said “Do what you want~” while he had his eyes closed, so all he wanted was me pleasuring him and I think I know the best way.
So I pulled his dick out of my mouth and I stroked it several times, moving my face down to lick at his balls for a moment. Then I removed any clothing I had from the waist down, and then I climbed on top of him, I rest my hands on his shoulders and I pressed my hungry hole against that delicious dick. It took less than a minute for my body to get used that thick dick but once I knew my body was okay with it, I began to press against it and then I was sliding his dick into me very slowly while making sure to keep myself tight for him so I can give him a feeling that it was my first time, though honestly, I think he knows that I do this all the time…which I don’t mind~
I bit my lips as I was trying not to moan, I happily took all his seven inches, and once I was done with that, I rocked my body back and forth and then to the sides to play with his dick, and I was hearing happy moans from him which made me more eager. I began to lift myself from him and then slam myself down against his lap, without ever removing his dick, I wanted to ride that dick like a good slut that I am, so he knows that us males also do have a pussy where their dicks belong. I could see it in his face that he was loving it, he wanted more and more, and I was happily giving him fast bounces, a few slow ones so he can feel my warm pussy being penetrated by that delicious dick. The other guy was just watching me and I was noticing that he was also getting hard back and so I asked him if he wants another round while I ride his friend. He smiled and then climbed on the couch, I had to lower myself a little but enough to keep bouncing on my client to keep him moan from time to time , knowing that he was happy of my services. The other guy presents his growing dick against at me, and I happily took it deep in my muzzle and since he was sensitive from his previous job, his moans only intensified. I was happy, this is what I wanted , two guys one girl.
Riding a dick, and sucking a dick, like a good little whore, wanting something and having sex to get it. After a few minutes , the guy put his hands on my bum and gave it a squeeze as he lifted me a little bit and he began to thrust in me very hard, I could hear his laps slapping against my butt, making loud noises but it seens he didn’t care, he just wanted pleasure and so I was happy that he could have a good pussy to hump to relieve stress. Meanwhile, the other guy grabbed my face and began to deep thrust his dick in my mouth, fucking it like if it was another pussy, and I was more than happy to take both of the guy’s thrust, let them pleasure themselves until their satisfaction. The guy that was humping me went in harder and I was starting to moan a little bit louder from being fucked so deeply, but I couldn’t do much since my mouth was already busy with a delicious dick, taking several thrusts, I was so turned on that I forgot that my jaw was hurting a little but I didn’t stop until the guy released his juice once more in my muzzle, he pushed his dick deep into my throat and feed me with his cum again directly into my throat, I could feel those ropes of cum shooting against my throat , drinking every drop like a good little slut that I am, he pulled out and of course I cleaned his dick good, and so he sits back down, letting out happy sighs and then I shifted back at the other guy and I began to bounce rapidly on him, making himself tighter for him, then suddenly I feel a stream of warmth flooding my warm insides and then I slammed my bum against his lap, so he can bury all that cum in my pussy so I can keep my reward inside of my body, his cum was warm, it was thick and creamy and boy, he did came a lot. I even felt cum leaking out of my pussy but I was happy knowing that I have pleased two guys at the same time, just how I love it. I smooched him on the forehead and wiggles a little , and when he let out a happy sigh, I lifted myself from him and I tight my bum so I could keep his cum in my pussy. I cleaned his dick well with my mouth like a good girl will and so he relaxed for a moment more, while I was licking his balls slowly. Then I told both of them “I hope this isn’t the last time we do this, because this was a lot of fun~” I winked at both of them, and they will sure remember that this little slut is willing to do any sexual desires , just for video games and a co

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4 months ago
Shes been around, knows all the tricks to get anyone;s junk buried on her facehole
4 months ago
Im happy you enjoyed reading my adventures n.n
4 months ago
Wow. Your slut sure know how to get the job done
7 months ago
O M G I came three times with your fantastic story I got to go and clean up