Her first big black cock!-Diary of a Public Faggy

I am a porn artist as some of you may know, I recently found my gurl has been sucking all of his coworkers behind my back! she craved for cock so bad, she even got to get her first big black cock ='3
this is what she told me over skype,her first time, unedited, straight from her cummy paws:

The guy approached to me at about 4pm or so and he said that he wanted to talk to me. Then , he winked at me and I started to waggle my tails because I knew what he wanted. The boss was out too so I could take my sweet time with him ~ nwn
I followed him to the dressing room, into the usual spot. Then he wanted me undressed so I did, took my shirt , my pants and my undies off as well my shoes , only left with my black socks.
Then I pulled his pants down and started to lick underwear because I love nuzzling and licking bulges~ He then stroked my head and told me to stop teasing so I did, and pulled his undies down till that thick hard meat flopped and kinda slapped my chin~
Then I rubbed his legs slowly, kissing his balls , his dick and his tip, then I took his dick in my muzzle, giving it soft suckings to the tip, and slowly taking it deeper. Then here and there I gave him a few deepthroat thrusts to make him moan ( I LOVE hearing boys moan ). Then I told him if he wanted more than just a blowjob in which he nodded and said that he would love to (he never humped me) so I told him to get a condom. He went out quickly to get one ( apparently, he had one in his wallet to have sex with his girlfriend or so he told me ) and then I put it on him, then I nuzzled hisballs a little and then bend over against the wall, grinding against his dick till he got as hard as he can, then hold his dick and pressed it against my tailstar , he spitted on my bum to use it as lube. Then he put it in me, started to hump slowly, always looking how his dick goes in and out slowly, then I started to hump back against him which he loved and made my bum tighter for him so it'll give his dick a squeeze. Then he started to hump me faster and I begged him to do me like his girlfriend. Then he pulled me against him, lift my leg a little and started to give me upward thrusts and THEY FELT SOOO GOOD, I couldn't do anything , just take whaetever he gave me, all the thrusts, all the sex, all this pleasure going through my body was amazing~<3
Then I bent over on my fours, he mounted me and started to hammer his 8inch dick in my bum, it was sooo deep, it kinda hurt but it was the good kind of hurt, just like when you squeeze that dick in me~<3
Then he pulled out and I turned around, removed the condom and realized it had cum so I flipped the condom inside out and started to lick the condom clean, then proceed to clean his dick with my muzzle, hugging his leg and looking up at him.
He told me thanks for the service and he slapped my face with his dick (not too hard, just gentle) but I kept hugging his leg so I gave him two more rounds of blowjob~ X3
At the third, he was too tired so I let him be. Then we both put our clothes back and left.

I will be doing some graphic designs for it as a comic, and wait for it, there will be tons of 100% real stories
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5 months ago
I taught her to not let go customers or else she would starve
5 months ago
im glad you liked them :3
5 months ago
i cant wait either
5 months ago
i need to make this fgt to write more of her stories :3
5 months ago
Hugging his leg? Wow you must of really enjoyed yourself. My black dick is standing at attention
7 months ago
oh my very hot
7 months ago
mmmm... cant wait
8 months ago
fantastic story hope you write many more if you illustrate them the will becum works of art