Neighbors behind Gloryhole

I was heading home after a f****y function and had close to a 2 hour drive. I was about 45 min away when there was a accedent reported on the highway ahead so i decided to get off the exit and take the backway home which would add about 20 min to my ride..Shortly after that i saw the sign for a adult bookstore thats open 24hrs..There was only a few cars there and i pulland ed in..The viewing booths are located in the back of the place and you had to purchase $5 in tokens to have access as the clerk has to push a button for the door to unlock...When i walked down the hall a guy was leaving a told me there was a couple in a booth with gloryholes on each side..There is 10 booths there and at the top a light will light up when the booth is occupied...i entered a booth looked in the glory hole and just 2 dudes strokin each i went to the next booth over looked in and was stunned to see Beth and Steve who live a couple houses down from me and i visit them a couple times a week to watch ballgames with steve and drink a few beers...They are in the early 40's like myself..beth is on the chunky side with massive boobs...I was watching Beth sucking a guy off her top unbuttoned with those breasts visable steve was rubbing them while strokin his cock which wasent that big mines 8'' uncut..Suddenly steve got down on his knees and started sucking the guy off also this got me rock hard and wanting to stroke but didnt want to blow my load as i would let beth and steve take care of that..The took turns suckin the guy until he came they started kissing so i guss they shared the load...They looked my way so i wasted no time and stuck my hard uncut cock through the hole in no time a hand was on it and then a mouth took over the toungue was soft so it must have been beth then i felt 2 toungues licking my stiff shaft so they were both didnt take long and i must have let out 5 or 6 blasts of cum..Well i decided to return the favor stuck my finger in the hole and steve stuck his cock in i sucked him and he blew a load in a min at the max...I looked in the hole and they both were arrainging thier clothes to leave i left the booth and there ws nobody around so i waited on them..They saw me and Beth cried out ohh no and left in a hurry steve chuckeled and said not to worry..He called me later on and invited me over which is a story for another time the 3 of us have gone to the adult bookstore together a few times sience
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1 year ago
The best think that could ever happen
3 years ago
wow hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Very hot story. Just goes to show you never know who you will meet at the ABS glory hole.
3 years ago
3 years ago
encore more dude
3 years ago