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[Story] MMF Threesome delight

She stood beside her husband, her sexy curves filling out the tight dress to perfection as she looked expectantly at me.

“Take my husband’s clothes off,” she said in a curt business like tone, “but leave his underwear on for now.” She flashed me a pretty smile and a shiver passed through my body. I’d never had a threesome before but it was my most common fantasy.

My eyes fell to her husband and I smiled meekly. He was a good looking guy ten years my junior. I had seen and even masturbated to pictures of his tone muscular body and of his thick dick but I had never met either of them in pe... Continue»
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Dinner and Drinks with an old buddy - MMF Threesom

What a treat it is to be able to leave work early on a Friday and if everything was on schedule Jen was now leaving her job early too. A call from Lee an old college buddy of mine was the catalyst to our small adventure. His job had brought him out to San Diego and on a whim Jen and I talked him into extending his trip so we could make the drive from L.A. to spend a couple days together.

Back in the day the three of us we inseparable. Lee and I roomed together and when Jen and I started dating we fell into a natural rhythm of pulling Lee along when ever he was free. Hell, Jen and I wer... Continue»
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