How I would up with a Korean MILF Girlfriend on th

I travel around the world on business, and spend a large amount of time in Los Angeles, California. Each time, I stay in the Peninsula Beverly Hills, as it has amazing ammenities and they know how to treat their repeat guests. Typically they take care of all of my needs and services, including my dry cleaning however, and meals however, I needed to take one of my interns out to lunch. So, I opted for El Torito for a quick and cheap Mexican meal (why would I spend more on an intern?) But tragedy struck! I spilled some salsa on my blazer, and was on my way to meeting with no time to go back to the Peninsula! If it had been my tie or shirt, I would have probably just bought a new one and done a quick change but I spotted a dry cleaner right there, and ran in to see if they could clean my blazer while I waited. I walked in and at the counter was a very sexy looking Asian woman, and I asked as I attempted to ask her about my blazer, a loud and angry Asian man barged up front from the back, and was berrating her. I could see her trembling a little and when he saw there was a customer standing there, he did an about face and, returned to the back. I asked if she was ok and, she just said i'm fine. She looked up and our eyes met, and she quickly looked back downward, as she was embarrased of what I had witnessed. She told me took the blazer to the back and brought it out a few minutes later looking clean and presentable. She had used a spot remover and it worked. I asked how much and, she just kept looking down in shame and said don't worry about it. I thanked her and left not knowing that I would run into her later that day. After my meeting, I was heading back to the Peninsula, and stopped at the Starbucks on Wilshire en route. While I was ordering, I was glancing around and saw her sitting alone at a table, sipping a tea. I walked over and thanked her and asked if she would like a muffin or scone to enjoy with her tea. She declined but, I remained there and asked what had happened earlier. She told me that the angry man was her b*****r in law, and that he has been treating her terribly. He is married to her s****r and, their marriage has been rocky, so they brought her over from Korea to work in the shop so her s****r would not have to work as, her marriage was probably coming to an end. So, they had her working there to keep an eye on where the money is going every day, as the angry man is suspected of going out with woman and gambling and spending all of the profits. I said to her, in times like this, you need to unwind, and have a glass of wine. She said she was flattered but, did not want to drink and then have to drive home. I told her not to worry, that I would drive her home if she felt too tipsy. She asked but where? I told her the club bar in the Peninsula was a favorite, and it was just a few blocks down. She should just follow me to the valet, and we could chat and relax. A few minutes later, we were sitting at a small table in the bar and enjoying our drinks. She opened up, and told me her name was Soo Jin and I should just call her Sue. She is the baby s****r of her f****y, and that her parents had been trying for years to marry her off to different Korean men that came from respectable families, as her older s****r was duped into marrying the nasty man with the dry cleaner. He told the f****y that he was a big business man in Beverly Hills and once her older s****r came over, she saw it was just a tiny dry cleaner and he lived in a ratty apartment rental in Koreatown. However, now that she was in her early 40's, her parents said she was un marryable in Korea and shipped her of to the states. I was shocked, as she is pretty, and alluring looking. How could she not be married. She told me that she had several boyfriends in Korea in the past but, her parents never knew about them so, when they began to get serious, she broke it off each time. And, how she regretted it. After a couple of hours, Sue was quite buzzed and was telling me everything and anything about herself. I bluntly asked if she had ever been with a western man. She told me never but, she often wondered about it. As kept drinking, it became apparent that we were enjoying each others company and, that Sue was not being driven home this evening. She was getting really tipsy and her face was really flush, so I boldly asked if she would like to go to my room and rest a bit. She looked at me funny and said, I have never done that before, especially with someone that I just met! I told her "you have never been with a western man either! Perhaps being in LA is your chance to explore!! And, you do not have to answer to your parents!! She looked at me and said, "I will just rest a bit, and then you can drive me home, right?" And I shot back, "of course!!" Once in my room, we sat on the edge of the bed, and felt awkward, so I turned on the music on the TV. I said to her, why don't you freshen up in the bathroom, and i'll open a soft drink. She went into the bathroom, and came out in a robe. I was shocked, but she said, "have have never seen such a luxurious robe in a hotel before!!" She sat on the edge of the bed, and this was my chance to get into the same state. I popped in and out of the bathroom in less that two minutes in just a robe as well!! I sat down next to her and leaned over and began to massage her shoulders. She moaned gently, as she became relaxed from the tense day she had. I leaned in and began to chew on her ear, and we began deep kissing. As we did, I began to rub her upper thigh with my hand. As it moved up, I felt that there were no panties on! As we were kissing I move that hand toward her pussy, and felt a thick mound of soft fluffly hear that had a nice dew clingly to it. As I began to stroke the fur, I started to poke my finger into her pussy. She was soo primed that it was clear it had been a very long time since she had been fucked. As I was doing this, she moved her hand under my robe, and put her delicate little fingers around my cock. It was pretty easy for her to do so, as my cock was standing at attention!! We both lay down now, side by side, stroking each other, and I began to move ontop of her. As I did, my rigid cock, was looking for her entryway, and, as my tip began to penetrate her lips, it was soo tight, I did not think I was going to get in. But, I kept poking away and, began to forge my way in, as she let out little squals. I asked if it hurt, and as I began to pump, she said, it felt good! She kept saying u so big!! We got into a nice rythm, and I rolled us over, so that she could be on top of me and I grabbed her ass and controlled the rythm. While my hands were on her ass, my finger was able to touch her asshole, and she jumped. I said, please just trust me, and I took some of our juice and wipped it around her asshole and slowly began to push my finger in. It made her start riding me harder, and we were enjoying each other. She was soo wet, that as she began to ride me cowgirl style, bouncing up and down, I was penetrating her soo deeply, that I was hitting her cervix. This was becoming painful for my cock, so I rolled her back over, and we climaxed. There was cum all over the place. But, I had my mind set on that tight little asshole of hers. She was just lying there on her belly, totally naked, as I placed our robes under us, to absorb some cum and give us a dry surface. As she did, I spread her legs, and I pointed my semi erect cock toward the little hole. As I began to forge ahead, I became erect again, and began to push my way in. She gasped and was fearfully saying "what are you doing?" I told her not to worry and just trust me. And, I began to push my way in. Deeper into an area that had been untouched by any previous cock, I began to explore her anus. With each thrust, there were farting sounds as I was pushing her last meal back in!! But, with my hand, I began to massage her sticky pussy, and felt her pussy opening up and spreading on its own! Her body know that she was being entered but, did not realize the cock was not going into her pussy!! She was screaming and yelping but, more of a pleasure than pain. I was balls deep in her ass and couldn't take it! I unleashed whatever fluids I had left and pulled out after I came. A steady stream of cum and poop flowed out. Sue literally wrapped the robe around herself like a diaper and ran to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, wrapped in a towel, as we had soaked and soiled the bathrobes. She said, "I ruined my beautiful bathrobe!" I told her not to worry and I would get her a new one in the morning. We slept like babies that night, and the next morning she looked at me like a little puppy and asked,"what will we do today?". After another quick morning fuck, I knew that I now had a little Asian fuckdoll in Beverly Hills! I got her her own apartment, and we spend time together each time I am in Los Angeles on business! Thank god my wife stays in Hong Kong when I travel!!!
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