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I have so many requests for purchasing panties that I have decided to go ahead and do it! If you want a pair of my panties please let me know. I will wear them, cum in them, place them in a ziploc bag and mail them to you for price!

I have had many men tell me they like to feel of them, look at them and smell them while they masturbate. They say it really makes them feel like I am there with them and the cum harder.

Typically at the start of each show I will let you know if those panties are available for purchase. If they are during the show whoever wants the panties will bid on them. At the end of the show the highest bidder takes the panties.

I accept PayPal and Chip In for payment. This makes it where most anyone can pay me for the panties. Bidding always starts at $20.00 plus shipping. If I am wearing panties from Frederick's, Victoria's Secret, etc then I will start the bidding out higher because whatever panties I mail out to you I must replace or pretty soon I will not have any left!

Here are pics of some of my panties:

Posted by glassheartlady 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I would never sell the special sexy things you get for me Randy_Andy_HMP! I adore those gifts because they are from you!
Kisses for you Andy!
2 years ago
I hope you don't sell the ones I've bought you ;)
2 years ago
just make me so horny