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200 Days Here!

Today is my 200th day here on xhamster. It really seems like yesterday when I first turned on that camera and took pictures of my pussy to bravely post on here!
I was nervous, scared and excited about it all then. To this day that is still how I feel when I turn on the camera.

Many of you know the story of what brought me here and have been with me the whole 200 days. A couple of people came into my life because of being on here whose names will be written on this glass heart for eternity. They know who they are. They won this little heart one day at a time by being here for me and making friendships that I can look forward to as the days and weeks go by from now on. They make my life better with their kind words, laughter, and sweet friendship.

Being born to a military f****y I have always had friends all over my great nation and around the world. Now I have even more of you. I currently have friends in so many cities, states and countries I could not count them all. It is nice to know you all and I enjoy your company as much as the porn.

Sadly my friend that introduced me to this site has retired, but I know he peeks in from time to time as an unregistered user and enjoys seeing his friend with the glass heart. I have seen some great friends other than him retire too recently and it saddens my heart, but the ones I care about know how to find me off of here too so it is all good.

As of today there is a big change to my show though. I will no longer use moderators. When my friend ThorHGM retired and VIPTexas quit coming in my room I realized they are the only 2 who have been here since my start and have my trust and xhamster will not fix it so that they have authority to ban anyway so what is the point? Either you will be in my room enjoying the show while being respectful or I will stop the show to ban you so it's all good without the moderators. There have been other moderators too but they have not stayed with me like the other 2 have. It's been fun making and keeping these friendships and getting to know them. I am thankful for all of the guys I have ever used as moderators, but those 2 have a place in my heart.

There have also been a few of you that have gone ahead and made that transition from here on xhamster to real life friends. Those who have will always have a way to find me even if I retire this little gig here. I am not going to name them off, but I would be able to count them all with 5 little fingers!

It's been great fun here with all of you- you have learned just what I like and I have learned the same about all of you. I do not have the time to always answer messages like I use to, but I still read and respond to every single hot comment you leave. I love the fact that you all adore me so much.

If there is one thing I would like for everyone to get out of me being on here it is more than the fact that I hope you all get off good...I do hope you get off because hey sex is important! Orgasms are wonderful things!!! But what I really hope you all get out of me being on here is realizing that size, shape, color, country of origin, race, religion, etc have no place in my room and really matter very little as to how we all get along. I want you to see that I am a big confident and happy lady who is both fun and sensual and that what matters most is enjoying life.

I hate how some models big or small come on here and degrade themselves. I hate how some users come on here and try to degrade the models and make them feel bad- to those users know that you will never get to me. My heart may be made of glass- but it's tougher than it looks because of all the super glue that holds it together these days!

I may do a lot of things on this show, but I have never done them in a less than tasteful and classy way and I never will. I am not ashamed of my body, not ashamed of what I do or who I am and I never will be again.

Many thanks to my hubby who puts up with all of this and granted his permission to me to go on this site. I am not in a relationship where I am controlled and have to ask, but out of courtesy and respect I did ask and Mr. G. did say if you want to I support you honey.

This post is long and many of you will not read it- that is okay too. For you who do not read I am placing the very first picture of my pussy here at the end.

I hope you can all be on tonight for my 200th day show! 10:00 Central U.S.Time

Posted by glassheartlady 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Very Nice Picture. thanks for the add.
2 years ago
No, Thank you for the shows and making us smile. Keep up the good work, Glass! x
2 years ago
sexy pussy ;) 200 days and many more i'm sure my goddess ;)